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Sports Science, Year 1

(3)·By Jack R·Sports· Mar 2019
Very welcoming, Not as much excitement as other places to take a course as only a small amount of people doing a degree at the college but is a very relaxing environment to come into

The accommodation is average, Food is good, maintenance is very inconsistent at times as my bin does not get changed regularly and I have to take it out my self. They at times delay jobs that are needed to fix problems with the room. Wardens are friendly and lenient which is nice to have.

Classrooms are very dated seats are uncomfortable. Sports area is very new and high quality gym is 5 star but only improvement could be a bigger space. Library is a good size and monitered by nice women but some computers are broken and do not seem fixable.

The course is challenging at times, Assignments are set close together where we have no assignments for a time then we would have 3 at once weighing down on us. Content is covered very quickly which is challenging to take on at the same time as the rugby going on but is very doable when you manage time correctly.

There is no city life. It is a rural college.

That the college is very serious about staying on top of your work. The college is not enjoyable for partying or anything such as that but people are all nice and so are staff.
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Animal Management

(3)·By Adam D·Other· Oct 2018
Brooksby Melton College is a fantastic place to study and everyone is friendly, I would highly recommend coming here to study as you'll have the best time! The course is good and the lecturers cover all aspects of the course. They are very helpful with any problems you have and are always there to help you and give advice! The university's facilities are brilliant they have a library with all the recourses you need to complete your assignments and revision. Top of the range computers and thousands of books and journals. Accommodation is not available at this university so you do have to commute but housing in the area is quite cheap so that shouldn't be a problem. There are no sports teams or society's at this university.
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First year student

(2.3)·By Ellis G·Other· Oct 2018
Brooksby Melton College is such a good place to study! I am having the best time and recommend everyone to come here! The course is so detailed and the lecturers cover a lot in class time so as long as you take notes there is no reason why you can't get top marks! The colleges facilities are outstanding, they supply top of the range computers and laptops for students to use and get their work done, they also supply plenty of other types of media such books, journals and magazines for research for assignments and revision! The college does not supply accommodation so you would have to seek that privately but rent tends to be quite cheeps in the area compared to others. The college also does not have a student union because it is only a college but it does have sports teams that you can play for if you are into sports and are keen to train!
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