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Sports / Sports Science, Year 2

(5)·By Lily S·Sports· Jul 2021
Freshers week was so much fun! Foam party, silent discos and my first wednesday wshie! Meeting people who became my best friends and the lecturers who continue to inspire me a year later. Stockbridge Halls was a great experience. The room was more spacious than you think with your own ensuite bathroom, and a large shared kitchen. Sharing a flat is a learning experience and your flatmates become your family. Stockbridge was the busiest of Chi's halls so there were always people to meet up with and walk to uni with. Never felt lonely! The classrooms and labs are fully equipped with anything you might want to investigate. Modern and up to date technology allowed the most accurate results for your interests. The lecturers are so passionate and involved in the field so your education is up to date and inspirational. Additionally the freedom to investigate your interests gives you a massive sense of independence and enjoyment. With the added challenge of COVID, Chi Uni have not stopped lessons or labs but adopted a safe approach to ensure your education isn't hindered but continued at the same level. Chichester is a lovely and calm city, which instantly feels homely. It's large student population never makes you feel lonely. The local pubs and the iconic vestry gives you the nightlife of a big city within the comfort of your home.
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 3

(5)·By Jake R·Sports· Jul 2021
It was full of amazing fun activities that everyone could get involved with! From themed nights out, to the amazing Freshers fair which showcases all the clubs and societies on offer. There is a variety of accomodation, from on site inclusive and self-catered, to off site self-catered. There is also the option to live in shared facilities or have your own. You will live with people from a variety of courses and become a close little family. The facilities are fantastic and offer everything you could need. The three story library provides for all academic needs and the brilliant sport facilities allow for a range of different sports to be carried out. The student union is the perfect place to socialise and is so welcoming with a variety of events througout each week. The course was a perfect preparation for the career I wish to go down, with excellent lectures supporting my development. The city life was extremely vibrant and perfectly suited every individuals needs. There is an amazing shopping centre and abundance of bars and restaurants and other social and leisure facilities.
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Sports Science, Year 3

(5)·By Katie B·Sports· Oct 2018
University of Chichester and course is Sports Therapy. It is by far the best uni for this course, we have got top of the range equipment and so many facilities that are easy to book out for extra practice. All lecturers are so welcoming and there for you if you need help or just a general chat! I go see my academic advisor every two weeks just for a good ole chin wag! It's a small university compared to city ones but everyone gets to know each other and this place just feels like home. It's so beautiful all year round with its country scenery and is a stones throw away from Portsmouth and Brighton! A nice tranquil place to study yet still places to go and let your hair down! Chichester has the perfect balance when it comes to uni life I'm yet to find someone with a different opinion here.
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Music, Year 3

(5)·By Kimberley W·Music· Jul 2021
Really fun! Went out to all the amazing events including a silent disco and a freshers showcase Really nice. My room was spacious with an en-suite and the bed was very comfy too The student union is a great place for people to hang out and get to know others and just have a great time really. The library also has everything you need and the assistants are very helpful The teachers will always be there for you if you need help or feel like you're falling behind. They'll adapt their teaching in order to help you learn best Fairly limited in Chichester in terms of night life, but the city itself is very picturesque and quite soothing to walk through
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By fatima a·Business· Jul 2021
It was really fun and interactive, they made me feel welcomed and appreciated for choosing the uni the accommodations are well kept, clean and spacious, the layout allows us to socialise and get comfortable we have access to library 24/7 however because of the pandemic it's restricted right now the lectures are clear and easy to understand and so much support is provided to ensure we submit assignments for a good grade i love city life because the environment and vibe is lively all the time,
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Marketing, Year 2

(4.8)·By Jasmine N·Marketing· Jul 2021
Great. There were lots of activities planned throughout the week with the uni, student's union and societies. There was also loads of help when moving into accommodation. There's a good variety of student accommodation at the uni so you can choose something that's within your price range, on or off campus and catered or self-catered. It's well looked after and the team are really nice and helpful! The facilities are good across both campuses, lots of resources at the library which you can book. The student union is good th hang out in and they're always planning events and activities. The class sizes are small which is great for learning as the lecturers have more time to teach you 121 and really get to know you as a person as are always available outside of the classroom to help! Everyone I've had teach me so far have been so nice and helpful. Because of this the course has been really interesting and engaging. Both campuses have plenty of pubs to visit as well as a nightclub at each which have great deals!
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Music, Year 2

