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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Elliott R·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very well organised by the university, and was all planned out to keep you busy having fun all week. Every event I did was very enjoyable, and helped me meet a lot of people. Freshers week was the week I met some of my best mates at uni, and it is a week I will never forget! Was tough after a whole week of drinking though! DMU's accommodation is very good. The one I stopped in had now been refurbished however it was nice, and helped me to meet 9 other people who I am still friends with now. Other accommodations where my mates stopped were very nice too. They are worth what we pay and are all close to campus, which is great, and not a far walk from the city which is always a bonus! The facilities were all very good. It is a modern uni and looks very nice, insider and out. The library is very good and is where I spent most of my time studying with my mates! The lecture theatres and the classrooms are all modern and comfortable to study in! The SU is good fun as well and there are a lot of sports opportunities available for everyone! The course is engaging and has a range of topics for me to study, which is useful seeing as though I'm not fully sure what part of business I want to go in to. The lectures kept me engaged and were very good in helping me so far during my time here. The city life in Leicester is great! There are many great bars and clubs, and when you meet great friends there you can have the night if your life! Some nights out I had were great. Mosh is the best club around, cheap, good fun and was close to campus!
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Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology, Graduate

(5)·By Tasneem P·Anatomy· Jul 2021
It was a very enjoyable and welcoming experience. I was able to make a few friends during this week. DMU's accommodations are inviting and clean. They are also very safe. DMU provides the best and latest facilities. The library is kept organised and the student union is a warm and welcoming place for students to socialise. The course was interesting and challenging. Lectures were engaging and well prepared. City life was exciting and enjoyable. DMU is walking distance to the city centre.
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Mo O·Art· Jul 2021
Very entertaining I stay at zone accommodation and it is amazing. All buy new and bougiee. Best way to live out my final year
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By H B·Business· Jul 2021
First year was filled with activities and a lot of socialising opportunities in person. Second year not very much because of COVID It's really nice and cared for. Feels safe and is warm in winter months Library has so many spaces for students and facilities enjoyed studying there I enjoy business and the teachers are really educated and supportive Very nice city with nice people. Was made felt at home quick
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Finance, Graduate

(5)·By Kira K·Finance· Jul 2021
One of the best weeks I had at uni, met most of my best friends that week. Had a fresher's fair, lots of club events etc Stayed at SULETS in the first year at Queen's court. Was affordable and right on campus. Met a lot of great friends in the block. Room was small but had everything I needed. All great. Really liked that the library had a silent room and 3 floors of computers, also 24 hour access meant you could study whenever. Classrooms were fine in my building. Student union was okay but they were doing renovations when I was there so didn't get to see the finished product Had some excellent lecturers on my course. Liked the structure of one lecture and one seminar for each of my modules. Timetables were usually organised well. Took advantage of the additional services like interview help for my placement year in industry and also to secure my graduate job Loved Leicester as a city. Wasn't too big like London but felt like I really explored during my 3 years there. lots of clubs, pubs, shops, restaurants etc. which is perfect for student life and my uni campus was a 10 min walk away from the centre
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Law / Legal Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Hailey L·Law· Jul 2021
It was great fun, there was lots of stools which we got to know people and make new friends. We also had the chance to join societies and for and insight of what's it's like to study at dmu It was great. Clean and tidy and the staff were really nice and the other students who were living there too were friendly The library's were very good. There was one main library called kimberlin which was open 24hours and was for everyone. And for law students we also had our own library which was good because resources were more easily accessible. Classrooms were good for the class size and lecture rooms were good. Student union was a great place to meet up friends and relax and just next to it was a spa so good snacks and they did also sell food in student union as well as the food hall which was opposite The course was great because the lecturers were really good at delivering information. They were always there if you had a question. Lectures were also recorded so if you missed anything in your notes you could always find out what it was by listening to the lectures The city life was the best. I come from a small town and to experience being in Leicester was really nice. I'd consider moving there in the future. Everything was easily accessible and very nice food mmm
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Art / Design, Year 2

(5)·By Yas S·Art· Jul 2021
They had so much to do, lots of night outs. But also things for people who don't drink, movie nights and games. You meet so many new people I have stayed in Upperton Road and Code, they were both so good. I could have my own space, people who was sharing accommodation I have heard so many horrible things happened. The library is massive, open 24/7 it is good to get work done. So many new sports to try, such as horse riding and pole fitness Teachers are supportive and want you to do your best. As I am doing contour fashion, DMU is the best place to go for that, I have learnt so much There is so much of Leicester to explore, loads of restaurants and bars. Many places to shop as well
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Business Studies, Year 3 or more

(5)·By Inayat G·Business· Mar 2019
It was a lot of fun, we had various stalls and university teams present and a lot of embassadors were standing every where. A lot of free stuff was being given out

I lived at uni halls in my second year and shared a 4 bedroom house which had en-suite bathrooms but we all shared a kitchen the location was great it was near to uni and town both so overall my stay there was very pleaseant. Even my flat mates were really nice girls

I feel that our university has done a lot of renovation and our classes are state of the art and all the facilities as well. I love your gym and sports centre the swimming pool there is amazing. And the SU bar is just amazing in terms of location pricing everything

Our lecturers are amazing profeessors and teachers as they all have a very practical teaching methods and ways they always show videos and pictures and graphs while teaching which really are very helpful, and even the extra seminars are really good for learning all our course work

Leicester which is in Leicestershire is a very lively city because of a lot of students it has a lot to do at all times and the city is very diverse which makes international students feel all the more welcome . The city has a lot of great food places as well and good night outs for students so all in all I thinks it’s one of the best places for a student to be at

Business studies department at de Montfort uni has some great professors who are very enthusiastic and help their student as much as they can as well as the placements team are pretty great too. There is always support available from the support class teaches and classes which are available for students that might need extra help.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Destiny T·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers Week was fun! It was full of fun activities, drunk nights and exploring the city. It's a number of student accommodations to choose from. They have shared accommodations of flat studios. I recommend the flat studios. The facilities at De Montfort are always a comfortable setting to be in. The library is huge you can find literally everything you are looking for pertaining to school work in there. If you do not have a computer don't worry the 24hr library is there for you. The course gives you the knowledge you need to get into your career goal. The lectures are very useful and if you miss a lecture you have a website you can go on to review the missed lecture. The lecturers are there to help! City life in Leicester is fun. There are number of things to do. You can go fun golf. You can go to the movies. You can go to the clubs with your friends to just have a good time. Everything is in walking distance.
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 3

(5)·By Beth V·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Great made lots of new friends. Fun activities to do. I personally didn't stay in the accommodation but my friends said the accommodation was excellent Library was excellent range of books, clean and quiet. Classrooms spacious and clean. The course and lectures were very interactive questions asked and answered. City life was really good. Mixing with different people allowed me to mix with different social groups.
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe H·Other· Oct 2018
Very good, easy campus to navigate round! Love it! :) great facilities too! There freshers week was insane also!
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