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Interesting change

(5)·By Ffion G·Nursing· Jun 2023
My university experience so far has been such an eye opener to my future and during my nursing Placements I have developed so many new skills I'd never thought I would've gained during university. Aberystwyth uni has so many amazing facilities that are suitable for everyone and these have definitely made me more happier and healthy
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Fine Art, Year 2

(5)·By Scarlet M·Fine Art· Jul 2021
My freshers week was good but I chose not to attend any of the freshers events organised by my university. They were overpriced and the majority of the students chose to entertain themselves in the local pubs and clubs. Having said that, during freshers week I made some of my closest friends now. Aberystwyth offers a wide range of accommodation options all at different price points. I chose to live in one of the lower tier accommodations and I was very pleased with the halls of residence. We would also have regular flat inspections from senior students which was reassuring as the university wanted to make sure we were all happy with our accommodation. The university's facilities are outstanding! The library is so big and full of so many different books, I am in my final year of university and have used the library to the fullest throughout all my time at the university. I am a fine art student and have been bowled over by the school of art and it's fantastic facilities, I would highly recommend it to any budding young artist. Aberystwyths fine art course is exceptional. All the staff members have been extremely knowledgeable in their field and I have been able to learn so much from all of them. The lecturers are also really good with helping students who need an extra push academically, being one of them myself I am very grateful for the support with the academic side of my course. Whilst Aberystwyth is only a small place it is full of life and people from different walks of life. The nightlife is wonderful and I've made so many long time friends on a night out. Aberystwyth in particular, is a wonderful place to study as it's right by the sea. I've loved being able to go to the beach to clear my mind when studies have become too much.
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(5)·By Jasmin R·Drama· Jun 2023
Friendly staff
Good facilities
My degree lead me to teaching
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(5)·By Rhianna D·Animal Science· Jun 2023
I had an amazing time at Aberystwyth university and it shaped my career after graduating.
The lectures and lecturers are incredibly resourceful, attentive and educated in their field of expertise.
Studying in such a gorgeous location with a sense of community and natural beauty on your doorstep really benefited me personally.
I miss Aberystwyth so so much, I have many wonderful memories like seeing the dolphins in the sea, the endless beautiful sunsets and starling mermorations each year. I will hold Aberystwyth close with me and regularly visit when I can!

7 years later, I work within agriculture, managing 3 farms dotted around the UK, being an ambassador for campaigns by the farmers guardian and really doing well within my sector and I can honestly say this is thanks to my years studying in aber!
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 3

(5)·By Bethan C·Biology· Jul 2021
I loved it. Met new friends and engaged in a lot of activities. Really found myself. Really clean and safe. Rooms were a decent size and had a double bed. And an on site Library was perfect. Has group study areas and personal studying. Classrooms were big and small catered for all activities. Lecturers were quick to respond to problems. Lectures were interesting. Apply your learning in labs weekly Very safe. Everything you need is there. Nightlife is good too
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Art and design, Year 2

(5)·By Jennifer S·Art· Oct 2018
Despite the university workload (which is to be expected when studying for a degree, yes even with fine art) I have found my experience to be, although challenging, thoroughly enjoyable. The tutors are easy to get along with and the lectures don't actually send me to sleep but in fact influence and inspire my creativity. If I hadn't gone to University I wouldn't have developed the artistic skills vital for my future career. Who says an art degree is worthless? Not an art student, that's for sure.
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Education, Year 1

(5)·By Samantha C·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
Whilst at university I have met the most amazing people I could ever think of. It's also made me a lot more independent than I ever thought I would be at my age.
Uni has made my life so much better, it's giving me the education I need to become a teacher later on in life, it's also helped me gain the best people I will ever meet in my life. Overall university is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
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Interesting change

(5)·By Ffion G·Nursing· Jun 2023
My university experience so far has been such an eye opener to my future and during my nursing Placements I have developed so many new skills I'd never thought I would've gained during university. Aberystwyth uni has so many amazing facilities that are suitable for everyone and these have definitely made me more happier and healthy
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Geography and Environmental Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Steven S·Geography· Oct 2018
The geography course at Aberystwyth was very well-run, with passionate, engaging and approachable lectures that were top in their field. The course was also well structured and the Year 2 field trip was enjoyable.

Nights out in Aberystwyth are always a big laugh, especially in Year 1. Yoko's is a decent club, and Pier Pressure on the pier is a laugh if its cold and wet! Aberystwyth also has more pubs than you can name, so pre-drinks is always good!

Student life in Aberystwyth is unique. Beach BBQs with my expedition society were a regular occurrence, and being near the cambrian mountains, and in driving distanxe of snowdonia was awesome for rock climbing, hiking and mountain-biking.

People assume that because it's in Wales that Aberystwyth is always wet and cold, but the town almost has its own micro-climate, making beach days and drinks on the sea-front very pleasant.
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Teacher Training, Year 2

(5)·By Sophie G·Education / Teacher Training· Apr 2019
Freshers week was good, very busy, lots of different activities going on throughout the week.

Accommodation is very good, everything you need is included.

Facilities are really good, the library is open 24/7 and the ground floor has recently had a new renovation. Classrooms are spacious and good. The sports area especially the Gym are fantastic, as I’m a student living in student accomodation I have free gym membership.

The course is very interesting and covers a broad range of aspects within education. Lectures are intellectually stimulating and always interesting.

The life at aber is very nice, it’s small but you have the seaside

Students should be aware that you need a minimum of a B in English Language and a Maths to be accepted on the course. A DBS is also required due to placements in school
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Film, Year 1

(5)·By Jessica I·Media studies· Oct 2018
Aberystwyth is a proper university town. Even though it's quite small compared to where I grew up, being London, it still manages to surprise me which I didn't think would happen. It's so lovely to meet people from all over the country and spend the days walking along the beach. Although the nightlife isn't that incredible as they only have a few nightclubs they make up for it with the amount of pubs which is around 30. The lecturers have such a passion for what they teach here and have a passion for Aberystwyth. Although many are from Wales and lived there their whole lives a few have gone to Aberystwyth and stayed to become lecturers so that they didn't have to leave. That's what I find so amazing about this place, being a small town but how diverse and interesting the people who live there are it's no wonder why people love to stay.
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