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Linguistics, Year 2

(5)·By Arianne M·Linguistics· Jul 2021
The freshers week was nice, got to meet some nice people and get to know the university installations. The student accommodation is close to the university. Literally in front of it. It has a modern building and the installations are quite good. The facilities at university are nice. The library stands out as it is where I go the most and it has plenty of books and the desks and chairs are quite comfy. The lectures are held by very professional teachers. I appreciate that the teachers in each language are native so you have someone who can review your work properly. The teachers are quite approachable which is also good. The city life is nice, I love London. Specially the surroundings in Holloway where you have quite a lot of restaurants and pubs. Easy access to the city centre.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Dorotea F·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was cool, lots of activities and meetings. We even got pizza on the first day. Very nice and modern University. Classrooms are equipped with all stuff needed. Modern new computers. Everything is clean, very nice lunch area with lots of different food options. Library is huge and modern, with computers and the staff is really friendly and helpful. Classrooms are equipped with all essential stuff, modern and warm. Course in really fun, lectures are interesting and proffesors are really helpful and they make lecture more fun City life is cool, you can meet a lot of new people, try different food and explore new places
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Pharmacology and pharmacy, Year 1

(4.8)·By Maimuna C·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Oct 2018
My university experience it's been amazing , it's been the first week , I feel very welcomed and there is support every where. There is always people around to help you in whatever you want or need. I'm feeling it's going to be the best years of my life .
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 2

(4.8)·By Sara S·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Freshers week was amazing. There were lots of things to explore and new people to meet that are in your course too! I have a friend who's in the uni versify accommodation and I went to visit her couple of times and it looks really cozy and nicely spaced out. Library is really easy to get to and super easy to use. I go to the university gym too and I love it! I go twice a week. I like how the lecture and seminar are at the same time and in the same room. It isn't in a big hall but rather one lecturer in a classroom lecturing and teaching. The university is based fairly close to central London so it's literally couple of stops away which is amazing because you're able to explore the city life too after a long day at university.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(4.8)·By Olivia-May L·Law· Jul 2021
It was very inclusive, I made a lot of new friends. The accommodation is in the perfect location as it is just opposite my campus! The accommodation is very social and modern. The library fulfils all of my study needs and even has a cafe if you need a bit of energy. There's a sports hub which is very interesting to visit as it includes a studio room where they run the Universities personal radio station which is ran by the students. I also like to spend time in the university's social room with my friends, this is the perfect social place equipped with games and a bar. This is actually my second university as the first one was not the right fit for me. Honestly this university has been perfect for me, they had the exact course for the area of law I want to study. I also feel that the teachers here generally do care about me as a student and they do all they can to help and support me. The teachers here are truly amazing, they explain things in a way that I can actually understand. Living in London is one of the best experiences of my life so far. It's one of the most sociable cities and you always meet new people and visit new areas. Coming from a small town it has changed my outlook on life and encouraged me to do better.
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Art and Design, Year 1

(4.5)·By Lauren L·Art· Oct 2018
Living in London has been a great experience so far as I come from a small seaside town, the nightlife is awesome as I live a short walk from Shoreditch. The new trendy spot. My tutors on my course are wonderful, a fountain of artistic knowledge and so supportive! The facilities are also useful, learnt so many new techniques and skills already and Year 1 isn't even over yet.
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I had great experiences with lecturers

(4.5)·By jack w·Dance· Oct 2018
The lecturers are brilliant, always offering us help and support when we ask for it, as well as working hard to get us good quality placements that will improve our employability. The course itself is very well structured, so that it advances our learning and covers the most important topics. The course is accredited by the HCPC and the university as a whole seems to be very focused on maintaining high standards and improving the employability of its students. If you don't plan on doing your whole degree here, the uni also offers lost of access courses. I've never been to the bar at the student union, but it seems like they're always holding events; they have two pool tables, a music lounge and an outdoor garden there. Transport links are good, as we have the tuve, trains, buses and cycle lanes. The facilities are better tan I expected, as they have a couple of food outlets and the library is well-stocked with friendly staff. There are lots of computers dotted around the campus on top of the ones in the computer labs, so plenty to go around.
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I'm very proud to have a degree from London Met

(4.5)·By lucy p·Chemistry· Oct 2018
The teaching facilities are incredible here and the super lab is so much bigger than in other UK universities. I was lucky, because I found it easy to get my final year lab-based research project. The chemistry teaching really impressed me and I reckon the assessment standards are probably the highest in London; it makes it hard but advantageous, because you want to get as much out of uni as possible. All of the lecturers help you, as long as you are trying hard, which I liked. Guest lecturers from NHS hospitals, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine etc. came to speak to us and in my second year, they took us on a field trip around medical history sites in London. The best things I studied were Clinical/Metabolic Biochemistry, Systems Pathology, Infection Science and my research project modules; this was because the lectures were so interesting and motivated us. I had a lot of freedom from my tutor in my final year Project, which was much appreciated.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(4.5)·By Kamile S·Psychology· Jul 2021
Very fun, the bar was set up amazing. Meeting a lot of new people was very exciting and everyone was very welcoming. The drinks were cheap with the uni app it was a great night Reasonable prices and very spacious. Receive a lot of help if necessary to find the wanted accommodation. Free gym is amazing especially for broke students. The library is great and has a wide range of books, also the staff are extremely helpful. The classrooms could be a bit warmer in the winter. The lecturers were very helpful and would help as much as needed. The lecturers were also easy to reach and would always be easy to contact. Lectures itself are very interesting and easy to catch up on. City life was always busy. Great for those who want to meet new people.
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Forensic Science, Graduate

(4.5)·By Rabiya D·Forensic Science· Jul 2021
It was great, got newbies which are free products such as toilet rolls and restaurant vouchers etc. London Metropolitan University was definitely a great choice. They have all the support and supplies in place for each and every student and never fail to give you a helping hand. Libraries are definitely helpful. They have different floor zones for however quiet you want to study in. Any trouble you have including financially the student union are always there to help you through it. The lectures are very much detailed. Not attending the lectures would have failed me as everything you need to know about the course and passing is discussed in lectures. London is very busy compare to where i am originally from. The university life is definitely an experience worth experiencing. I made so many friends as well as getting the grades i wanted.
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Tourism / Transport / Travel, Graduate

(4.3)·By Mahdi B·Tourism / Transport / Travel· Jul 2021
Freshers week was fun, we had a party in the uni bar and got to know some of my current friends. It's very close to university, it's very nice and clean and we have got multiple common rooms to socialise All facilities are alright to be honest, just the gym that could have more machines The course and lectures are not bad, we have got the best teachers possible City life is cool, there is always something different to do with your mates
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