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What About a Student Internship?

What About a Student Internship?

What About a Student Internship?

Student Internships are great for students; they can take what they learnt in class and bring it into a real-life working environment. A student internship will also benefit a student when they return to class; their experiences will help to give working examples.

Usually, they don’t require a significant amount of dedication or responsibility for a long period, like jobs or career, however, it can be hard to know when you should apply for one and what to look out for. Here is our quick guide to a student internship or student work experience you undertake while studying.

What is a Student Internship?

An internship is similar to a work experience, but usually, last a little longer than a couple of weeks. It is a chance to work for a company and/or brand and gain knowledge and experience of that subject area and field. It looks great on your student CV, and it gives you the opportunity to see if this line of work is what you want to do.

Who can apply for an internship?

Anyone can apply for an open internship unless the requirements ask for current university students or recent graduates. Remember to check the details of the job/internship to make sure that you are the candidate that they are looking for.

Student Internship - Vets with a dog.

How can they benefit me?

The experience gained is priceless, whether you want to work at a magazine or your dream job has always been to work in PR. If you are looking for the right internship, as in, in the right field and up the same career ladder, then the position can be fantastic, and add lots of gold stars to your CV. It will help you to prepare for university; whether if it’s returning to 2nd or 3rd year, you will really notice the benefits, you’ll have an advantage other over students with your working experience.

What should I look out for?

You need to check how much you are going to be paid for your services, when and how much they require you to work and where it is based. If you live and study in Birmingham, then an internship in Greater London isn’t too realistic. Also, with wages, can you realistically afford to work for the company for free? The opportunity may seem too good to be true, but you shouldn’t put yourself out if it isn’t going to work around your life at the moment. Don’t stop there; it’s worth considering a student apprenticeships abroad, you may find yourself enjoying it more than if you stayed at home!

Do they guarantee a job at the end of it?

Some internships state that if they like your work, then there may be a role available at the end of the position. This is fantastic and gives you the chance to show off your skills and work ethic when you are there. Although, don’t get your hopes up for every intern position as some won’t have the space to keep you, so you should make sure you learn as much as you can from experience and move on.

When is the best time to work as an intern?

During the summer break before university, reading weeks and in between terms are perfect for students and recent graduates. It can be tempting to work as an intern alongside studying for your degree, however, will you be able to deal with the workload? Managing working and studying can be a difficult task but with the right planning and attitude it’s more than achievable. Weigh up your workload and study time you spend on your degree and think about when is best suited for you. There are lots of internships opening up every day, and sometimes waiting for when you do have the time is the best option, as you don’t want your degree studies or your work performance to suffer because you have taken too much on.

Student Internships are great for your CV and give you the chance to learn some tricks of the trade, but that doesn’t mean you should apply for every single one under the sun. The first part is to look for the intern positions that are connected to what you want to do career-wise, and that will benefit you in every way, and then you can start considering applying.

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