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History, Year 2

(4)·By Maddie H·History· Oct 2018
Great, being in a small college means I get the support I need to achieve my best, As well as having the freedom to be an individual.
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Performing arts, Year 2

(3.8)·By Emily D·Drama· Oct 2018
My experience at Wilkes academy of performing arts is a one in a lifetime experience. It's it extremely tireing but so worth it. I am training in the musical theatre course but would really love to be an actress. My college experience is definitely memorable and I will never forget the friends and time i have had and will make the most of the year I have left.
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Social Care, Year 2

(3.8)·By Leah T·Social Care· Jul 2021
It was in the sports hall with lots of different stands and helpful information. It could have been better if there was more though Wiltshire college's accommodation is understood to be of a good condition however I chose to stay at home and commute Facilities at Wiltshire College are great, managed to find everything I needed in the library, all the classes are to a good standard, there are a few good size sports areas as well as having places to go for every need The course covers everything I would need to know. My lectures were always spot on and gave me all of the information I needed to pass Average, there was not much to do for 18+, not many good shopping areas or night life.
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