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Design, Year 1

(5)·By Kienan G·Design· Mar 2019
It was really amazing!!! I met amazing people and met my awesome tutors. It’s really good, facilities are amazing. Library is really useful and classrooms are kept clean and well kept. It has improved my independence and I have learned so many useful skills for my future. City is really good, people are really nice and there isn’t any trouble as well as many useful stores to shop from and resteraunts. Nothing really! Everything is self explanatory and covered in the Freshers week!
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History, Year 2

(3.8)·By Lila B·History· Mar 2019
So fun defiently, always a lot to do and I just think it was the perfect time to meet new friends and really get to know those around you in order to get the most out of your uni experience. The beggining of the history course itself I found quite daunting and of course different to the Alevel I have previously studied, however I really just do completely love the subject and it was so interesting to get a take on it and they easily made sure that we got use to it! So good yeah:..

I mean it was a little small but truly nothing out of the ordinary quite modern and such definetly a good opportunity to meet new people, and the rooms were fine yes no problems.

The part of the university I was in there seemed to be enough there was a Library thag maybe could of been bigger? However defiently so far has the majority of what I have needed for my history studies. The social areas were also great and I enjoyed the use of the gym #fitness. Aha

They just featured most of the topics I enjoyed, I just love modern history. However they also gave men that open scope to learn about different subject areas which I just found so interesting and really expansively of my history knowledge. I also think there was the right amounts of students in the lecture s not too many so that it wasn’t imperonal but also not too few so that it wasn’t awkward. The lectures were also really helpful in helping you get your best out of the course and each individual lecture overall!!!...???

City life was fine, I mena obviously doesn’t cater like the big cities of London,Manchester / Leeds would do. Howeere there isn’t plenary enough, very adequate and the city itself is very beautiful which I enjoy on its own in alone its splendour . For own entertainment.

That they should of course, be aware of the jump between a level and university. However also on the flip side they need to not be too daunted by it because it really is boundless and you do get a Lott of help with it. So in end, not to worry!!!
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Art & Design, Year 1

(3.5)·By asher w·art· Mar 2019
it was okay, didn’t do much because i was busy with other things. i enjoyed the best part of it. i like the accommodation and my flat mates. they choose people they think you’ll get along with and for me it’s been good. they can sometimes be a little messy and loud but what do you expect when there are 1000s of people. the library has what you need. because of the non academic subject i take the lectures aren’t boring and they are mainly hands on and easy to understand. canterbury is a beautiful city because if it’s old architecture and the nandos is really good too. it isn’t too expensive. that you don’t need to have a huge group of friends. just stick to a few girls/boys or whatever and do your thing. popularity shouldn’t be a thing as it’s never about quantity it’s about quality and that’s the same for your actual art
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Fantastic staff!

(3)·By Suzy L·Other· Oct 2018
I am studying at Canterbury college and I have having such a good time, the course that I am studying is detailed and the lecturers cover a lot in class time, they are also great people to talk to and get advice off of even if its not course related! The facilities here are outstanding, the facilities here are in the library are next to non with technology, top of the range software is used so you have all the facilities you need to complete your work. There is no accommodation here so you would have to apply and live in private accommodation, but rent here is reasonable so I would definitely recommend that if you are looking for housing. I commute from home so accommodation wasn't a problem for me. There is no student union at college but there are some sports teams and other teams you can join, netball etc.
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Canterbury college review

(2.8)·By Grace L·Other· Oct 2018
Canterbury College is such a good place to study! I am having the best time and recommend everyone to come here! The course is so detailed and the lecturers cover a lot in class time so as long as you take notes there is no reason why you can't get top marks! The colleges facilities are outstanding, they supply top of the range computers and laptops for students to use and get their work done, they also supply plenty of other types of media such books, journals and magazines for research for assignments and revision! The college does not supply accommodation so you would have to seek that privately but rent tends to be quite cheeps in the area compared to others. The college also does not have a student union because it is only a college but it does have sports teams that you can play for if you are into sports and are keen to train!
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1st Year

(2.5)·By Charles H·Other· Oct 2018
Canterbury College is a fantastic place to study and everyone is friendly, I would highly recommend coming here to study as you'll have the best time! The course is good and the lecturers cover all aspects of the course. They are very helpful with any problems you have and are always there to help you and give advice! The university's facilities are brilliant they have a library with all the recourses you need to complete your assignments and revision. Top of the range computers and thousands of books and journals. Accommodation is not available at this university so you do have to commute but housing in the area is quite cheap so that shouldn't be a problem. There are no sports teams or society's at this university.
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