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(5)·By Desmond T·Astronomy· Jun 2023
I do not leave in any accommodation but I travel from home whenever I need to be in for my lecture , my social life is really good I've made plenty of friends while at the university and I'm very grateful to be part of these people that I can now call family
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe H·Other· Oct 2018
Very good, easy campus to navigate round! Love it! :) great facilities too! There freshers week was insane also!
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My experience at DMU

(5)·By Jack A·History· Jun 2023
My experience at De Montfort University has been amazing so far. As a history student my lectures are fascinating and intriguing as my studies are in depth and have many field trips to historic places. The campus at DMU is pretty decent as there is a wide variety of stores and the nightclub is amazing on Wednesdays as there is different events every night.
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Biological sciences, Year 2

(5)·By Shriya P·Biology· Oct 2018
Can honestly say it is by far one of the best universities in terms of student life, lecturers & just all in all that uni experience! The lecturers give you all the help you could ever need, show you guidance and support and make life at university enjoyable!
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Destiny T·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers Week was fun! It was full of fun activities, drunk nights and exploring the city. It's a number of student accommodations to choose from. They have shared accommodations of flat studios. I recommend the flat studios. The facilities at De Montfort are always a comfortable setting to be in. The library is huge you can find literally everything you are looking for pertaining to school work in there. If you do not have a computer don't worry the 24hr library is there for you. The course gives you the knowledge you need to get into your career goal. The lectures are very useful and if you miss a lecture you have a website you can go on to review the missed lecture. The lecturers are there to help! City life in Leicester is fun. There are number of things to do. You can go fun golf. You can go to the movies. You can go to the clubs with your friends to just have a good time. Everything is in walking distance.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Grace C·Biology· Jul 2021
As a student who lived away from the university freshers week was hard. However there were lots of accommodating people who I soon became friends with. The UV rave that I attended at king power stadium was incredible, and the bar tour was very messy. The accommodation that most of my friends lived in was lovely. The summit was always clean, although the building work surrounding it wasn't nice. Filbert village was also very spacious and my friends flat always had great things to say about the security One word. AMAZING. I'm so glad I came to DMU as the equipment for my course is state of the art. The food is always well priced and SO tasty. The online and in person library has everything you could need. However sometimes it can be difficult to get hard copies of books The lecturers always respond to emails really quickly. My course isn't very big so you get to know your lectures fairly well. The access to the labs is really essential to the course understanding I grew up around Leicester so for me the night life isn't anything new. However getting to experience it with new people was great fun. The university campus is SO close to the city centre which is perfect
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Social Work, Year 2

(5)·By Kayleigh H·Social Policy· Oct 2018
Very welcoming atmosphere at DMU. The university always offers many opportunities to me to volunteer, travel and get training on various things. There is also a very inclusive attitude present at DMU, for example with our love international vigil and a constant reminder that DMU accepts and values the diversity of its students.

Staff and guest lecturers are always passionate and informative, further inspiring us and aiding our studies. Nightlife is also fantastic, lots of socials and student events and always student-focused in every aspect.
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Accounting, Year 3

(5)·By Anjuman K·Accounting· Jul 2021
Freshers week at De Montfort University was very vibrant to say the least. There was always something to do - even if it was something that you wouldn't usually do. Unfortunately - I've never actually lived in DMUs accommodation. However - I know that some have had very pleasant experiences. The facilities are amazing! Although were in a pandemic right now - the library was my go to place to study. Its a very well thought out place - a room and or floor tailored to each and everyone's needs when studying. When comparing my experience to my sibling - who had also studied accounting, I can confidently say that I've had better lecturers who support you throughout your time at dmu. They really do encourage you to think about your future and where life can really take you - with that being said, they also encourage you to take any and every opportunity that comes your way. Again - unfortunately I actually live in the city so life at university hadn't changed dramatically. Although - I was taking more time out to actually enjoy nature and not the city, really and truly explore what the place had to offer.
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Education, Year 1

(5)·By Claudia S·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
University so far has exceeded my expectations of what living and studying at home would be like. I initially thought that because it was somewhere new and as we have been thrown into the big wide world, that there would be little support and guidance. I was very wrong. Everyone I have met here, staff and students have been so attentive and lovely, I feel like I can already call another place a home.
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History, Year 3

(5)·By Rheanna B·History· Oct 2018
I've had such an amazing time at university. The nights out are always amazing and I meet so many lovely people. The tutors are extremeley supportive and offer help wherever it was needed. I honestly would not have made it through the past two and a half years without their support. There's a wide variety of societies to choose from too. The lecturers themselves are all passionate about what they teach which in turn makes the lectures more interesting and makes it easier to understand the things they are teaching us. On the whole, my experience at De Montfort University has been the best I could have imagined it to be.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Ana C·Law· Jul 2021
I had induction lectures and there were some “law cafe”. The lecturers were really welcoming and kind. I also bought a freshers week party wristband that gave me access to all freshers parties. I also went to freshers events for international students that were really cozy I never lived in dmu accommodation. However the rooms look good. dmu library is amazing. open 24/7, good conditions, a great variety of books. Also, there is a law library exclusive for law students, which is great The course is really well structured and organised. The teaching team is excellent and supportive Leicester is a pleasing city to live. It has great parks and all the major food and clothing chains
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