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(5)·By Alisha M·Biotechnology· Jun 2023
I had the best 4 years of my life at university! I loved the experience of living out away from home and I made friends for life whilst I was there!
I also loved how flexible the learning was and the ability to do work in my own time when I felt I was best productive!
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Other Modern European Languages, Year 3 Plus

(5)·By Bethany C·Languages· Oct 2018
I am a final year student, studying Spanish at Aston University. My overall university experience at Aston has been incredible. Firstly, the campus accommodation is exceptional and the campus itself is so convenient due to its compact nature, and all the necessities are easily accessible. Also, Birmingham town centre is a 10 minute walk from campus which features a large number of shops, restaurants and a great variety of nightlife.

Furthermore, the standard of teaching on my course has been outstanding, the lectures are all experts in their field and always approachable if extra help is needed.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Damnpreet S·Business· Jul 2021
It was a good experience to kickstart university life and a great way to get introduced to other people Their accommodation is quite good in comparison to other Universities and is good to stay in The facilities are great with an enjoyable atmosphere whether it be in the student union or the library The courses and lectures had good material to study from and it is easy to follow whilst studying along during lectures or at home The city life is good as there are various things to do close-by to the University
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(5)·By Noor A·Business· Jun 2023
This year it was good enough and I learned quit a lot of stuff and I meet a lot of different people.
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Psychology, Third Year

(5)·By Latifah O·Psychology· Oct 2018
My uni is great it has a lot of events that are inclusive for all types of students and a great campus that is great for studying and socialising.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Preet P·Law· Jul 2021
I had a very positive experience during freshers week at university. The balance of the social aspect as well as studying was great. Had a lot of fun, made a lot of new friends and settled down well into my studies. Aston University's accommodation is very modern, clean and I would recommend people to stay there. Aston university has a lot of facilities. The library is very spacious, good place to do you work with limited disturbances. The student union is a great place for social events such a dance to make friends and have fun The lecturers are very experiences with great knowledge. Love the fact we have aston replay so don't have to stress about missing essential information during emergency appointments etc. Birmingham is a great city, lots of shops, food places near by. Everybody is lovely.
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Animal Science, Year 2

(5)·By Robbie J·Animal Science· Mar 2019
It was really fun and was probably the best week of my life, honestly had a great time and would recommend taking animal science for this reason. The accommodation is really good and all the people are really welcoming. The beds and pretty comfy and all the needed things are in the closets. Also it is cheaper then other universities so would recommend it.. The sports arena was fun and I used it nearly every day to go to the gym and other things like that.. The courses and lectures were well explained and the lecterures were audible and easy to understand, would highly reccomend thanks. The city life was prett dad. The things you should know about studying this course are that it is very boring and no one should do it coz there is just no point. I’ve done 2 years now and probably will drop out I’m sorry to say but my parents are forcing me to stick with it
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Business management review

(5)·By Sana Y·Business· Jun 2023
It's a good course with a lot to learn
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(5)·By Asif A·Computing· Jun 2023
Great Uni ngl
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Accounting, Year 2

(5)·By Sereena U·Accounting· Jul 2021
For week one freshers week was filled with many different events including clubs and society fairs. These fairs as well at trials at university clubs laid the foundation for meeting other freshers and forming friendships. Aston's freshers week was extremely beneficial. Aston University's accommodation was very good. The rooms were very clean upon arrival with lots of storage room and plenty of space in the room. The accommodation team were always on hand and very quick and efficient in aiding any problems you may have. The facilities were extremely good. The library was very spacious and split over several floors which provided many different types of areas to study so you could always find somewhere to suit you. Areas such as the student union were very lively and a great area to meet-up with friends. The courses were extremely interactive with lectures always finding ways to relate examples to students in a way that is simple to understand. The lectures and seminars were also very lively meaning students' attention was always captured and the lecturers were extremely approachable if students had any questions. City life was extremely lively. Being located near the centre of Birmingham meant there were many clubs and restaurants nearby to visit where many other students would be. Also many of these clubs hosted student nights making it even more lively for university students.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Molly K·Business· Jul 2021
It was really great, I wish I had utilised it more! I was sent a freshers pack a couple of weeks before I started which helped to build the excitement and it had a wristband and a whole schedule of what they had on, including, bar crawls, games/events on campus and lots of freebies! Despite being quite a small campus, Aston has several accommodation options, all of which are lovely. And because of its city centre location, majority of them come with a great view! Another great part of the accommodation is that they range from being about 2-7 minutes walk away from your lectures! I used the library a lot when I was there, it was a great resource to have, not only for finding your assigned reading (both psychical copy and online if they ran out) but also a great place to get work done as the top floor is silent but also the other floors were great for meetings for group projects. There's also multiple areas in the main building which are great to use for studying, having lunch with your friends, group meeting etc. The sports facilities are HUGE and they offer a wide range of sport societies. They even used it to put on a self defence class which was really helpful as well as being a nice way to meet new people. What I loved about my course was that I went to uni not knowing what I wanted to do with my life so I chose Business and Management as it was the most general and exposed me to the most areas of business. It then didn't take me long to realise that I was heading down a marketing path and then it was the placement year for me which solidified that I wanted to specifically work in an advertising agency. The fact the placement year was compulsory was really helpful as I would recommend everyone do one as it helps you to realise what you want to do and is an amazing experience just to help you grow as a person. The lectures vary and can be really interactive but in my opinion as long as you are interested in the topic, you'll enjoy it. They're also all online which is super useful when it comes round to revising for exams. As Aston is in the city centre it made nights out easily available. There's a variety of things to do in the city, whether you want to go on a shopping spree at the Bullring (HUGE shopping centre who do student events which are really fun), go to a restaurant (I would recommend Boston Tea Party - there's one right next to campus!) or just have a walk around, especially at Christmas time is magical as the Birmingham Christmas markets are difficult to compete with!
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