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Art / Design, Graduate

(4.5)·By Kelsey W·Art· Jul 2021
It was really good, I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet new people Yes it's good, expensive for what it is. But that's unis for you unfortunately Yeah never had a problem with them they are really good I love the subject I study and all the teachers are super helpful I used to live in the country so city life was very different, I've since moved to the city though
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Anthropology, Year 3

(4.3)·By Sebastian R·Anthropology· Jul 2021
Freshers week was a great way to get to know others and make some new friends. I strongly recommend it as i am still good friends with many of the people i met there and then! The accommodation is really good, absolutely nothing to complain about. Comfy beds with big enough rooms to feel at home in. The facilities are really top notch. Some are definitely better than others but there are quite a lot of impressive modern facilities that really add to the Uni. The course is extremely well structured and the lecturers walk you through the syllabus step by step. City life is unbelievably fun. A great place to be as a young student and a great place to meet new people and enjoy new experiences!
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Performing arts, Gap Year

(3.3)·By Evelyn R·Drama· Oct 2018
Amazing. The teachers are incredible and the things we learn are so inspiring. However, the Performing Art facilities at A&W College are poor - we only have one proper (small) studio for over 30 students.
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