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History, Year 3

(4)·By Rowan T·History· Jul 2021
Very good. Paid a set amount to attend all the events and they were fun. £££ party is particularly good Duchy House is a really nice place to live, crazy to be able to live on the strand. Kitchens are small to be shared between 16 The Courtauld is small so there aren't sports areas or a union building ofc but there are centralised uni of London things. The library and other facilities are very good Interesting subject matter over a wide breadth of periods and locations No better place to study art history than London. It is very expensive though
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History, Year 2

(3.5)·By Eyamba C·History· Jul 2021
It was really small and quiet. Not many fun things to do and not many people came to most of them. A few of the events were practically empty. A few events were very far away from central London were most people live. Duchy house had loads of problems with heating, wifi, internet and hot water but it was still a fun experience because of the people I meet there. Not many other student had the same opportunity since that was the only uni-run accommodation. In the Vernon Square campus most of the rooms are small. They feel more like a sixth form than a university. The library and seminar rooms can't always fit everyone so they class are often quite small. The student union has nice people running it but they don't do much. The course is extremely interesting. The lectures have a broad range of topics and focus points. The lecturers are often really nice and supportive. They truly care about your education and want you to feel enriched by the course Living in London is great. There's always stuff to do and place to go to. Because of the location of the student accom you can get to all the good clubs, bars and restaurant. It's been weird because of covid but still fun because of my friends.
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We do too much in too little time

(3)·By jon d·American / Australasian Studies· Oct 2018
The worst part about first year is that they try to cover too much in too little time; instead of doing one topic per term in depth, you do a new one every 2 weeks! I found it really tricky keeping up with the reading, as you never really get enough time to get your head round a topic. The point of going to a specialised uni should be that you get the best lecturers, but we are taught by postgrads instead, just like in bigger universities. Some of the postgrads are actually quite good, but it'd be nice to have some time with lecturers - you don't get many contact hours as it is! You only get around 8 hours a week in the first year, which really isn't enough.
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