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(5)·By Palween M·Law· Jun 2023
This university offers amazing facilities! They have built a new library which is huge and has plenty of space. The course itself is interesting and the module itself gives us the opportunity to learn new skills such as communicating with peers, team working etc. A great university for Law students!
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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Gautam L·Business· Jul 2021
It was nice and I met new people from different countries so that's so enjoyable. I don't live in Amazing facility provided by lsbu 24 hrs library and free printing nice classes and too many different sports Course business is so interesting for those who love numbers and lectures in my university are so good they teach each and every student London is city of full of fun and world best tourist place to explore
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Marketing, Year 3

(5)·By Syeda H·Marketing· Jul 2021
It was really helpful for me personally, to meet people in my course and find new friends who are studying the same subject as me and in my classes Very clean and tidy. Easy layout I love it!! the library is so big and great place to study alone and in groups you Marketing is such a great subject to study, the lectures are enjoyable it's something I am truly interested in City life is the best, everything's local, so much to do and see
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It's the best place to learn about the ARTS

(5)·By colin t·Building / Construction· Oct 2018
The combination of studying art history and its role in society is great! The importance of the actor within a role was well-taught and there's a good mix of theory and practical training. I got to act in a re-worked adaptation of Macbeth in China at the Shanghai Arts Festival, which was an AMAZING experience, letting me grow and prepare for the realities of working in the arts. The lecturers all work in the industry, so have so much advice, and you can't beat the location (10 mins from the Thames!)!! The facilities are constantly evolving and the careers service are so helpful, both while you're at uni and after you leave.
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Psychology, Year 1

(5)·By Daisy O·Psychology· Oct 2018
It's such a caring environment, everybody is encouraging, the staff are supportive and want to help you. The students are inter active and very involved in uni life. I love university it a cool, diverse place to be.
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Drama, Graduate

(5)·By Patricia S·Drama· Jul 2021
It was great it was a sense of family and getting to know each other, it's imperative that this happens so everyone feels comfortable and happy I had an en-suite room with a big flat and a massive kitchen my room was huge as well. I felt the facilities were perfect we had a gym, library and there was always more work being done to upgrade the facilities Being able to learn absolutely everything about drama, behind the scenes and on the stage It was great because uni was in elephant and castle and the halls of residence was in Waterloo walking over the bridge to strand and then a walking a little bit more for Covent Garden I was out every night
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Sociology, Year 2

(5)·By Esra O·Sociology· Jul 2021
My freshers week involved several events, both online and also we were given out leaflets. There were posters around the university with several different events where people can get to know one another. I don't stay on accommodation. But in regards to all the buildings there are, they're all in one area so I don't need to travel to attend my class'. The classes are spacious, there's a lift for every building and there's also a cute cafe in each of them aswell. The staff is lovely in London southbank, and the facilities are also wonderful. There are games in the student union area, a huge hall with a cute cafe. We also have a bar downstairs with more games like a pool table. The library has three floors on one part and then there's a whole new section where there's more space for people to study. Some floors are identified as the quiet area, or group work which really helps. I love sociology and I was lucky enough to have amazing lecturers who gave effort in responding fast to my emails, arranging meetings and helping out when required. All of my lecturers are people who put in a lot of effort in the area they're teaching which reflected on our classes. City life is nice to be a part of, seeing so many people rushing to class, grabbing a coffee, studying and enjoying one another company. The city life gives you several options, on my way back home I was able to access so many things like different book stores, coffee places and nice views.
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Katie L·Nursing· Oct 2018
Love my university! It has given me a opportunity to do something I love and meet some amazing people.
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Mahtaj B·Other· Oct 2018
Second week at university, and enjoying every second of it! The lectures are so helpful, there is a lot of support available at the university! The staff are very friendly and caring!
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 2

(5)·By Mariana T·Computing· Jul 2021
It was very good. Lots of activities and events going on. Very well organised and structured. Accommodation is clean and good value for money considering it's London. Very close to London attractions. Lots of facilities open until late which is very useful. Classrooms are big and lots of tech. Lectures are interesting and you can ask as many questions as you want. The course is really useful and interesting. I love city life. London is one of the best cities to live in.
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Amazing Uni

(5)·By Aagi J·Law· Jun 2023
LSBU was an amazing university for me and I had a great experience learning my Law degree there. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. Lovely atmosphere to be in.
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