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(5)·By Kelsey A·Physiotherapy· Jun 2023
So helpful and useful. Has lots of useful information that helped me pick the right uni for me.
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Biomedical Science

(5)·By Akosua T·Biology· Jun 2023
University was one of the best choices I've made. Yes it is hard, I'm not going to lie but the experience and knowledge you gain is amazing. Cardiff university really expanded my love for science and I am glad I made this choice.
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Pharmacy at Cardiff uni

(5)·By Victoria W·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jun 2023
Brilliant lecturers and you're well supported. Staff have frequent conversations with students to gain feedback. Very good quality of teaching and support as long as you actually put in the effort to learn. Brilliant student mentor scheme too
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Great all-rounder

(5)·By Megan W·Engineering· Jun 2023
Cardiff is an excellent University with the main city centre not too busy nor too quiet. Perfect balance of excellent facilities, location and price, as accommodation is often significantly cheaper here than in other parts of the UK!
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History, Graduate

(5)·By Sophie T·History· Jul 2021
Amazing! So many events and activities to meet fellow students Beautiful accommodation. Clean and homely Facilities were perfect. The university accommodates all your needs and wants! Great lecturers! They were so passionate about their subjects - made it very engaging Cardiff city is AMAZING! Great nightlife, shopping, food. Everything you would want! Would love to live there permanently
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English, Year 1

(5)·By Sophie S·English Studies· Oct 2018
I love Cardiff University as I was originally looking for a uni that was heavily campus based with a separate city to really get that homely feel when I was studying with the option to go into the city should I choose to.
I feel like Cardiff Uni really gives me that option as the uni buildings are completely separate to the city centre, providing the option of going into the city at all.
The teachings are very well structured, I always know what I will be studying week to week and can be at ease know that my students union will solve any issues I have, from mental health to what is on at the box office!
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An experience of ups and downs

(5)·By Ava W·Media Studies· Jun 2023
Settling into university was easier than expected and getting used to how everything works took time and was stressful but looking back its been worth it. University so far has made me more social but it has tested me with the work load. However, its taught me more about myself and for that its been worth it.
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Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By muhammad b·Engineering· Jul 2021
It was very nice, not much different to other subjects because we hadn't started our course yet. I got in to cardiff university through clearing, wasn't in a flat but was put in to a house with 7 other people I didn't use the sports facilities as much because they were far away from me, however the SU was close and helpful from time to time and the classrooms in uni were good as well. The course had a lot of practical components, which some were optional as well that were very fun, the lectures were okay as well, however everything did get ruined because of corona I was close to the city centre and it was brilliant, very nice for shopping and very convenient whenever you needed to get something.
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Music, Graduate

(5)·By Emily D·Music· Jul 2021
It was really fun. I met lots of people and had a great first couple of weeks. In first year I was in halls and it was good because it meant I got to meet lots of people. Now I live in a student house. The library is good. The music department has lots of good facilities. And the student union is a lot of fun. I learn a lot. I find it interesting. There's lots to do. The Christmas market this year was really good fun.
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Midwifery, Year 3

(5)·By Katie M·Midwifery· Jul 2021
Fantastic, lots of events and opportunities to get to know people Fab accommodation, big rooms and lots of options All modern buildings, great gym and pool facilities Very engaging, enthusiastic lecturers who are still working clinically Cardiff is an exciting city to live in, lots of events
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Annalise R·Nursing· Oct 2018
It was great to meet new people throughout freshers and get to know the city a lot more. Also the course I am studying is great can't wait to get started and start my placement
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