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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Chloe M·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers week was informative and engaging. There were plenty of opportunities to meet fellow students. The events held helped people make friends easily. I don't live in the accommodation but from what I've heard it's excellent. The new student accommodation building looks very modern and well designed. The facilities are brilliant and encourage socialising which is great for people who might struggle to make friends. There is a silent study floor in the library that provides optimal conditions for studying. The course is brilliant as it allows a deeper understanding of why humans behave in the way we do. The staff are incredibly supportive and are always able to help. City life is incredibly enjoyable as there are numerous pubs, bars and restaurants as well as museums and an art gallery. We are also 15 minutes away from the beach.
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Jake N·Engineering· Jul 2021
Fresher week was okay a couple ups and downs during my time at the university and I really enjoy it got to meet a load of new friends and people who I never knew I was fun and exciting The Accommodation is safe and warm to stay at all the staff and security team are wonderful All 100% spot on not a problem with anything I learnt a lot of new things and met a lot of amazing people The city life was quite roughly on a night time in the town centre mainly not too close from the uni but all the residents of teeside are amazing
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Architecture, Third Year

(5)·By Melanie S·Architecture· Oct 2018
Absolutely love it! Smashed every single module so far and won a prize of ?333.33. Can't argue with that!
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Other Subjects Allied To Medicine, Year 3

(5)·By Amekia F·Medicine· Oct 2018
My University experience has been great between the social and educational aspects! I would recommend the University to anyone who asks! My involvement with the development of the course I am doing has shaped the way it will be for future cohorts and even outsiders looking in. By taking part in Sport it has enhanced my social skills, kept me fit and allowed me to make new friends that I will keep after I leave the University.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Kainat N·Biology· Jul 2021
It was really good! We had so many different events and loads of free goodies!! I don't live in accommodation but from what I've seen it's really spacious and a good environment to live in Library is amazing! If COVID wasn't a thing I'd be there every day! The lecturers are amazing! They acted to you and are always open and explain things differently if you don't understand things. Amazing because everything is in walking distance.
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Law, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe R·Law· Oct 2018
I'm only three weeks in but so far I am living university. I spent a year doing part time but had to leave due to work and I'm back doing full time. There's so much more support available the facilities are amazing the night life is fab and I'm just loving the whole experience
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Computer Science, Sandwich year

(5)·By Opal C·Computing· Oct 2018
I have wanted to go to university since I was a small kid. I always dreamt it to be this amazing life changing experience. As the day dawned close I worried that I built it up far too much. Thats when I found Teesside University. It was beautiful, bubbly and exciting. The campus is astonishing, the staff are fun and easy going and it was above and beyond what I had dreamed. Ive been to America, ive met my favourite youtubers and ive even been Disneyworld yet nothing compares to the feeling The University of Teesside gives me!
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Biological sciences, Year 1

(5)·By Ashleigh S·Biology· Oct 2018
It's great there are loads of lovely people and it's easy to make friends. All of the tutors are friendly and approachable and are there to help whenever you need them. The facilities are also fantastic there all up to date with lots of free computer access, high amount of free print credits at ?50 per student. Huge library containing all the books you could ever want or need and if they don't have the book they usually have it in ebook form and have free access to lots of scientific and other journals. Overall it's wonderful and I'm very much enjoying myself and look forward to further years of study.
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Other subjects allied to medicine, Year 1

(5)·By Meghan F·Medicine· Oct 2018
Amazing so far I am loving it. The facilities at the university are top spec. The campus is amazing everything is within walking distance and is very modern and new. The student support network seems amazing and there are lots of events to embark elsewhere student life here. The university has an amazing new gym facility and lots of sports to participate in. The accommodation is brilliant and basically on campus which is brilliant for Year 1 especially as we are still getting to know our way around.
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Other subjects allied to medicine, Year 2

(4.8)·By Ellice p·Medicine· Oct 2018
It is fantastic. First time being away from home they provided accommodation while I was in Year 1 and the student accommodation services for going into year 2 have been really helpful. The lecturers try there best to ensure that everyone had the best opportunities. The nightlife at Teesside has a wide range of different places both around the university and also the student union has different themed nights every week that are highly enjoyable. Perfect for leaving in close range of the university. I am looking forward to continuing.
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Art and Design, Year 2

(4.8)·By Charlotte·Art· Oct 2018
Fab societies, the course content is good. Cheap costs of living and can afford to live at uni here. Great support for dyslexia. A lot of independent learning like most universities which is challenging but if you have a positive mental attitude you can do it. Most people are down to earth lovable creatures. Easy to get through the town centre as everything is in walking distance. The student support service is also good and deal with things quickly.
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