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Food and Beverage Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Tom C·Food / Beverage Studies· Mar 2019
Nothung happened during freshers week as there was no venues or anything to go to for my college

City college Plymouth is my local college which is 5 minuets away from me I don’t think they provide accommodation

The facilities are incredible, there is library’s open to public and students which also have a silent study area there is shops and even a restaurant to visit and a deli where students can get discount you can get about anything in college.

My course is phenomenal it has made me become a level 2 chef in professional cookery, it has made me explore and develop ideas of what I wanted to do within the course, for my lecturer I couldn’t ask anyone better from coming from a chef in the RAF has made me even better at my course as his eye for detail would be spot on which he has taught me to do. He is thorough and is very good to get on with.

City life is great as you can go in and get stuck in with many opportunities as well as discovering many jobs that I could get stuck into. Meeting friends and going places were not hard or expensive.

If you study my course, you have to be devoted and actually stick at that course as it is a course where you must be passionate and should know your stuff it can be very stressful sometimes when you are in a service cooking for a number of customers. You have to make sure you are calm and have a heart for cheffing.
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Other Course - Not Listed, Year 1

(4.5)·By Anton D·Other· Mar 2019
Wasn’t bad, got some free pens and vouchers. That was about it.

I don’t stay myself but I heard it is good.

The cafes are top notch, the classrooms aren’t bad but could do with a bit of work.

Plumbing is good because if I pass, no matter what I actually want to do in life I will always have a trade to fallback on, plumbing is also quite a well paid service too. The course can be good but can also get boring quite quickly but I enjoy it most of the time.

It is very busy and fast for me coming from a more rural background and took a little while to settle in but you get there. It is good because of the places to eat and the amount of shops you can go to on your breaks aswell.

It is quite a challenging course and will take up a lot of time, you also get very dirty while doing practical due to things like flux, cutting fluid, grease etc. You need to pay attention especially in the theory side of the course as there is a lot to learn and it will all be in your tests and exams.
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