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University Essentials

University Essentials

University Essentials

When going to university, you’ll come across a number of essential things that you need to take with you. Although filling out your university checklist will help you to decide what to take with you to university, no everyone remembers the essentials. Especially since most people’s checklists are rushed ost-clearing, most students don’t know what to take with them to university, or how to find last-minute student accommodation after clearing

When taking things with you, you need to think about the lifestyle that you’re likely to be living when you’re at university. Are you likely to be going out every night, or will you be staying in, will you be living in a shared accommodation or are you living in your own dormitory? These are all things to consider when you’re picking the things that you will and won’t be taking with you to university.

Lots of university students often get confused between the idea of essentials and things that they want. Just because you want to take something to university, does not necessarily mean that you should be taking it with you. For instance, if you’ve got an expensive TV in your room at home, don’t be taking that with you, you should probably buy yourself a less expensive one and then take that with you. You also need to be aware that the essentials for a dormitory can be different from the essential university items for every student house.

We’ve got some of the essentials that you should be considering for when you eventually go to university.

University Essentials - Everything you need


You’ll be needing your passports or your driving license if you want to survive at university. Having these will help you out a lot, whether that be trying to get into an age-specific event or trying to set up a new doctor in your new city. These are incredibly useful for you too, because you may well decide to set up a new student bank account as well, and for this, you will need some form of identification on you, otherwise, you may not be able to set up your new bank account, you will need to have several forms of identification for setting up student bank accounts anyway, understanding student bank accounts can be difficult, but it’s best to overprepare, in terms of having things ready for your bank application.


Medication is often something that students forget to bring with them when they go to university. You won’t need to take a huge amount of boxes, you should probably take around three or four boxes, they should more than last you the year. If you’re susceptible to hayfever too, you should probably have some non-drowsy hayfever tablets with you, these will keep you awake and you won’t find yourself getting more and more tired as you go through the day and the last thing that you want to be doing is falling asleep in a lecture. Make sure that you keep these somewhere where you can easily get to them, and also make sure that you are actually using them in the recommended dosage too, any more than that can cause serious issues for you.


You will absolutely be needing some bedding when you’re at university. The more of these that you have the better it will be for you. You’ll need to be washing your bedding at almost every turn too. The recommended amount of washing for bedding is generally around once every two or three weeks. No one wants to get into a smelly bed, so make sure that you’re washing your sheets, it’s probably also worth turning your mattress over every year as well. You can be creative too! You can see some of the best bedding sets for students at university and see which ones are best for you! 


Again, an often overlooked essential by university students is that of the common towel. When you get to university, you’ll soon see that you won’t have any towels provided for you, so you’ll need to go out and find your own. The best way to do that is by picking up a small towel and a large towel for when you go to university, pick them up and make sure that you know what they look like so you don’t lose them. It’s also recommended that you buy more than just two towels, otherwise you definitely won’t have enough to survive the year and it can also take a long time for them to dry. Also as well, if you’re using a shared bathroom, you will want to have something so that you can differentiate between your towels and someone else’s.


It is recommended that if you’re going to be going to university, that you have some sort of entertainment setup. You’re going to have an awful lot of free time at university, and even during fresher’s week, when every single bar and club has various sorts of student discounts available for people, just because you happen to be at one of the best universities for nightlife, doesn’t mean that you won’t get bored, you’ll want to have your games console, a relatively cheap, but overall good TV that you can play on. Sometimes these can be really good ways for you to make friends, having a multiplayer games console, or a game with online capabilities can be a good way for you to meet friends. One of the best things to do is to get something like a Nintendo Wii if you can, not only is it quite cheap, it is also a very good tool for staying healthy when at university too.


A fairly obvious one when you consider that everyone has thought of bringing one, but the laptop certainly qualifies as an essential. Though many students decide to bring computers, we recommend that you go with the laptop, purely for its portability. The fact that you can take it anywhere means that you can make notes in class, you can write essays in your dorm or house and in the library too. These are all things that you should be considering when you make your decision over what to buy too. Many people go with Microsoft laptops, which are compatible with most hardware found in universities, but Macs are also a good way to go, although they have less support for people. Do some research before you go to university, look for the best laptops for university students, and see if you are entitled to a student discount to get money off of your personal computer!

Colour Printer:

You are definitely going to be needing a printer when you’re at university. It doesn’t need to be a fancy printer that can print on glossy paper or can do all sorts of other things, it just needs to be something that you can print off your essays on. The majority of your essays will be digital, as in, sent to your lectures or uploaded onto whichever virtual learning platform that your university happens to be using at that point, but sometimes your teacher will throw you a curveball and ask that you print your essay off, rather than just emailing it around.

Your essentials should be carefully thought out and really should be planned around your university lifestyle, which is why we’ve recommended the above, you’re going to want to find the best prices for any of the above if you ever need to buy, make sure that you keep an eye on your budgeting and that you also try and look for some student budgeting tips or look at some loyalty cards and sign-ups to save students money.


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