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(5)·By Darcy C·Politics· Jun 2023
I am super chuffed with my choice of uni, everything about Bristol has full filled my expectations, my course is extremely interesting and my lectures are great! However, the only downside would be the amount of lectures cancelled due to strikes, they deserve the pay!! As they are amazing! Getting to UWE from city centre by bus is easy and my city-centre accommodation is the best, as everything is on my doorstep!
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Jemma P·Other· Oct 2018
Very fun and everyday has been different for me! I loved every minute of it and I've always had different things to do. I love not knowing what the next day will bring for me, it's how I want to live my life!
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 3

(5)·By Erin M·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Very good, lots to do and allowed me to settle in well. Met lots of new people:) Amazing! I was in wallscourt and loved it! Lots of places to go and work. Lots of good food places to fuel me when studying! The student union was good for events etc. Good lecturers. Lots of help when it is needed. LOTS of placement which is very good, some people I knew didn't nearly have as much placement. Makes me feel more prepared to enter this career path. Good amount of essays etc- manageable when on placement as placement is very full on! Bristol was the best! So much to do, lots of places to eat and drink! And good shopping!
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Journalism, Year 3

(5)·By Mimi G·Journalism· Jul 2021
Our fresher's lasted a fortnight, it consisted of a lot of going out to the pub and different clubs, aswell as attending the fresher's fair. The fair was huge! I was in Nelson and Drake, we had a cleaner come to our flat every two weeks. The flats were really modern, with huge windows in every room. They came to fix anything that broke almost instantly. On my campus the library was good but quite small, this was made up for by the copius amount of computer and lecture rooms to work in. Our lecturers were fantastic, industry professional that all clearly wanted us to do well. The course was the perfect balance of theoretical and practical I love Bristol, it's busy, creative and full of some fun characters! It's noisy and chaotic but there's something for everyone
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Hafsa W·Law· Jul 2021
There are opportunities to join societies and make friends, very sociable I dont live on accommodation but the campus itself is beautiful Library- Bookable rooms you can have your own quiet spaces, Different floors and 3 are quiet and on one floor you can talk and do group works theres group tables Module leaders are really helpful and support given is great, if you have problem with essay writing you can seek help from student advisors. Everyone is really friendly! You never feel weird or personally never had issues as a member or BAME community
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Jack V·Engineering· Jul 2021
Amazing, living on campus allowed me to meet so many new people. I've never been in a situation with that many people in the same situation before and it was really conducive to making friends and getting to know people. Bristol is an amazing city aswell with so much going on and attending the university allowed me to experience it. Lovely, couldn't fault where I lived (wallscourt) and when I lived there there were some bits of fascia boarding unfinished so it was on par with the cheapest accomodation on campus (the next year it was he most expensive), and I was only disturbed by outside work about 3 times all year. I was living in four storey accomodation with 11 other people, sharing a kitchen but only sharing a bathroom with one person (4 bedrooms and two bathrooms on each floor with the kitchen/living room on the bottom). Library is amazing, second to none. Classrooms were all modern with great facilities. The student union had recently been built and is still brilliant. Great food and recreation area with pool tables - and a cheap bar too! (civil engineering) It has been really interesting and engaging. The things I've learnt about changed the way I thought about a lot of stuff in society. Amazing. Every day had things to do, which in a way distracted me from my course a little but I still got it done. Tuesday was the new Saturday!
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Marketing, Graduate

(5)·By Jacques D·Marketing· Jul 2021
Really good, met loads of people. Halls life was social. Very very nice. I Was in Wallscourt. Had 12 people in a house and was was perfect. Was a mix of very nice and very bad. Some buildings like the business building was very good. Where as the main buildings are quite horrible. Lectures were thought in a practical, real life manner. It gave me exposure to how real life business operates. Top quality. Good night life, good shops, restaurants and cafes.
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Education / Teacher Training, Graduate

(5)·By Leila E·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great, there was absolutely loads of organised events by the uni. They had Bristol's biggest clubs come in to sell freshers tickets along with places like dominos doing free pizza and tonnes of other freebies. I didn't personally stay on campus, but a lot of my friends did and they enjoyed it there. I visited other people's rooms a few times and they looked clean and spacious with some even having a double bed. Really great facilities, the four-floored library is immense. They also have a cinema, fruit and veg market, and Starbucks on site. I absolutely loved my course, it was so informative and well thought out. The lecturers were all lovely and so helpful. Really glad I chose the course I did. I grew up in Bristol so I knew the city life was incredible anyway, but being at uni gave me even more chances to go and immerse myself in the rich culture! The night life is brilliant.
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The best university

(5)·By Lucy C·Paramedic science· Jun 2023
I've been struggling with some personal issues and UWE have been nothing but supportive and I truly cannot thank them enough. The social life seems really good with easy access into Bristol city centre which has lots of clubs etc. Glenside campus is a really nice peaceful environment where you feel fully relaxed with a park for a walk opposite
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Other Subjects Allied To Medicine, Year 3

(5)·By Louise S·Medicine· Oct 2018
Great uni! Welcoming and supportive. It is what you make of it, great nights out and always events happening.
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Nursing, Graduate

(5)·By Emma S·Nursing· Jul 2021
Intense, lots of drink consumed and partying but I loved it! I lived in 2 halls at university and both were great value for money. If there was any maintenance issues the team would come pretty quick and sort it. Great facilities, the library was a 2 minute walk away. The grounds were beautiful as it was an old hospital. I learnt so much and made the best friends. The lectures were quite heavy but that's nursing for you! Absolutley love Bristol, so much to do and see. So many opportunities. I was never bored.
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