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What Happens When I Get My A Level Results?

What Happens When I Get My A Level Results?

What Happens When I Get My A Level Results?

The end is near, and even though you have been preparing for this day for nearly two years the last few hurdles can pass you by ever so quickly, so what actually happens when you get you A-Level results? Here are the important things you need to know.

Results day

Firstly, A-Level results day is a scary but important day in your calendar. You may not sleep well the night before, and you can’t help but wonder how you did in your exams and coursework until today. You should wake up early, have a good breakfast and plan to pick up your results with someone. You can travel with a friend or family member, but it is an anxious time that is made a bit easier with someone else there. If you can’t travel with someone, that’s okay too, as most of your fellow students and people who you know will be going and you’re sure to bump into someone.

UCAS Track on results day

Students are able to check UCAS track before they actually pick up their results, most universities will know of your grades that you received an make an offer based on these. Therefore if you really can’t wait to find out if you have a place at university, you can check this in the morning. However, if there are answers you don’t understand or that you’re unhappy with, wait to see your results before making any calls or rash decisions! If you didn’t get into the university of your choice, it might be due to one grade that you missed, and there are options for you. It’s important that you understand the different types of offers from universities which will be displayed on UCAS track.

Preparations for results day

To fully prepare for the big day, ensure your phone is charged, try to travel with someone and find out when the people closest to you will be free to meet you or pick up the phone. If family or friends are work find out their breaks or if they’re able to have their phone on them so you can call or text them with your results, or if you want to talk to them. Ask your school or college if you need to bring anything to obtain your results, but in most cases, you just need to verify your address when you pick them up, so they know they’re not giving you someone else’s results!

How to read your results

The envelope that feels like it contains the rest of your future may seem really small and daunting, and it’s okay if you don’t want to open it in front of anyone else. Some of your friends or classmates may be ripping theirs open with their teeth and already phoned every person in their contact book. But it is entirely your decision how you want to read them. Some students prefer to take them home and open them there or wait until with family and friends. If you want to open them at school or college, sometimes it is nice to find a quiet area, with a seat or bench and open them when you are ready – and don’t open them just because your friends are!

What my results mean

The results can seem confusing at first, but they are usually divided up into exam boards, so any exams or qualifications you took that are part of AQA, WJEC, etc. will be together. Some qualifications will also list your marks in certain exams and coursework, but the final grade will be clear which is the important one. The university offers will be based on your grades when they have been calculated and transferred into UCAS points. The separate marks for specific exams can be important if you want to re-sit a test later on.

Remember, these results are not the final grades if you take the opportunity to retake them during the summer, or even retaking exams during a gap year. Also, Clearing is another approach you can take it’s essentially another chance to apply to university again, there will still be thousands of courses available from A-levels results day, but places will be filled fast!

Who is going to be there

Lots of your teachers, friends and classmates will be there. It depends on how long you stay at your school or college. Some students stay a while to speak to their friends, while others only pop in to get their results.

If you’re unhappy or glad for certain results, you can speak to your teachers for further advice, and they can tell you what you can do. All that you should focus on now is what your grades are and understanding all the different options available to you! Don’t forget; you can always take yourself away from education during a gap year!

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