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English Studies, Year 3

(4.5)·By Sara H·English Studies· Jul 2021
Freshers week is something that I can't forget about LCCM. The freshers gigs were in the uni venue and all the musicians introduced themselves and performed and I was blown away by the talent in my classes. My uni is right next to the Lord Nelson pub and it's where all the socialising happens, and I'm still friends with the people I met 3 years ago! My uni doesn't offer accommodation, but I live with 3 flat mates from my uni. The uni does offer a Facebook page to arrange this between students. The facilities are the best you can get. The building is new, and every room is fully equipped. Mac computers, instruments, library, and high resolution boards. The course is intense but organised and the teachers are responsive to questions quite quickly. The modules are effective because we have to hand in drafts every week in order to stay on top of the workload and reach the word count. This makes things so much easier as we are being consistent and directed. It was my first time living in a big city after moving from a small town, so it took some getting used to! People were helpful and gave tips on safety and travel, which helped me get to uni on time.
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Art / Design, Year 3

(4.5)·By Elif O·Art· Jul 2021
It was very poorly organised nobody really knew what was happening. All the organisations were outside of uni by other freshers events combining other universities. I really didnt enjoy freshers weekend and it wasn't worth the £60 I paid for it. I didn't stay in student accomodation. I already had a flat and lived in London before I started university The facilities are great. Loads of different studios open for student use. Student union is also very helpful and useful. The course and lectures were good because they were very independent learning and self directed studying. It allowed me to learn and do things at my own pace which helped me develop my practice. London city life for a student is pretty good. Its definitely very expensive but a lot of events and fun things happening all the time for students to join and socialise.
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Film, Graduate

(2.8)·By claudia i·Film· Jul 2021
Freshers week wasn't really encouraged or promoted in my experience. Due to the fact that the university is in London and people were living in different areas, I didn't feel like I got to experience Freshers week as much as other universities have. It was very difficult to find accommodation due to the high number of applicants. I couldn't find accommodation through the actual university so I had to branch out to other companies in different locations. The facilities were great, big classrooms and library with a decent amount of resources for students. Our student union listened to us and our needs and helped a lot. The course is very practical, so if you enjoy being challenged and trying out different roles it is great. Lectures were also fun, based a lot around watching films and analysing them. City life is very busy, which is to be expected, but it offers a lot of opportunities both regarding jobs and entertainment wise. Everything is very fast paced and it takes a bit to get used to it, if you aren't already!
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