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Best uni

(5)·By Trudy C·Psychology· Jun 2023
Lincoln uni is amazing. Staff are so supportive and friendly. They really help you every step of the way and even with things in your personal and professional life!!
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I love Lincoln

(5)·By Elise v·Psychology· Jun 2023
I started studying at the University of Lincoln in 2020, which of course was unfortunate timing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, from my experience, the university handled it really well and I was able to get as much out of my first and second year as possible, given the circumstances. I am now in my third year, only a few months away from completing my degree, and finding myself wishing that the end isn't so close! I feel very proud to have studied here and would recommend it to anyone else wanting to go to university.
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Sociology, Year 2

(5)·By Morgan B·Sociology· Jul 2021
Brilliant. Easily one of the best weeks of my life. Very glad I got to experience my freshers before COVID. Really good. Was reasonably priced for a newly renovated modern building. All very modern and great. Didn't use the library that often but the football pitches were great. All lecturers very friendly and easy to talk to. The course is very diverse. City quite small but very friendly. Loads of pubs and restaurants. It's a city filled with students so loads of offers for students to help them get involved.
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(5)·By Niamh A·Sports· Jul 2021
Freshers week was really fun and good, the freshers fair allowed me to get loads more information about what was available. The universities accommodation was really good and everyone was friendly and would help out if they needed to. Really reasonably priced for the location. Always spaces in the library even in dissertation week. All the university staff are polite and helpful no matter where you are. Great sports facilities and offers an on site gym. Lectures always went further to ensure full understanding. They were also always available to pop and visit if needed. Tutors were also very supportive though the process. The course content was tailored and relatable to students interests. City life was good there's always a student night every night, well priced and isn't too spread out.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Gabby N·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really enjoyable, a lot of information that helped set the pace for the next three years, Student accommodation was really lovely, en suite, communal washing machines, big room and beautiful view from the window. Rent was a good price and staff were always ready to help when needed. Library has many floors, different levels for quiet floor etc. A large range of books. many available online as well so you can read from your bedroom. Good opening hours so can go whenever you need it. Student union is helpful, they care about us and want to do what's best and take on advice Enjoyable subjects. From second year we were allowed to pick modules we liked to go alongside a few mandatory ones. Made me enjoy going to learn as i was doing exactly what i wanted. Tutors are always helpful and reply to emails with good time, offering support where they can and doing one on ones when necessary Lovely city, beautiful cathedral and views, not super busy but still has life to it. the christmas market is amazing and the amount of places you can go for a walk and scenery is plenty
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Architecture, Year 3

(5)·By Ahmed J·Architecture· Jul 2021
Pretty dead Quite good, covered well with essential More than expected Course is more interesting than the way they approach, they don't really teach what is essential for students in the first years (softwares). Personally I would love to move in at some point.
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Other, Third Year

(5)·By Ellis G·Other· Oct 2018
Amazing! I met so many amazing people and gained so much confidence and have definitely grown as a person! I've loved my time at lincoln and can't believe it's almost over! Amazing city and amazing uni.
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Film, Year 3

(5)·By Sam M·Film· Jul 2021
Freshers week was everything I had hoped it be! The music, the laughter and the overall fun of it was something I could relive forever! Besides the rough mornings... The different University of Lincoln accommodations are all only 5mins from the Uni whether they are on campus or not. Mine specifically was modern with a specious communal area and beautiful views of the Lincoln Brayford on the top floor of Cygnet Wharf. The on-campus library is huge with 4 floors with books specialising in all areas. The top floor is strictly no noise for those who need pure silence. The students union is great and has its own stunning on-campus bar with floor to ceiling panoramic windows. They also hold a club night on Wednesdays in the on-campus SU gig venue. The course has been amazing with modules covering all areas of the subject. The balance of practical work and theory is great so you feel like you are gaining good hands-on experience. Lincoln is a small city but it has its amazing landmarks such as the Lincoln Cathedral and surrounding recreational grounds. There's also plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants for those who prefer the nightlife. Boring days in are hard to come by with the trampoline park and student nights at PlayZone.
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Amazing University

(5)·By Lois P·Psychology· Jun 2023
University of Lincoln is an amazing university that I and everyone I know has flourished in. The Lectures are amazing, the student support is amazing and the night life is good. Come to University of Lincoln!
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Emma S·Law· Jul 2021
We had opportunities to meet the staff and other students. Useful information provided. Good interactive activities to take part in. Quite a few accomodation options. Those that are off campus are mostly still very close to uni and all in walking distance. I was in private halls and I would highly recommend. Library is amazing. Lots of academic societies to join through the student union. Lots of different sports available through societies. Very varied areas to my course. Tutors are really good. The law school staff are very helpful. For a small place, the city life is good. Lots of places to eat and drink. Historic places to visit, all very picturesque. Quite a lot of good clubs available too.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Jakub K·Business· Jul 2021
It was one of the best two week of my life. Met many life long friends and was a one of a kind experience everyone should experience. Very high standards. Clean and maintenance always are ready to help Loads of gyms and sports centres. Hundreds of sports to choose from Very informative. Lecturers are keen to help Best night life. Chance to meet so many people
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