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Food and Beverage Studies, Year 1

(5)·By Mulder S·Food / Beverage Studies· Mar 2019
Help me find more out about the college and what I does and how it will help me in the near future. Also helped me see what extra cuticular actives I could sign up for and see what would interest me the most.

The accommodation is quiet and feels like home. Everyone is friendly and no need to worry about anything. Everything you need is there and more. People are always helping each other. It’s like one big family. It’s quite, comfortable and relaxing.

The facilities are clean and tidy. Everything is keeped so neat and findable. The library has enough computers and books for all subject to help get the grades you want. The sports area is always active people training and keeping in shape.

The course is helpful as everyone needs to eat therefor there will forever be enough jobs for chefs and cooks. The lectures where helpful to decide what to do with our future and decide what we want to be when we grow up. The lectures are never boring. They always ma age to make it exciting and interesting.

The city life is calm and not to crowded. There was plenty of room to move around and do what I want to do. There are plenty of car parks and space for everyone commuting into the city to work or visit which is brilliant for people who drive.

It is a lot of work and to never expect a long breaks as it is always busy no matter whatever your doing you always have to go back and complete your task before anything else. You are always on your feet and it can get exhausting with late Nights maybe early mornings. There is always something to do where that’s prep, cleaning it serving. Be prepared for a long year.
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Sports Science, raduate

(4)·By Adam B·Sports· Mar 2019
It was very interesting, i was able to gain a wide range of knowledge about what I would be studying and also got to know my lecturers and their preferred subjects

There arent any on campus flats or living accommodation but alot of people lived in the local area so their own accommodation was the done thing. I would walk to Bridgwater College due to not being far away

The facilities at Bridgwater College are very good, just recently they completed the laying of a new 3G sports field which was a nice welcome upgrade from the old astro turf pitch before. The library was very useful and easy to navigate.

The lectures were very engaging and easy to listen to, this made it easier to learn as it didnt feel like you were being force fed information constantly but you felt like you were gaining knowledge in different and enjoyable ways everyday.

Bridgwater as a town isn’t the best in the world but it did the job, the nightlife is decent enough and always a laugh, there are plenty of nice food spots to go to aswell.

They should know that it is a lot more liberal and enjoyable than a course may seem, the lecturers are great and will do everything in their power to ensure you get the very best out of you and your ability
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Physical Education, Year 1

(4)·By Sophie C·Other· Mar 2019
The week allowed me to settle in and look for opportunities which I would like to take on now or in the future. The week gave me a taster of the subject and provided me with the satisfaction that I required to be certain I wanted to continue this pathway.

They provide hot or cold meal and they have many vending machines scattered around the campus. The classrooms and other facilities are kept clean and show a kind of respect that is brought through the college.

The sports areas are one of the best, they have a gym, sports hall etc and all kept well tidied and they are able to maintain high quality equipment. The classrooms are welcoming and structured in a way to allow the best learn and practicality for learning.

The course is something I have been passionate about since I was little so everything in this area interests me and so I’m willing to learn more and more each day. The lectures are kept relevant and interactive to allow to best and equal learning opportunities for each student.

I travel home every evening so I don’t experience much of the life outside the college in that location but area is near facilities such as a theatre which is highly effective for the courses such as drama. There aren’t many shop around the college but there are places within the campus that allow you to get the standard refreshments needed through the day.

The course is difficult so requires hard work and full commitment. The topics are very interesting and if you take everything you can get out of this course it will be very beneficial in the future. You learn about a variety of different things to do with sport including things that you didn’t know has to do with sport.
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Other, Year 1

(4)·By Lydia G·Other· Oct 2018
I love it, I've met so many nice people and feel very welcome! I love the course and the fact I feel I have a purpose to be there and that eventually I will make a difference to someone's life when I graduate and start working with my degree.
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Drama, Year 1

(2)·By Helena M·Drama· Mar 2019
Amazing.No accommodation.Limited but enough for me.Interesting course and fun lessons.Near by things to do but not too busy.It’s a very small environment and do not expect a huge social life
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