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My uni experiance

(5)·By Karthika P·Business· Jun 2023
I'm gald that i got a chance to write a review about my university. I started studying here from 2022 October. From then to now my uni gave me only fantastic experiances from teaching to entertainment. University of hertfordshire ranked 6th place among UK universities in business school. As a business student I'm very proud to be studying in Hertfordshire business school. Hertfordshire university not only concentrated on studies but other curriculums too.
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Student Reviews (229)

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Other subjects allied to medicine, Year 1

(5)·By Matthew J·Medicine· Oct 2018
It's been amazing! Everyone has been really kind and welcoming and are open to be asked for help.
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(5)·By Kirsty S·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jun 2023
All my lecturers on my course have been so supportive throughout my time at university. They have made my experience so much easier especially at times when I have struggled with work load and health.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Kurat M·Law· Jul 2021
It was amazing. I met loads of new people. We were told all about the university and everything going on which could help us settle in. We were also given various talks about the module and how we would be assessed. The accommodation is brilliant. It is easy to access and is at a walking distance from both campuses. It is.clean and tidy and has a lot of additional facilities which are extremely useful to students. Also it doesn't take long to get used to and settle in. Everything is perfect. The facilities are nice and clean and both campuses have a remarkable atmosphere for studying. The libraries on both campuses are huge and have everything a student could possibly need ranging from printing facilities to books. The classrooms are tidy and a good environment for learning. The course is good because I enjoy studying it and it has a lot of elements to it. The lectures are very good as they are mainly online and are recorded so we can listen to them whenever and wherever we like. It's good because the university is at the heart of the town. This means that all facilities nearby are easily accessible for example a shopping outlet is nearby so all students living on campus can buy anything they need.
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Film, Year 2

(5)·By Leona K·Film· Apr 2019
It was amazing because I got to meet a lot of people from different courses before the ubi even actually started,which I think is really important specially for international students like me.

It has many different types of accommodation to choose from which is great because it suits everyone’s budget and taste.The rooms are quite spacious and cozy.

We have two libraries one for each campus and they are both great,we have group or individual quiet study areas,all the resources we need,caffeterias etc.

I like my course because I’m studying what I always wanted to in the best possible way,the course programme is great and the lecturers not only care about our education but we can also speak to them about private things which is very important.

Hatfield is a pretty small town but we have a lot of fun because of the number of students that live on campus

We do a lot of practiacl work which I think is very important,lecturers are the best you can get and we do everything in groups which is important because it gets us prepared for the industry.
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Law, Year 2

(5)·By Mohoti B·Law· Oct 2018
As a student of University of Hertfordshire I'm pretty proud. We have this huge campus that literally feels like one winter wonderland. Loads of students studying, roaming around, busy doing something and there will always be something's going on on campus yet this feels like home and this serenity is always there. This giant sized library is my most favourite thing out of everything. Our study system is amazingly organised, lovely teachers are always there for you to help you with your studies. Love this University.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Tasnim C·Business· Jul 2021
It's was great and helpful. It allowed me to get an idea of what the uni experience would be like as well as making a couple of friends beforehand! It's very modern and has great facilities. It's very sociable. They were great. Have sufficient resources. A wide range of activities to do, so no one day is the same. It's very interesting, so of course supporting my future career goal development. Sufficient resources and support from the university. Great layout of classes to be in top of your work. Not much is in the actual city of the university. But local towns are great place to visit. London is also quickly accessible using trains.
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Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Chaudhary A·Engineering· Jul 2021
It was good.Post covid there was freshers event and cheeky wednesday parties It is very good with many facilities. We have 2 LRC with 4 floors and Restaurant in basement.We have Sports village with games everyday I learned alot of computer softwares with regards to engineering. I enjoy studying there. I am living in Hatfield which is near 20 mins from London on train.we can visit nearby towns such as Watford which has many Restaurants and Places to enjoy
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(5)·By sirisha d·Computer Science· Jun 2023
The best course with best modules and university is very best atmosphere to learn and grow
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Electrical and electronic engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Simran V·Electrical Engineering· Oct 2018
Great. The university so helpful for students in every possible way. They make sure every student is healthy. They have people to contact talk and about your physical/mental health. There are enormous talks sessions about LSBT, relationship abuse, entrepreneurship, etc. For education, they makes sure that each and every student performs well in their course and can get the most out of it, they give all the help possible whether it be personal support, group discussions, or resources. They provide a huge rage of facilities for students to choose from. They support a lot for the part-time, internship or placement and graduate jobs.
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Architecture, Graduate

(5)·By Aqsa J·Architecture· Jul 2021
Freshers week was absolutely amazing! Being able to meet New people interact eat lots of different foods the fun parties it was a good experience! The rooms are decent sized a lot of room and amazing flatmates Open to us 24 hours which Was very convenient especially during exam season Almost everything the tutors how serious they handled things the art side of my course And modelmaking Fun because you meet lots of different types of people and experience many different vibes
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