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Forensic Science, Year 3

(5)·By Joseph B·Forensic Science· Jul 2021
Loads of events were given out including exclusive deals given specifically to Coventry University students throughout the whole of town. Everyone was really welcoming, including staff, students and people hosting the events. The accommodations have grown throughout the city centre and continue to get build meaning they are new and they often get refurbished and updated. The library is the best university library I have been to out of 5 different universities including Birmingham University. There's plenty opportunity to get into sports etc. through different groups available. The classrooms vary quite a lot, they usually are very spacious and easy to engage in learning. I am in my final year of Criminal Psychology (Forensics Psychology). It is good because it covers aspects of psychology that I find most interesting, why people commit to violent behaviours, what triggers people to start a life of crime. The lecturers are also very engaged and enthusiastic about their subject area. I grew up in Coventry so the city has became a bit stale, however I still do not believe it is a bad place to live. It is growing at an incredible pace and that progress will only grow further.
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Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Iliya P·Engineering· Jul 2021
Freshest week was very fun. One of the wildest experience of all time. Got to meet new friends and create good connections Coventry university has one of the best accommodations. It is quiet affordable and is welcoming to international students The university has the best facilities one can think of. The library is well equipped and they have engaging extra curricular activities to keep one going when school is busy with the book life The best part about the course and lectures are the tutors because they make the experience engaging City life in Coventry was good because it was welcoming to international student and the people are friendly
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Busayo M·Nursing· Mar 2019
Because I started in February. I did not have the typical freshers experience with the raving and partying but other than that it was a good introduction. Just wish I was treated like September freshers and got all the freebies they did

Coventry’s accomodation is amazing and accommodating. The buildings are managed 24/7 and security is very helpful. The decor is amazing and you pay exactly what it’s worth

All of the facilities in the uni are state of art. Being a nursing student the simulation suites were important because that is what I’d be practicing on. The sim suites blew me away and basically confirmed why I wanted to go here. The hub and library are 24 hours with staff on hand. Amazing facilities.

THE course is very immersive same with lectures and seminars you’re not getting taught at. They include you in discussions and make sure you’re heard

City life is amazing in the midlands. Always something to do. All the events both the uni and uni promoters host here always live up to expectations. It’s amazing

Be ready for a lot of work! It’s not going to be easy but it will definitely be rewarding. I’ve heard nothing but positives from those on the nursing courses and I too myself even though have just started, is definitely going to enjoy it
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Law, Year 2

(5)·By Kristyna P·Law· Oct 2018
My university has the most passionate teachers which are truly dedicated to your development and achievement as a student. Since being here I have been helped both academically and personal deal with some very stressful situations, which my tutors, registry and faculty have helped with. There is no real comparison to be made with other universities which my friends attend. It is voted the most modern university of the year, but it also the most focused on student happiness and personal development. The nightlife in coventry is also something to brag about. You'd think that we would have to travel to places such as Birmingham for a good night out? Wrong. Students from Birmingham, Warwick and even Loughborough, all travel here for a Kasbah night out. I couldn't believe it when I first moved here. Kasbah and JJ's are by far the best student clubs I have ever attended. For ?1.50 a drink, who can complain? Also JJ's themed night always give out freebee's! Who doesn't love freebees!
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Civil Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Elijah I·Civil Engineering· Jul 2021
I didn't get freshers because of coronavirus The accommodation in Coventry university is very good The facilities at Coventry university are very good the library is very spacious and the classrooms are big The course is very interesting and the lectures are easy to understand There's a lot to do in Coventry with the town centre having a lot of shops, and there's a lot of good restaurants to eat at as well.
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Siobhean N·Other· Oct 2018
I have only just started my course but I attended a connect course here, I just want to say I never thought I'd be able to make anything of myself in life, I never thought I'd be able to make my children proud but from doing a short course and getting into do an access course to be able to go in to a degree has really made me think that I can do this! I can actually make my children proud and be someone for them to look up to! I can make something of myself in life! The staff here are so amazing and supportive they go above and beyond to make unsure your happy and comfortable, I always imagined uni to be boring and hard but there's no exams here it's all done one module at a time and there's so much support I don't think anyone can fail!
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Physiotherapy / Occupational, Year 2

(5)·By Sally I·Physiotherapy· Jul 2021
We didn't have time to attend freshers events as our time table was full of seminars and practicals from the get go! A really good variety of choice for a reasonable price. Easy access to the uni, shops and other things. Modern and clean The library is actually amazing. Has 5 floors, moving bookshelves and plenty of study space. The classrooms are modern. The students union has a food court , cinema and a lounge area, there's always events to go to The content in the course was explained very clearly. Given loads of informative resources to look at. The course is very practical and you gain many new skills Coventry is a small city so it's easy to get around. Plenty of places to get food and drink, lots of shops and good transport links
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Other Subjects Allied To Medicine, Year 3

(5)·By Sarah K·Medicine· Oct 2018
The university here is very sociable. There isn't plenty to do and you can go out every night from kasbah Mondays to jelly baby Tuesdays when they hand out toast if you stay until the end! The teachers are very passionate ON the course and always provide time slots for additional help. Studying occupational therapy has meant I have 3 placements (1 per year) and I've always felt supported throughout them!
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Biological sciences, Year 1

(5)·By Avneet V·Biology· Oct 2018
My university experience is amazing! Night life is great and everyone is super friendly.
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Nursing, Third Year

(5)·By Chloe G·Nursing· Oct 2018
Absolutely amaizing! So many opportunities. They are constantly striving to improve student experience (the new hls building is incredible). The city as well is full of good nightlife/restaurants/events that are all great to experience. Short commute into Birmingham for their nightlife too!
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Electrical and electronic engineering, Year 1

(5)·By James H·Electrical Engineering· Oct 2018
Great so far, everyone is very friendly, all the staff are very approachable, work load is easily manageable, lecturers have dedicated drop in times if you require extra help with anything, lecture material is easy to access outside of the lectures both before and after the lecture has taken place which is great for getting ahead of the curve or catching up if need be, the accommodation available is spacious with plenty of desk space and plenty of storage space, the kitchen is adequately equipped, the toaster is a bit on the small side though, internet connection is very fast and free.
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