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Archaeology, Year 1

(5)·By Ewan M·Archaeology· Mar 2019
In freshers week I was made familiar the the places and people of the Aylesbury college, settling in very fast and getting a good overview of my course

Aylesbury college has very high spec facilities , excellent for hand on learning, it is also in an excellent location ; walking distance from train links to London and Aylesbury’s town centre. In terms of accommodation it is of walking distance to my house so I don’t sleep in the halls but it has a very cosy environment with pool tables and sofas and a canteen

The facilities are extremely professional , they give a more Emersive experience into the field you are studying. When not in lesson there are many available areas to go and relax, such as pool tables and sofas and even a Starbucks .

The course gives me an invaluable understanding of architecture. The lessons are hands on and fun and I feel that I am making outstanding progress towards my future career. The teachers are also very friendly and helpful, aiding me throughout my course.

The Aylesbury college is located from walking distance of London train links and the town centre of Aylesbury , the town offers lots to do ; meals out, clothing shops, sports places and gyms , the location is excellent and I am looking forward to studying here.

If you are genuinely interested in the professions which arise from this course , than I would 100% recommend you choosing the course. Architecture is so interesting to study and I am enjoying the course, everything is good about it ; the lessons are so interesting and give rich detail into the future profession,
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