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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Nina E·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers week was okay, there were a lot of parties going on in London. Those parties were not specifically for my university but also for students from various universities in London. This was really nice as it was a good opportunity to meet people from different universities and with different interests. Other than that there were a lot of fresher parties to choose from so it felt like my new university was really big. King's accommodations have great locations, most are in central London. They are safe, yet I think they are overpriced. Staff working there is nice, and there are many events throughout the year organised by staff for people staying in a specific accommodation. This makes you feel part of a community. Facilities were great. We have a gym, and although we need to pay for access, it is cheap compared to other gyms in London. There are many libraries, some are very nice but some are a bit depressing. Sometimes during exam period it is very hard to find a free space to study on campus which in my opinion is problematic. Classrooms are good, they are modern and well equipped for teaching. What was good about the course was its variety so we can learn various approaches and also the fact that we were free to choose from many different classes, allowing us to have a tailored degree that kept us very interested in. The lectures are great as the teachers are excellent and very helpful. City life was very active. There is always so many things to do and a lot of opportunities. In London, you can never get bored. Things are moving very fast, but sometimes you can get lonely even though it feels like you are doing many things.
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Pharmacology / Pharmacy, Graduate

(5)·By Eleanor O·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jul 2021
We had a lot of lectures introducing us to the course and modules we would be studying that year, as well as the opportunity to meet the lecturers and adjust to the campus and classrooms There are a lot of options for accommodation in terms of location but they all are quite expensive The libraries are good but it can be difficult to get a seat when it is peak time e.g. around exams, as there aren't many seats for the number of students The amount of content and the availability of lecturers was great, but sometimes it could be overwhelming when covering areas you don't understand City life was different from what I was used to at home but I loved the hustle and bustle
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Medicine, Year 1

(5)·By Suliman A·Medicine· Oct 2018
Started university this year and it's been amazing I've come to a world reknowned institution to study a subject of great interest to me! I've met so many people and made friends for life and know that KCL will prepare me for my future career.
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Geography, Graduate

(5)·By Amina D·Geography· Jul 2021
There were plenty of activities and clubs offering freshers events, but not that many catered towards non drinkers. I didn't live in accommodation. Libraries were fantastic, classrooms were ok and student union was also good when it wasn't busy and there was space to sit. The course was organised, lecturers were highly knowledgeable. Amazing, who wouldn't want to go to university in London?
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Dentistry, Year 2

(5)·By John M·Dentistry· Oct 2018
Uni in general is a completely different kind of experience, being stressed but always having the best time of your life
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Georgia E·History· Oct 2018
University has been the best experience of my life so far; I've made incredible life long friends, and become more confident. I also love my degree and it makes me so excited for the future!
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Anna C·Business· Jul 2021
It was great - my university Facebook group and my student accomodation were very informative of all events going on It was a tiny room - not catered so had to cook myself They are great - The Maughan library is an incredible building with plenty of sitting space My teachers were very prepared and my tutorials where highly engaging I absolutely adore living in London because of all the amazing opportunities it offers and secretly my favourite thing is to try all the new trendy eating spots
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Politics / International Relations, Year 3

(5)·By Naomi B·Politics· Jul 2021
It was informative and fun. They organized a lot of events and helped us settle in Stratford one is really good and social. King's organized a lot of social events in the beginning Library and classrooms are well equipped and modern. They are really good to use The modules are very diverse. Many teachers are super motivated London is so vibrant and the campus is right in Central. It's a great experience
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By Mariel M·Nursing· Oct 2018
University experience has been good most of the time. The course I am doing is challenging enough to keep me engaged. The lectures are interesting and very engaging and the lecturers are always happy to answer any questions. However there have been problems with IT that took time to be resolved and affected due dates etc. We were given extensions but it was still very stressful. Nughtlife is very good although can be expensive, but this is expected from London. Accommodation was good for the price I paid.
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Law / Legal Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Eleanor M·Law· Jul 2021
Fun Central location, expensive but fun, safe and well equipped Great facilities - the Maughan Library is a great asset as a student. Lots of lectures, tutorials and seminars so felt like I was getting great value for money and lots of support Amazing, fun, fast paced, expensive!
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Languages, Year 3

(5)·By Taha S·Languages· Jul 2021
It was entertaining and well designed. We were introduced to others and had events and other activities planned in a friendly department. Some very new and modern accommodation buildings in Vauxhall and London Bridge. All very centrally located. Very good. Beautiful library and many classrooms in Bush house and Virginia Woolf building. The original strand building is not good. Engaging and thought provoking. Challenging and global. Underrated. Amazing. Socially difficult however very good in terms of opportunities and events.
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