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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Greta B·Business· Jul 2021
Everything vas very fine, enviroment was So lovely, and lectores included everything. I get All information about what I need. I've get So into ir. Very Good. Very everything clear. Lovely atmosphere. Everything is easy to found. There's a lot of information about places, everything you need to know. Workers are very helpful. Very usefull. Integrated with modern stuff and news. Very informative. Very interesting, because everything was new. I was in need to adapt. It was very easy, because of The atmosphere there.
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Electrical Engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Bryan f·Electrical Engineering· Mar 2019
It was very interesting and i love it because its teaching me a lot of stuff that i didnt know before and also its very interesnting. Its very clean and the people is kind , the food they made itd fantastic and its a good try. They are very good , the spaces are quite and silent soo you can study. Because it gives you good money. Very nice. Its vey hard and you need to give time to it and not do it quick
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Tourism / Transport / Travel, Graduate

(4.3)·By Hassna I·Tourism / Transport / Travel· Jul 2021
It was really difficult at the beggining as everything was new, however, teacher were really kind and supportive which made me more comfortable withing the class. Lambeth college does not own any accommodations that I know of Library is spacious with quite study areas, many computers to use and books to borrow I loved the course and lectures as they were very interesting and easy to follow City life was very calm
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Medicine, Year 1

(2.8)·By Belen V·Medicine· Mar 2019
It was so exciting as you get to meet a lot of people and if you don't know what to say you just needed to grab some food and say how disgusting or how delicious was them.So nice time spent.

It is nice have a big classrooms but the way they are arranged I think can improve,but then the library and cafeteria are nice.

Library was nice but I would prefer them bigger as there are more people that enjoy library especially when exams come and is the only quiet place to revise,cafeteria as well is good but more variety of food is needed and healthy food,and not only meet but vegan options as well ,as there are people that don't eat meet so for the. to enjoy the food as well.

It is so interesting the way teachers explained to us,and how they explain the inside and out of the body .

It is good but sometimes you may get tired of too much "city" and may prefer to just take it easy and go to some quiet place to enjoy nature and give time to yourself and get motivated

If they don't like to remember or read a lot then is better to choose other courses
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