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Performing arts, Year 1

(5)·By Connor F·Drama· Oct 2018
It is above and beyond what my dreams could have dreamt. It was always a dream to study at Guildhall, I count myself the luckiest person alive every morning in that building. My teachers are my parents, my year are my family. It's been a month and I already know it'll be the best three years of my life. Dreams come true to those who work for it, I worked for Guildhall and now I'm the luckiest student alive.
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Drama, Year 2

(3.5)·By Emma H·Drama· Jul 2021
Our uni is super small and in the middle of London so freshers was quite low-key. However there's a strong sense of community so the events were super friendly and welcoming. Also being a music school all the events were really musical orientated, who knew a jazz band could be so lit The accommodation is in a great location however does need some work. It's all quite tired but the social side outweighs any problems The facilities are second to none We have loads of contact hours which are reflective of industry standard Expensive but with lots of opportunities to do and experience new things
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Business and management studies, Graduate

(2.8)·By H W·Management· Oct 2018
My university experience was exciting and I met some of my best friends including my partner who I've been with for nearly 2 years. I felt my university offered little in the way of instruction when I needed help and a lot of people left because of this.
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