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Made the right choice

(5)·By Willow B·Sports Science· Jun 2023
I am really happy with the accommodation, it is not part of the uni halls - it's private halls - and I think this was a good choice. It is close by and a nice accommodation that is good value for money. The course has really interesting modules and extra qualifications. The facilities are outstanding. Multiple gyms, labs and classrooms that are impressive. Great if you are an athlete and want to be part of a sports team, I played basketball and netball and recomend both at this uni. The social life is good, pleanty of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. The staff at the uni are really supportive and there are student ambassadors and a great student union. The university hold really helpful events too, including adobe and linked in. The only negative is the safety of the city, but like any city you have to be careful.
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By sabina G·Nursing· Jul 2021
It was really fun as there was lots of activities and societies you could join in the University. There was also lots of great offers available for us students. Overall, it is great as it also has facilities such as gym , study room, common rooms and great kitchen with spacious room. The library and classroom quiet big and modern. There is a new built sports facilities as well. The lectures are online at the moment due to pandemic but its very guideful and informative. It was Vibrant and busy lifestyle.
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Media Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Tiffany S·Journalism· Jul 2021
Freshers Week was exciting and in a way, really wholesome. It allowed our course to come together in a non-traditional way, given the circumstances. Solent accommodation is simple, and it is a hub in the centre of Southampton. It has modern spaces where you can socialise and work. Solent University offers fantastic facilities in its well-stacked libraries, work areas and classrooms. Particularly, the media facilities are top class. Courses at Solent are expansive and come with first-class teaching from its lecturers and tutors. City life in Southampton is bustling - from shopping centres, to it's parks and it's leisure facilities. You can find everything at the heart of the city, and everything is in walking distance.
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Art and Design, Year 1

(5)·By Sapphire R·Art· Oct 2018
So far my experience at uni has been great! This involves the teaching down to the great and tanlented people I've met!
The area is also very convenient and easy to get to. And don't forget the nightlife! Just amazingly good.
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(5)·By Rachel L·Law· Jun 2023
I wish I could go back, oh my days. The tutors are the friendliest and all have the most varied sense of humour. They strive for us to work hard and be the best we can be, but also make sure we enjoy our days and don't find them boring. Students are okay too, I guess :] 10/10 for everything. They also have amazing hot chocolates in the cafeteria...
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English Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Chloe B·English Studies· Jul 2021
There were so many events on. We were welcomed to campus so wonderfully and informed of all the great opportunities at the university. I stayed in private accommodation as I'm a mature student, however my friends stayed in halls and they were fine. The library is fantastic, and the staff are so unbelievably helpful. The student hub is a god send. There are so many study areas which are great for different requirements. The classes are small so the lecturers are able to be very thorough. The course is so much fun and encourages us to be creative and challenge ourselves. There are great places to eat and drink. The town is predominantly aimed at students, there being two universities, so it's a great place to study.
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(5)·By David C·Sports· Jul 2021
Freshers was incredible!!! Wish I could go back
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Marketing, communications and PR, Year 1

(5)·By Milena G·Marketing· Oct 2018
It's good university. It's my Year 1 and I can't tell more.
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Art / Design, Year 3

(5)·By Eva D·Art· Jul 2021
Freshers week was quite exciting and fun. Solent university did a great job by introducing interesting and useful thing and places. The atmosphere was really nice and unique. Their accommodations are in a good area close to the university. Specious and new fresh rooms. All of the facilities are really good. The library is really well organized and with plenty of space and computers. The classrooms are modern with a creative and inspirational atmosphere. The course by itself it's one of the most creative ones at Solent. We learn a lot of new things every week and then we practice them. Lectures are well organized and interesting. The student life in Southampton is quite interesting. There are a lot of places suitable for students. You can have the best university years here.
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(5)·By Megan G·Sports· Jul 2021
Was really good best week of my life Was average had everything I needed and the staff were good All good. The new sports facilities were opened when I graduated which was sad as I couldn't use them Was always interactive and always had help available. All lectures were relevant and tied nicely together Was good. Everyone knew everyone and it was a close community, felt very safe and looked after
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Law / Legal Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Kayleigh I·Law· Jul 2021
Good Accommodation was okay, it had just been refurbished when I started and it was all new Facilities were great, there was a lot for students to use including a basement area in one of the blocks to study or chill out. The course was great very interactive with students and always interesting, the lecturers were incredible they always went above and beyond to help us whether it was course related or not, they always made and effort with the socials and they were better than I could have asked for, they made my uni experience City life was good, you get used to everything being on your doorstep, although you don't get the homely feel like you do in the country, but the social side of it is great
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