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How to Use Adjustment on UCAS

How to Use Adjustment on UCAS

How to Use Adjustment on UCAS

Adjustment is a process which students register on their UCAS Track profiles giving them the chance to change their university or course choices if they received better grades than expected on results day.

How does Adjustment work?

Students will only have five days (which includes the weekend) within this time to use Adjustment! It also starts from when your conditional firm (CF) offer changes to unconditional firm (UF), or on results day – whichever is later. If your offer does go to unconditional firm or UF less than five days before August 31st then you will only have whatever time between then and the last day of August to use Adjustment. So if your offer changes on August 28th then you only have three days to use Adjustment.

Ask the right people

Students should talk to their adviser’s, teachers at their school or college to help them decide if Adjustment would be a good idea. Adjustment isn’t for everyone and if you’re happy with your university offers and where you want to go to study then you don’t need to do a thing. Adjustment is only for students who applied for universities and courses based on their predicted grades and the courses entry requirements, but had other choices in mind.

How to register for Adjustment on UCAS

Students should log into their UCAS Track account and click ‘Register for Adjustment’ on the choices screen. Students need to have met AND exceeded their conditions of their firm offer to use this tool. For example, students who needed BBB from their university but received ABB, AAB or AAA may enter Adjustment. Regarding tariff points, if a university wanted 220 Tariff points including a C in English Language, students who have 220 Tariff points including a B (or higher) in English Language has exceeded their offer and can use Adjustment.

Pick up the phone

Adjustment doesn’t have a vacancy list – like its cousin Clearing – therefore students will need to check course details using the search tool, and then contact admissions offices at the universities and colleges to talk about possible vacancies – which can be a bit tiring. Tell the admission office that you’re applying through Adjustment and give them your UCAS personal ID. Universities and colleges won’t be able to see your application if you haven’t registered for Adjustment beforehand. The institution will check if you have met and exceeded your conditions – if you contact them on results day it can take a short time while your application is updated.

Tell admission staff that you’re only collecting information at the moment. Only verbally agree to an offer from a university or college if you’re sure you want it. Students are only able to accept one offer and you must make it clear whether you are accepting an offer or asking for information.

Accepting an offer

If you have been offered a place from a university or college you need to inform them that you would like to accept the offer. Remember you can only ever have one Adjustment offer and the institution will add themselves to your application – they do that part of the job for you. Only verbally accept the offer if this is the one for you! If they are happy to have you, your UCAS Track screen will be updated with a new choice and UCAS Will send you a confirmation letter. If you haven’t found a university students are able to keep on looking until the time is up on August 31st, and if you haven’t found another university then students will still have their original place.

I didn’t mean to register for Adjustment

If you accidentally registered for Adjustment or started the process and realised you’re happy with your original offer don’t worry! If during the Adjustment process you change your mind and are speaking to a university just let them know you are not interested, or if you have called other universities just ensure that they know you have changed your mind. Make sure you don’t accidentally accept an offer from another university, then that way you will stay with your firm choice, and after the five day window the Adjustment information will have disappeared from your UCAS Track screen.

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