(4.8)·By Mia S·Music· Jul 2021
Really good there was lots to explore. The music department held talks about what we could join and experience throughout our time at uni. The standard en-suite accommodation was so nice, a lot nicer than expected. Bathroom was small but nicer than sharing with other people. The room was so spacious and felt like a home. Library is spacious and has everything you may need to study. There is access to a costa coffee for drinks and snacks. The lecture rooms are spotless and all include pianos for teaching and electric white boards for lectures. I love my course as there's so much to do. My modules are so different from one another and I learn so much about different areas of music. I would put it all down to the quality of teaching. It's so good and if you don't understand something the lecturers are there to help and support you. City life is quite but it's perfect for people that are not that keen on going on nights out. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and cafes to spend time with friends, do work or even spend with visiting family. There are many beautiful walks that you can do around town where you can explore Chichester.
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 3

(4.5)·By Gemma S·Sports· Jul 2021
I enjoyed freshers week. It was getting to know what your course was like for the rest of the semester. There was lots of fun events on to meet people and get to know others doing the same course as you. There was lots of group activities to begin with so didn't feel isolated in the first week. They have lots of accommodation on site and offsite. I was put offsite for my first year and it was brand new accommodation, so it was very smart and comfortable. I love the access to the library as there is lots of space to complete my work. Class rooms are small sizes which I like and kept clean. Sports facilities are good at the sports centre there's a big dome used out for practicals and the sports Astro is new and easily available to book out as a student! The student union is fun place! They hosted lots of events throughout the year which everyone went to! (Pre covid times) it's a great social space for students especially within sports! The course was good as I enjoyed that there was an equal practical to theory lessons ratio. The lectures were kept to small class sizes of 20 which is best as the lectures knew you by name and interaction with learning was effective. City life was good but it's a lot smaller than other cities. It had lots of pubs and restaurants and retail parks that was good to use. It isn't the best for night life which is why the student union hosted most of the social events. However it's a really safe and nice city with lots of nice sight seeing and the beach isn't to far away either! It's also very friendly!
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Education / Teacher Training, Graduate

(4.5)·By Tom J·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Very welcoming. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was a good ice breaker visiting the freshers fair with my new house mates and the free goodies and food helped. The accommodation was very clean. Everything worked and was a comfortable living space for students. The facilities were fantastic, state of the art and accommodated for everyone, sportsman or not. Lectures were informative but also practical. This content was relevant and Intriguing. The city was beautiful, peaceful at times and full of life on the weekends which was good break for those who didn't want to go out every night.
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History, Year 3

(4.5)·By Peter·History· Oct 2018
Loved every minute of university. Chichester has made me enjoy further studying. The lectures are engaging, the lecturer knows you by name. The nightlife is a little dead, but join a sports team and the su will always be the best night of the week. Also being close to Portsmouth and Brighton helps if you want a proper night out. The library is useful, the staff are incredibly helpful. The two different campus are easily accessible by safety bus.
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Musical Theatre

(4.5)·By Luke D·Other· Oct 2018
I didn't think this course would be as professional as it is. This course aims you for not only performing but also teaching which can be used as a back up plan if performing fails. There is a lot of research that needs to be done and essays but it doesn't matter if you're not comfortable with this at the beginning. You will learn and will get help from anyone! I'm in ensuite accommodation which is catered. It is definitely worth the money and the amount of food you are entitled to at breakfast, dinner and brunch (at the weekend) is more than enough. Pros: spacious, make it your own. Cons: cleaning inspection every two weeks, only put stuff on your noticeboards. I'm on the Bognor Campus which will suit all kinds of people. There's the sea front, night clubs, pubs, park and a Butlins less than 2 minutes walk away. The area may not be as nice as Chichester but it is definitely guided more towards teens. There are two libraries - one on the Bognor campus and one on Chichester campus. They have apple computers and there are more than enough of them. The Bognor library tends to be fairly quiet so you're pretty much guaranteed to get a computer. You can get almost any book and if they don't have it there's a chance that they can buy it in for you if they feel it would be suitable for many others as well. The library is forever expanding. The SU bar on the Bognor campus is small compared to Chichester. However, this is defintely a good thing! You don't have to queue to get in or queue to get a drink. They still put on great nights! i.e. toga toga party, school disco, beach party, traffic light party. There are no sports facilities on the Bognor campus (apart from tennis courts which don't seem to get used) but there is a gym and everything else, sports wise, on the Chichester campus. There are loads of clubs and societies that you can join. From a Tough Guy challenge, to an ultimate frisbee club, to a music society. There is anything and everything to keep you busy! A lot of your evenings are spent at the
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