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Leeds beckett

(5)·By michelle e·Sports· Jun 2024
Leeds is a great city to go to university in. It offers many options for dining out and a variety of nightclubs. The course I study, Sport Business Management, gives me opportunities to watch different sports teams. The accommodation at Leeds Beckett is outstanding. If you have any trouble, the staff is always there to offer support.
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Student Reviews (349)

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Sports science, Year 1

(5)·By Sheona S·Sports· Oct 2018
I was extremely nervous leaving home for university, however after the first week I was well settled in. Th University helped with me settling in so fast. I felt right at home knowing that there was help and someone to talk to in person or on a phone line willing to help me out either at university or if I needed help back at my accommodation. The jump from A levels to a Level 4 course has been eased and I'm not finding it as difficult as I thought I would.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Matthew H·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very eventful, there was lots of choice regarding nightlife and it was relatively cheap and affordable. A lot of freebies were available, definitely recommend! It was a newly refurbished flat with brand new kitchen appliances and furnishings - the night life and giveaways were great too! There was a free gym to use. The Student Union had a bar with really tasty, affordable food and drinks. They also held live music events which were cheap and enjoyable. The course is good because the content is really engaging, the teachers are really supportive and flexible about deadlines. I really feel like I achieved my maximum potential! City life is amazing, there are so many shops and pubs - and the city is bursting with students with similar tastes, it was really easy to make friends and find things to do!
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Leeds Beckett Year One

(5)·By Charlotte S·Psychology· Jun 2023
Whilst Leeds Beckett is well know across the country for its high achieving sports teams and sports based courses. It also provides an excellent experience for acedemic based degrees such as social sciences and humanities in the city campus. I've loved my course so far as the lecturers are really understanding and always put the student first. They provide you with all the opportunities for help and support with whatever you may be struggling with even if it doesn't apply to the course itself. The student union is absolutely lush with a cheap Starbucks so it's definitely a win! The city is brill and deffo gives the students a well rounded uni experience for social experiences and nightlife
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Tomeka D·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was so good! Super busy and always lots to do, plenty of events on at cheap prices. Was a great way to make friends n meet new ppl. Leeds is d I stayed in Marsden House, it was modern n the best place to meet ppl. Always something going on there! The library is really good, can use the computers n laptops there. Easy to take books out as well Every lecture is recorded, you can rewatch in ur own time to really make sense of everything. The lecturers are always very interactive n helpful It's great! Always something to do, shopping or leisure. Gyms are everywhere as well so you can never be bored
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Social work, Third Year

(5)·By Charlotte B·Social Policy· Oct 2018
Best thing I've ever done however it's been a rollercoaster of emotions.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Katie H·Law· Jul 2021
Freshers week was lovely! The university made me feel so comfortable and included me in lots of activities. There's lots of amazing events going on. Very affordable, clean and tidy. Very close to the city campus and very sociable. The library is fully equipped from books to journals, the amount of literature inside there is insane! The course is very challenging but rewarding, and tutors go into extreme detail when teaching us. I love city life, lovely bars and bright lights. It almost feels like a concrete jungle at night and the lights and atmosphere is very overwhelming but amazing at the same time.
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Journalism, Year 1

(5)·By Rachel·Journalism· Mar 2019
Fun. I went out a lot with new friends ( flat mates/ friends from home ) but nothing to do with my course. I love my accomodation! It’s so Homely and Unipol treat us really well.. All the classrooms are well equipped and the bar in Headingly is lively. Classrooms are spacious and a great learning space.. We have a variety of lectures seminars and workshops, they allow us to learn then use our knowledge practically.. Leeds is amazing. The night life is constantly buzzing, I love how busy and friendly everyone is.. I would recommend for them to start practicing shorthand, as it is probably the most challenging module for a Journalist in training.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Cameron P·Business· Jul 2021
It was so much fun and enabled me to meet so many new people which was lovely. However I think started my course and didn't really see the people I met during freshers again. I stayed in Marsden House and it was so so lovely. Extremely clean, had lovely flatmates and enjoyed the experience very much. We loved the SU at Leeds beckett as studying mostly in the rose bowl it was just over the road. Was big and spacious and held events in there aswell! The classrooms were all extremely clean and just seemed spotless and a nice environment to learn in I studied public relations and I just feel in love with the topic that you sort of have the freedom to write what you want depending on who you work for City life was so much fun as we felt everything was on our doorsteps. Some nights out we'd walk to and from the clubs because it was only a 15-20 min walk. And being so close to trinity shopping and the train station made travel and leisure so easy!
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Sports Science

(5)·By Josef S·Sports Science· Jun 2024
I have really enjoyed the course and learned a lot in the past year. It has helped me to be more prepared for my dream job, knowing that I will go into it with a solid understanding of what I have learned in my university course.
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Psychology, Year 2

(5)·By elloe b·Psychology· Apr 2019
the academic part wasn’t good, good intro to the course but going out for freshers was quite boring, not really my thing

i love in a unite students accommodation, it’s for leeds beckett as well as all the other i is in leeds, its in a great location between city centre and hyde park, i love it

haven’t really used the sports areas but the library and student union are great study spaces, the union is also so social and fun, i’ve also been there for a concert which was fun

having a range of modules in the course is good because it gives you a variety of things to learn about, it is really interesting and i don’t have too many lectures that they take up all my time

leed is my favourite city, it has such a lively night life and there is always something for everyone no matter what type of music you are in to

they should know that the course is a very essay based subject and does involve small amounts of group work, there are also next to no exams and the course only requires you take one at the end of third year. i think it’s a great course, so interesting and enjoyable
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