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MMU is great.

(5)·By Zach S·Politics· Jun 2024
I moved from the North East in September 2023 and think the city is great for students as there is loads to do. My lectures are great as are the seminars due to the staff as well as resources, especially the library and student sport leagues. My only complaint is we use Moodle, which is not as good as Google Classroom or other platforms for catching up on lectures.
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 3

(5)·By Noaman P·Computing· Jul 2021
It was unique and quite fun to attend, full of information and good introductions with out tutors I cant say much about accommodation as I live at home The library is full spaces to do work and full of high spec computers with the correct programs to complete assignments. The sports area allows us to attend many variation of sports Lectures are not boring and full of relevant information. The assignments given to us help us find new techniques and ways to learn The city life in manchester is very full of energy and is vibrant and refreshing
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Human Resource Management, Year 2

(5)·By Nyasha N·Human Resource Management· Jul 2021
For a postgraduate freshers is different and is not about party life. However, it was still great with all the information the University gives us and also easing you back into the Uni life style. It was great seeing the undergraduate who were new to the University life making friends. Manchester Metropolitan University accommodation is great and close to the Uni buildings. You don't really gave to get much public transport. Also, can quite guarantee you would make friends there. The facilities at MMU are great. The library and classrooms are always clean and you can feel safe there. Especially with COVID-19 this year, there are one way systems and cleaning stations. The course and lectures were good as they really put effort in teaching their postgraduate student and offer the help we need. Also offering drop in sessions as postgraduate student are not always in classrooms or around the Uni. The city life is absolutely amazing! Manchester can be big but small at the same time. There are many facilities close by the Uni and accommodation, food shopping, takeaways, restaurants which are very much adorable!
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Good experience so far

(5)·By Yusra H·Sports Science· Jun 2024
Teachers are great, the university has a solid structure.
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Sociology, Third Year

(5)·By Ysabelle V·Sociology· Oct 2018
From Year 2,uni has been amazing becaus of my flatmates and having a family away from home.
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(5)·By Yaseen I·Physiotherapy· Jun 2023
10/10 all round too good immaculate teaching thats a lie we basically teach ourselves and so far our course never gets set work to do only 20 min work in class and then rest of the lesson we do nothing, other than this it is a good uni for closeness and public transport
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Finance, Year 2

(5)·By Onkar B·Finance· Jul 2021
Was really good and interactive. Had a lot of activities lined up and the university made us feel comfortable It is good, posh, clean and the student life there is amazing. Everything is just perfect and supportive. Everyone helps if we are not getting anything. Professors and the classrooms are impeccable. It's just perfect. The weather, people and food is top.
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(5)·By Veronika S·Law· Jun 2024
The quality of teaching is excellent in terms of being flexible to each student's wants and needs. The lecturers and student advisors are really helpful. The campus has modern facilities suited for every type of student need. Moreover, the career advisers are helpful in terms of getting a placement or pursuing a career outside of your degree.
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Psychology, Year 1

(5)·By Skye H·Psychology· Oct 2018
It's absolutely fabulous I couldn't enjoy it more! Everyone is so nice and so are the lecturers, by far the best place to go to uni
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(5)·By Phoebe R·International Relations· Jun 2023
Brilliant staff who are always on hand to help people with whatever they need. The resources are excellent with brand new buildings/classrooms and research up to date to help us with our studies. The study spaces are nothing short of amazing with the 24/7 library which has everything you would need.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Muzamil S·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really good! Great tours and very informative. Felt very welcome Well looked after. Decent sized,and close to uni Facilities were very good. Ability to book a computer and reserve books was a bonus. Would like more in the student union and more halal options Great tutors in their field. Brilliant teaching style. Great atmosphere Wonderful city life. Close to city centre and curry mile. Always something to do
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