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University Offers

University Offers

University Offers

A Level results day has arrived, and students will be checking their UCAS Track to see if their grades met the offers from the firm and insurance choices. Students can read our Results Day section to understand what options they have, depending on whether they received, better or lower than what they were expecting.

I have met my firm offer

Students who received the grades they needed to meet their firm offer can celebrate. You don’t need to call up the university to accept the offer – keep that line free for individuals who haven’t met their offer – you can visit UCAS Track (Learn more – What is UCAS Track?) to see your offer. There you can accept or decline your offer.

My UCAS Track hasn’t updated yet

Don’t panic if the offer has come through on the morning of results day; it can take a few hours. If your UCAS Track page hasn’t been updated over the weekend, you can ring the university on Monday to ensure everything is in order.

When will I receive my letter from UCAS?

UCAS send out the letters the day after your UCAS Track has been updated to your status. The letter confirms your place at the University and your course choice, and this means you are definitely going to university. When students receive their letter in the post, ensure to read it carefully as some universities ask students to fill out information and send it back, and others don’t. Therefore read it through to be sure if there is something else you need to do.

Keep the letter safe as you can use it to open a student bank account before term starts – try to do this as soon as possible to have a safety net set in place financially. The letter can be used for other things, such as council tax discounts or proof that you are going to university.

What if I am going through Adjustment?

Adjustment (Learn more – what is adjustment?) works similarly to Clearing (Learn more – what is Clearing?) , although it is a much shorter time frame. Adjustment is for students who received better grades than expected on results day and decide to apply for a different university and course with higher entry requirements. This process is optional if you received better results you don’t have to change your university course choice if you don’t want to. It’s worth looking at what other universities have on offer, checking out the student city guides could perhaps sway you towards another university. It could be possible that you have enough points to apply for a Russell Group university

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If students want to apply through Adjustment will need to register through UCAS Track, and will have only 5 days from the date of your conditional offer changing to an unconditional offer to find an alternative university place. These 5 days include weekends, and will not be extended beyond the 31st August 2017. During the Adjustment process the original firm choice offer is held for you, so if you don’t find anything else, don’t worry, your original choice is open, and you can still go to that university.

I didn’t meet my firm offer

Hopefully, students won’t feel too disheartened about not meeting their firm offer, although it is possible their university still accepts them. Students can check with UCAS Track and call their university to discuss their grades, but only do this if the university hasn’t accepted the grades. If they have, even though you received lower than expected you don’t need to call them up.

My UCAS Track hasn’t been updated yet

If it states your offer is conditional and no other information, you can call the university to check whether you have been accepted. If you can’t find a Clearing number for the University, call their admissions office.

My university rejected my grades

However, not all universities accept students who didn’t receive the required grades, and you may find that your application has now been rejected. If on UCAS Track it shows you haven’t been successful, there isn’t much more you can do to go to that university. If on the phone you find out that you haven’t been successful you can try to tell them about any mitigating circumstances and your amazing AS grades. Although be prepared to know that this may not work and you might have to look for a different university or degree course(Learn more – choose the right university and course)

Students can then enter Clearing (learn more – what is UCAS Clearing) and sell themselves to other universities to find a space on a different course (learn more – how to use Clearing on UCAS). There are hundreds and thousands of Clearing courses available that are for students who didn’t receive the right grades, so you’ll find a space soon enough. Students may find themselves changing their course slighty, checking out the student subject degree guides to get an understanding for the courses, as students may end up applying for something you never thought was available before (It’s worth taking our – what degree should I study quiz and this may help students on their Clearing course search).

I met my insurance offer

If students find that they missed their firm offer but met their insurance offer, and still want to go to their backup university, don’t need to do anything. UCAS will still send out your confirmation letter for your insurance offer and follow the same steps as above. There is no need to call the university of your insurance offer unless the information hasn’t been updated for a few days. After you receive your letter, you can then inform student finance that your university and course has changed through your online accounts. EU students can use the ‘change of circumstances’ form for the student loan – so they send the money to the right place!

I didn’t meet my insurance offer

Individuals can check the status on their UCAS Track to see if they have been accepted with lower grades for their firm and insurance offers. If UCAS Track hasn’t been updated, students can ring up the university and ask for their decision. The university may still accept you with lower grades, but there is also a chance they won’t. If this happens then you’ll enter the Clearing process; there are plenty of great universities out there so don’t be disheartened, use our interactive university map and have a look for yourself what’s available. 

My firm or insurance offer accepted me onto another course

If students find that they rang their university-firm or insurance choices and they accepted them onto a different course, they can change this online. Students will visit UCC (unconditional changed course) on their UCAS Track page and type in the new course code. Then they will have 5 days to decide whether they want to accept or reject the offer of the new course. Students who have another course can still go through Clearing but will need to reject this offer before accepting another one via UCAS Track.

Students will also receive a letter from UCAS explaining the options available with the new course, although the individual can accept or decline this offer through UCAS Track before they receive the letter. And if students decline the offer, they will either go to their insurance offer – if they have accepted you – or enter Clearing.

I want to defer my offer for a year

Candidates can defer their offer before results day, or speak to the universities before the summer and during the application process if they wish to attend university the following year. However, if a student decides to defer their offer after results day needs to get in touch with their university as soon as their place is confirmed. This is as some universities do not like to hold offers and ask students to apply again the following year, or because there are other students who may need to go onto that course via Clearing. Students can wait until the start date of their course, but that place could have been given to someone else, so act promptly.

Think about why you want to have your place deferred before you call up the university, for example, conduct volunteering work, learn a language or take a gap year for work experience. The majority of universities are fine with their students taking a year out, but if your university isn’t, it is best to withdraw from UCAS and re-apply the following year. If you are not ready to go to university this year, don’t force yourself to because your institution doesn’t defer student places.

University Offers - Gap Year

I have decided that I don’t want to go to university

Not every single person should go to university – it isn’t right for everyone. If you decide that you don’t want to go to university, either this year or for the foreseeable future and that you don’t want to enter Clearing that’s okay. Some students decide to retake some of their A Levels to achieve better grades or to take a gap year (learn more – retake exams during a gap year) and gain work experience, using gap year agencies will be a massive boost, as they will help with ideas and planning, so use them as your resource, as well as your own research!

If you already have an offer for this year of university you need to contact the university and tell them you no longer wish to attend. You can either fill out a letter slip and mail it back to them, or call them or decline the offer on UCAS Track. If you are unsure what to do, you can call the university and ask them. This means you will be withdrawn from UCAS entirely and cannot go through Clearing and won’t attend university at all this year.


I am not holding an offer, but I don’t want to go through Clearing

Some students don’t meet their firm and insurance offers but don’t want to enter Clearing either. If this is the case, you don’t need to do anything at all. UCAS will issue candidates a Clearing number automatically if they didn’t meet their offers, and if they don’t want to enter Clearing, they don’t need to do anything. 

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