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Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology, Graduate

(5)·By Adam D·Anatomy· Jul 2021
It was quite amazing to be honest, the atmosphere, the diversity and the many different cultures. It was amazing meeting all the new people and making friends with so many great people It was decent for the price. However it is university accommodation and u shouldn't expect a 5 star hotel however it is it not bad and is still liveable in They were pretty good, there is a lot of space and facilities available all with modern technology and great people inside of them It helped me achieve my dream and also the course was an amazing one and it helped me become what I am today and without it I do not know where I would be It was good. Lots of parties to attend and lots of people to meet. I most enjoyed going to the club.
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Medicine, Year 2

(4.3)·By Ella P·Medicine· Jul 2021
It was good, although it was quite expensive for what you got. Think they need to include different types of events not just drinking based activities I live at home so can't commend The new gym is great and is a good price. SU is a little small and needs updated Because the lecturers clearly explain everything and questions are welcomed I love living in the town. Having the beaches nearby is great
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Other subjects allied to medicine, Year 2

(4.3)·By Rhiannon G·Medicine· Oct 2018
When I first joined I was rather nervous leaving home for the first time, however both the students and faculty have helped to make university life one of the my best experience's. I honestly believe that my time here has helped me to grow as an individual
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