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(5)·By Hoyam A·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jun 2024
The course is very organized.
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My uni experiance

(5)·By Karthika P·Business· Jun 2023
I'm gald that i got a chance to write a review about my university. I started studying here from 2022 October. From then to now my uni gave me only fantastic experiances from teaching to entertainment. University of hertfordshire ranked 6th place among UK universities in business school. As a business student I'm very proud to be studying in Hertfordshire business school. Hertfordshire university not only concentrated on studies but other curriculums too.
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Electrical and electronic engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Simran V·Electrical Engineering· Oct 2018
Great. The university so helpful for students in every possible way. They make sure every student is healthy. They have people to contact talk and about your physical/mental health. There are enormous talks sessions about LSBT, relationship abuse, entrepreneurship, etc. For education, they makes sure that each and every student performs well in their course and can get the most out of it, they give all the help possible whether it be personal support, group discussions, or resources. They provide a huge rage of facilities for students to choose from. They support a lot for the part-time, internship or placement and graduate jobs.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Edon M·Business· Jul 2021
Really good, got an intro to all the buildings and events. A few day time social gatherings to get to know people. They were really good and well maintained. With all the facilities you could want. Our library was amazing, it was really big. So you could always find equipment or an empty space to yourself. They were very well set up. We also had smaller tutorials which broke down parts of lectures We had a club and bars that were run by the University so they were very good and cheap
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Architecture, Graduate

(5)·By Aqsa J·Architecture· Jul 2021
Freshers week was absolutely amazing! Being able to meet New people interact eat lots of different foods the fun parties it was a good experience! The rooms are decent sized a lot of room and amazing flatmates Open to us 24 hours which Was very convenient especially during exam season Almost everything the tutors how serious they handled things the art side of my course And modelmaking Fun because you meet lots of different types of people and experience many different vibes
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(5)·By Kirsty S·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jun 2023
All my lecturers on my course have been so supportive throughout my time at university. They have made my experience so much easier especially at times when I have struggled with work load and health.
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Pharmacology / Pharmacy, Graduate

(5)·By K B·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jul 2021
Many activities to do and the nights out were so much fun. Freshers fair was good because you could meet people and join different societies. There was also activities for commuting students to meet each other. There was a good lineup of celebrities as well. I stayed in college lane which was brand new accommodation at the time. It was quite spacious with good storage and a double bed. The kitchen had enough fridge space and freezer space as well as integrated appliances that were easy to use. Each person got their own cupboard for storing their food and there was a tv in the kitchen. Easily accessible especially to those on campus. There's is good parking on campus as well for those commuting. The library was open 24/7 which was very useful when there were deadlines and during exams. The library had a lot of seating and computers as well as Mac suites and meeting rooms. The classrooms had lots of space and speakers so it was easy to hear the lecturers. The course was really good. Allowed us to learn through lectures and apply our knowledge through workshops and dispensing sessions. The lecturers were very friendly and easily approachable for any questions we had. They also provided good support during exams. The lectures were posted online so we could refer to the slides and they were recorded to so we could listen to it later as well. The university is in Hatfield. This is 25 mins from London on a direct train from Hatfield Station. So it was easy to get to London (kings cross) and go out at night and during the day to various places. The uni is very close to the station and there is a bus that goes there which is £1 for students so it was affordable. There's also an asda in Hatfield for weekly shopping as well as an Aldi.
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University of Hertfordshire: A Leading Institution for Innovative Education in the UK

(5)·By Musa S·Management· Jun 2023
The University of Hertfordshire is one of the best-rated universities in the UK, offering a wide range of courses and excellent facilities to its students. Having personally reviewed the university, I can attest to the quality of education and resources provided to students.

One of the standout features of the University of Hertfordshire is its commitment to practical, hands-on learning. The university has a strong focus on employability, providing students with the skills and experience they need to succeed in their chosen fields. This is reflected in the wide range of placements, internships, and industry connections offered by the university.

In terms of facilities, the University of Hertfordshire boasts some of the best resources in the country. The campus is modern and well-equipped, with state-of-the-art labs, studios, and lecture halls. There are also excellent sports facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, and sports hall, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants on campus.

The university also has a strong commitment to research, with world-class facilities and a talented team of researchers working on groundbreaking projects across a range of disciplines.

Overall, the University of Hertfordshire is an excellent choice for students looking for a high-quality education with a practical focus on employability. With its outstanding facilities and strong research credentials, it is no surprise that it is one of the best-rated universities in the UK.
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(5)·By Ranwalage F·Law· Jun 2023
The best years of my life!
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Natasha L·Other· Oct 2018
Let's be honest, I can't big up my course enough. as far as model design goes hertfordshire is the best!! Believe me So the social side, I'm currently in the middle of quiz night and it's amazing I go out every night mainly 4 free! It's incredible and even if you don't drink there is free skating, tennis any sport really aswell as open cinemas random pub nights like bingo, quiz night Kareoke nights I could go on! Honestly this review writes itself! The accommodation is posh nicer than my own! There is legit so many jobs from subway to pubs so getting a job is as easy as saying can I have a job
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Supportive university

(5)·By Danielle S·Sports· Jun 2023
Throughout my university experience I've been sick, and I've had a lot of hardships happen in my family. My lecturers never judged me and have helped me and ensured that I will graduate. I would recommend this uni to anyone and everyone.
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