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Great Uni

(5)·By Faith F·Art· Aug 2023
Great Uni with interesting courses and modules. Campus is massive and School of Arts is located in Gordon Square.
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Great Uni

(5)·By Faith F·Art· Aug 2023
Great Uni with interesting courses and modules. Campus is massive and School of Arts is located in Gordon Square.
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Biological sciences, Year 2

(5)·By Sasha S·Biology· Oct 2018
The lecturers at my university are supportive and organised, they're compassionate about what they do and this reflects in the teaching; not only does this make the lectures easy to follow, but it also keeps me motivated and encouraged to actively participate in the course. An important factor that a lot of universities lack but my university is great at: Mental health support for students, the services provided to students suffering from Mental health are amazing. As someone who has OCD, the university have gone out of their way to give me my own mental health 'mentor' who I can speak with at any time and meet with.
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A bit weird but definitely good

(4.8)·By Katie·Other· Oct 2018
BBK is a bit off jut because it is a evening unviersity so it can't really compare to others. its not like it has a massive campus in one spot with sport fields and all that because it is right in the middle of london. it has several halls of residence buildings and department buildnigs but you walk around london to get there which i quite like

the uni also uses neighbouring UCL facilities so you can have a class at UCL but you are BBK! my class last year was actually in the BFI at tottenham court road which i found very impressive!

i don't know much about the su - i know there is a bar down stairs, but there is a costa in the main building and a coffee place around teh corner in the department of arts and the prices aren't that bad - typically london though!

it is literally round the corner from waterstones gower street which is handy but be careful what you buy as it can be cheaper to get it from amazon. but the resources are good.

I really like the library as most study spaces look out the window but you ahve to get there early or you will deifnitely not get a seat!!!
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being taught by real professionals

(4.5)·By Daniel P·Other· Oct 2018
what i like most about my uni is that every teacher i have come across really care about their studies and the students. They always seem actively engaged in what they're doing and know their stuff! Some have books published or you can see staff profiles on the bbk website and it shows you what they are involved in - like my journalism teacher specifically likes to focus on military journalism etc.

I did have a dodgy teacher in year one, but i just think he thought too much of himself but i asked to take the module at a different time of year and i was lucky to be able to swap and the new teacher was amazing! The staff ddo try to help you when they can.

The best advice i can give to any student thinking of bbk is that you have to be rpepared to work hard and to do it inyour own time. Teachers set readings and even though other unis may not matter if you do them or not, because you only do like 3 hours a week in class you have to make up the rest in private study - work hard to get results!

The facilities are great there is a cinema, massive library, two big computer rooms, finance, tuition, accommodation offices and a market that comes ever thursday! the paella is great!
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Politics / International Relations, Year 2

(4.5)·By Tiwkhao T·Politics· Jul 2021
It was very welcoming and fun. All the information were very accessible and the staffs were helpful. I met many great people and new friends. I live outside the campus so I can't really answer this. But when I was visiting the website on this, it was very easy to use and up to date. There were many options and reviews seemed good. The facilities is amazing. I have access to three different buildings and all of them were very well equipped. The library is basically my favourite place ever. My lecturers are all very helpful and know how to affectively teach. The course structure were perfect, not too stressful and allow you to work independently. I also am in love with the fact that it is evening course so i can continue my worklife. It was fun, i got everything i need and everywhere i wanna go here. The transportation is amazing. Though it could be a bit expensive.
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Criminology, Year 1

(4.5)·By Courtney l·Law· Mar 2019
Enjoyed it a lot. Really interesting, fun yet informing

Don’t have accommodation

Clean, tidy and modern. Library has multiple floors and there’s floors for silent study, computers and more talkative areas. Classrooms are big and spacious with large interactive boards

The course is very interesting and split up into 4 different modules for the first year. Lectures are very interactive and the seminars allow for everyone to have a chance to speak and add their opinions

London is very busy and a huge rush yet there’s so many quiet spots you can find if you want some independent time. London is the capital so there’s something for everyone whether you’re in to clubbing, sports, small book shops or tourist opportunities. There’s so much to see BUT it can be expensive so make sure you budget and save!! Food prices are cheap just like any other place but some restaurants are expensive and obviously rent. It all depends on your budget and your preferencez

You don’t need all the recommended textbooks. Waste of money!!!! Id only suggest getting the sociology textbook because the module is based on that textbook. All the others are online or in the library, I wasted over £100 on textbooks. Never again! Make sure for the modules that are ‘exam assessments’ you always keep up with readings, lectures and seminars by notes!! Very helpful and make revision notes/mind maps (whatever your preference) along the way.
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The best time I have ever spent

(4.5)·By zara p·Biology· Oct 2018
I studied here 41 years ago and this uni gave me the challenge and motivation I was craving. The course opened up my career prospects and I can honestly say that those 4 years of evening study was the best thing I have ever done. I can't really recall any negative points, but I remember people complaining about the food - I imagine this won't still be the case. Gresse Street wasn't the nicest place, but I spent most of my time at Malet Street.
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Music, Graduate

(4.3)·By Lisa A·Music· Jul 2021
it was great, I was able to make loads of great friends and was shown a lot of opportunities to pursue decent, nothing special. Our light broke but was able to get it fixed fairly quick really wide range of stuff in my opinion. The spaces feel quite open and friendly and it's quite easy to concentrate in the study areas The lectures are great and the course is really interactivs. decent but the lectures can sometimes drag London is a great place it's so diverse and welcoming. the nightlife is amazing and you're never too far away from anything!
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Economics, Year 3

(4.3)·By Synthia G·Economics· Jul 2021
Freshers week was exciting, full of a lot of fun and networking. It was quite informative as to what facilities there are at the uni and who to go to for our different concerns. Overall, enjoyable though student life is extremely different at an evening uni. There are different types of accommodation, most are shared facilities which are clean, have good concierge and regulations in place. Relatively cheap for London prices. The library is amazing, clean and quiet with really good study areas and booths. Has been extremely hard to get a spot during covid but overall great, especially after the refurbishment. The student union is fun and boozy. The course lecturers are very supportive. The content is taught in an efficient way and the quality of the contact hours are above par. I enjoyed the course because the projects were fun and let us put theory into practice though the schedules were quite packed and difficult to deal with if you were working too. London is AMAZING. Pricey but always fun on any day of the week. Lots of people to meet from different walks of life.
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Information Systems Computing

(4.3)·By Carla D·Other· Oct 2018
I love it. Its three hours, three times a week and I thought it would be too much for me but I adore going to school. The lectures are interesting and I feel like I'm doing something with my life. I would say take the plunge! You won't regret it!

Courses are great- they start you out slowly and work you up. They take time to teach you research and life skills. They mix interaction with lectures. I would say to new comers get ready to muck in and get involved

I don't live in student accomodation, but Londoners share and that makes it easy to get by and make friends.

Library is great - the online library resources are especially helpful. There are definitely enough computers. The two bars are great with out door areas and cheap drinks. No idea about sports
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