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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Rizwana A·Law· Jul 2021
I did not attend freshers week. I do not live the university accommodations Everything at the university it acceptable to use. No complaints. I have enjoyed the lectures and have been given the extra help when it is needed, I know I can always rely on support from my university. I love the city life, it has always been fun and vibrant, there's always something new to learn
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Performing Arts, Graduate

(5)·By Hannah·Drama· Oct 2018
I had the bed to time at university of Cumbria. They continue to offer you real industry experience and offer you fantastic opertunities to perform in a semi professional setting. Its scenic and a nice campus. I couldn't recomend this course more to potential performers out there looking to get some great performance experience. Also the last year of your degree is completley tailored to your own skill set.
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Law, Year 1

(4.8)·By Emma S·Law· Oct 2018
The University is fantastic all the tutors are extremely helpful and understanding, there is always support for students who may need it. The university as a whole gives a student everything they require from a full stocked library and IT suit to even a twenty-four hour IT room for late night work. I've heard of some universities where lectures don't even know your name, but here nothing is to much the tutors are even on hand if you require additional help via email or one to one meetings.
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Nursing, Year 1

(4.8)·By Jess M·Nursing· Oct 2018
The University of Cumbria is amazing, it's personal and they put every effort into you succeeding. The courses are laid out well and the facilities on the small campus are brilliant. Including the UOC active and computer and library access.
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Brilliant uni for Sport and Exercise Science

(4.8)·By sarah l·Dance· Oct 2018
The sports department staff made my course (Sports and Exercise Science) really enjoyable. Everything was well-organised and we had a lot more help from staff than I've ever had at another institution. The modules were relevant and valuable and what I learnt has helped me in my career since graduating. The enthusiasm and passion of the lecturers made it so interesting, and following their advice I am now studying for a PhD (much to my surprise!). You should definitely come here to study Sport and Exercise Science.
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English, Year 1

(4.5)·By Amy M·English Studies· Oct 2018
The nightlife here is very good and nice and cheap. The accommodation is reasonably priced and living in halls here is a great way to make new friends. The flats are homely and modern and very comfortable to live in. The course I am on is well organised and I am learning a lot. I find the lectures very useful and the lecturers easy to talk to if I have any problems. Overall my experience of The university of Cumbria Lancaster campus is brilliant and I would rate it 9 out of 10 for learning, living and socialising.
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Performing Arts, Year 1

(4.5)·By Luke S·Drama· Oct 2018
The university of Cumbria is growing with its performing arts courses and becoming an excellent alternative for those not wanting to go to a conservatoire. This year they have added single honours Acting, Dance and Musical Theatre to their performing arts courses. I am currently studying the single honours Musical Theatre course. Being the Year 1 of the course being run it's wonderfully structured with a lot of room for growth as a performer. The lecturers help nurture and expand your talent and skills and take into consideration your future aspirations and help aid with reaching that end goal. In second and Year 3 you have the opportunity to work with professionals from the industry in productions and in Year 3 you are able to audition for a showcase in front of agents in London and Manchester. The University of Cumbria is on the rise in the performing arts sector and will keep on growing and expanding. Becoming a real contender for those wanting a career in the industry.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(4.5)·By Charlotte M·Psychology· Jul 2021
There was plenty to do at night and the psychology department set fun activities during the day. However the criminology department set work Carrock Halls is great, well heated, everything works and theres a good amount of space in each flat. However you can hear the residents in different rooms and flats. Everywhere is clearly signed, kept clean, they provide everything you need and theres a lot provided. If they don't have something you can ask people at the student union desk who are all friendly. Criminology lessons are very informative and good at providing the information and direction required to complete assignments. Psychology is informative and lecturers apply their experiences to the lessons, there is also a sense of community so you feel comfortable asking for help. The city life is pretty standard for any city. There's plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs etc aswell as there's always something going on either during the day or at night.
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My lecturers helped me do really well

(4.5)·By paul h·Archaeology· Oct 2018
I had a brilliant time studying Applied Psychology at Cumbria.The teaching staff were so passionate and it made the lectures and conversations really engaging; I asked a lot of questions and never felt silly doing so. All of the lecturers hAD time to answer our emails and see us in person, which helped me get good grades. Also, their feedback was really constructive, which was great, because the course covered many areas in Psychology and gave us lots of different experience. I never thought I'd be interested in Health Psychology, but now love it having studied the subject in the third year.
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Education, Year 2

(4.5)·By Olivia P·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
University can be very challenging at times but it has opened many windows for me. I have formed some amazing friendships and continuously extending my knowledge.
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Other Subjects Allied To Medicine, Year 1

(4.5)·By Carmen·Medicine· Oct 2018
Really good course and opportunities it has placement and working within the professional body. Such as becoming a member and having the opportunity to see conferences. The campus is small but it has everything that I would need as a student and access so other campuses around the country whenever I need to stop by a library. There is a good range of societies that I can take place in and join to meet new people.
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