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What If I Messed Up My UCAS Application?

What If I Messed Up My UCAS Application?

What If I Messed Up My UCAS Application?

The entire UCAS application process is a tricky one, full of deadlines, lots of correspondence and confusing letters that somehow make up words! Don’t worry if you feel that you’re unsure about certain aspects of the application process or if you’re screaming ‘I messed up my UCAS application’ as there is always a way out of all scenarios. Read below to see what you need to do with whatever problem you may have and see if there are any university guides that can help you with your application.

Picked the wrong universities

If you feel that you have picked the wrong universities, and haven’t accepted any offers from your current choices, there are still options for you. Firstly, there is UCAS Extra, where you have until July 2nd to find other universities to apply to. This option is only available to students who haven’t received an offer from their universities or haven’t accepted any offers they received. There is still Clearing and Adjustment to consider too! Check our city guides or use our interactive university map to check out the different possibilities, you may come across institutions you have never thought about before.

Picked the wrong degree courses

If you feel that you shouldn’t have picked those degree courses, you can still apply to the same universities or different ones, through UCAS Extra, or even Clearing and Adjustment. Check out hundreds of different degree courses available too, by reading University Compare’s Subject Degree Guides. UCAS Extra is for students who didn’t accept any offers they got from universities or didn’t receive any offers from their current/first choices. UCAS Extra is available from the 25th February through to the 2nd July.

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Accepting an offer to the wrong university

If you accidentally accepted or rejected an offer you are able to change it. If you want to change your firm and/or insurance choices you need to contact UCAS with your personal ID ready to let them know of your changes.

I didn’t fill out my UCAS application properly

If there are specific sections of your application that need to be changed, for example, education and you are connected to a school or college who add your reference(s) then you can let them know as soon as you hit send, as your application is sent to them first before UCAS. If you are applying independently, or your contact details need to be altered, you can email qualificationssupportteam@ucas.ac.uk at UCAS, and then contact your chosen schools, colleges and universities to let them know of the change.

If you need to change the date or birth or your personal details you can contact casadmin@ucas.ac.uk, they will need proof of this, for example, a passport, and can send them a scanned picture. Within the email state your name as it is written on the application and your personal ID so they can ensure it is for the right person.

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is only for students who didn’t accept or receive any offers from universities. When students search via Extra courses – not all degree courses will be as available like the beginning of the year. Students are able to filter through the search tool with ‘Extra courses’ that will then display degree courses that are a part of UCAS Extra. Students can then add a degree course they like to their UCAS Track via ‘Add an Extra course’ button on the ‘Your Choices’ page.

Another important piece of information is that students who are going through to UCAS Extra can only apply to one university/degree course at a time, meaning you should thoroughly research beforehand to ensure this is what you want to do. Universities should respond within 21 days of your application during UCAS Extra – students can call up to ask how long the university believes it will take. If they are not successful or the student changes their mind, they can decline their offer from that university and choose another degree course through the same process until 2nd July. Students have until 16th July to make a decision about their degree course during Extra.

Whenever you receive an offer on UCAS Track, you need to respond to the offer by the date shown, or it will be automatically withdrawn! So pay close attention to your deadlines, make a note of them and keep on track on your calendar.

Clearing and Adjustment

Clearing is a chance for students who didn’t receive their predicted grades, or changed their mind about their decision about university can apply to a different degree course or university. They will need to deny any offers they have received, and let their universities know they are not attending their degree course that year. Once that is complete students will have from results day August 18th to September 30th to find a Clearing degree course suitable for them.

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Adjustment is similar to Clearing but is for students who exceeded their predicted grades and achieved higher grades than expected. Students are able to choose a different university and/or degree course that has higher entry requirements, but only able to have one choice/chance to do this.

Next year

Students who wish to change their time of entry (maybe deferring their place for a year), campus code, whether they will be living at home during university, etc., then they will need to contact the university directly for them to be able to do this for them.

For students who just wish to defer their place for a year and take a gap year, will have to contact their university to see if their conditional or unconditional offer still stands and then go from there.

I’ve changed my mind

If you have changed your mind completely, that could be the degree course, your career goal or even going to university altogether you can cancel your application and deny your offers from universities. Contact UCAS to cancel your application and contact your firm and insurance choices.

What if I don’t get the right results for university

Students are able to go into Clearing, or if they wish, apply the next academic year once they have sat re-sits or re-taking your exams during a gap year, or taken the course again entirely, although applying for university and deciding to take a gap year, can leave you with a wonder of what to do after you submit your UCAS application. Students need not worry about going to university straight after college or sixth form as many students choose gap years, work experience and other reasons to attend university. Also, students who are older 21 still can go to university and will be classed as a mature student – there isn’t an age limit to learning!

If you’ve now corrected your UCAS application, then why not look into creating your personal statement? We have a personal statement editor which can help you to create the best personal statement for you or alternatively, you can look at our personal statement articles, which will give you a number of useful tips and hints.

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