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About university

(5)·By Imran A·Physics· Jun 2023
A great university many students graduate,master and PhD with quality of education
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Sociology, Year 3

(5)·By Aaron M·Sociology· Jul 2021
Really fun. The university had many things in place to help us settle in including freshers fairs and events that weren't boring like you would expect them to be! The accommodation is good for what it is worth. The cheapest accommodation which I stayed in was still up to high standards and had a cleaner that came in weekly. The library is huge which lots of space to study and a rarity that there won't be a computer to choose from. The student union is really accessible and the shops and cafes inside make you actually want to venture inside from time to time. The course is really fun and they help to keep it interactive even when it's such an academic subject. The lecturers are always really involved and enthusiastic about their teaching with lots of experience. The city of Manchester is amazing. There is so much to do here as it is a large city yet it still has a homely vibe so you don't get tired of it. It's nice to be able to go into the city centre where it's busy and loud but be able to retract from the city centre and go to quieter places on the outskirts for peace.
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Food / Beverage Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Adam H·Food / Beverage Studies· Jul 2021
Course content was good. Activities university put on could have been better. Most things were external led. Never lived in. Library needs a refurb compared to the rest of the campus. Student Union was decent. Lecturers were all from industry so knew the right way to teach content. Studying and living in Manchester was amazing. So good I stayed here after graduating
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(5)·By Adi D·Marketing· Jun 2023
Loved it. Felt so supported, made great friends.
Loved the many group assignments rather than individual assignments. And great building and facilities!
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Environmental Science, Graduate

(5)·By Aylish H·Environmental Science· Jul 2021
It was brilliant, full of interesting freshers fairs and some brill nights out The halls were amazing, clean tidy and modern The library was good, with plenty of silent study and group study spaces. The STEM facilities at the university were great as well with all the modern tech needed for my course The lectures are in-depth and interesting. The staff are passionate! They care so plenty about student engagement. The city life was amazing! Full of bars and restaurants. It has plenty of culture to take in from art galleries to the northern quarter and its wealth of independent businesses
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Uni, starting a little later than usual.

(5)·By Alex G·Journalism· Jun 2023
Where to start, university is a big step for anyone- full of uncertainty, hope and for many a journey of self discovery.

Starting uni after taking a gap year (or three) can be even more stressful and worrying, not at MMU however. The campus makes up approximately a third of Oxford street, with all the resources and needs you might have being found right there. Open spaces outside to enjoy in the summer and warm cosy inside social hubs for the winter.

When starting uni as a mature student you may feel above making friends with all the 18 and 19 year olds on your course but remember you're all adults in the same boat and you're sure to foster relationships you may soon not forget.

I would also reccomend sitting down with your personal tutor and setting up a plan, to get yourself back into the swing of studying and participating in a class. The staff and lecturers at MMU are more than happy to help you reestablish yourself in an educational setting.

Professional, kind and understanding, the lecturers in staff are highly trained and professional with an empathetic understanding of any situation you may find yourself in.

The facilities are also top tier, for example journalism students are enjoying access to newsrooms, state of the art studios and some amazing bits of tech to help foster your learning. The humanities buildings that these facilities are housed in are even more impressive with a mix of modern and classic architecture.

Manchester metroploitan university also has many clubs, societies and groups for you to join, many focused on inclusivity and making the university a safer more accepting place for everyone.

Sometimes though it can be hard to make it in person, which is what makes the online services amazing, the My MMU app available online and smartphones is a direct line to your course and all the tools you need to succeed, the library, your assignments and even lecture slides are all available in one convenient place. Whether you miss a day or just want to have a revisit to previous weeks of learning it's all there for you.

Accommodations are fairly close to campus too, with many students choosing to either live on campus in halls or in uni housing in and around Manchester. Of course this lends itself to an amazing social life, with Manchester having an amazing nightlife and there always being events on for the masses manchester won't have you bored and you'll make many new mates.

Overall MMU is a safe environment to foster your learning and has a highly qualified staff you can place your trust in to help you achieve your goals in your course and uni life.
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Alex Y·Engineering· Jul 2021
There is so much going on, so many people and so many new feelings, it's magical. Oxford Road halls aren't the prettiest but they are full of life and fun and great people. The facilities at MMU all round are fantastic. Very smart, friendly and helpful lecturers and students alike. Manchester is a beautiful and intriguing city to live in, there is so much to do and see.
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Alice A·Art· Jul 2021
Loads of offers on for good club events, opportunities to meet new people and fairs to join societies. Really good way to introduce the year and ensure you got the most out of the universiry On site accommodation was a lot better than not, it was more sociable meaning more opportunities to make friends. I was in Daisy Bank Halls which was about 15 minutes away. There was 4 people per flat which wasn't great The facilities in the art school were endless, and loads of free workshops to be taught how to use the equipment properly. There was also a store where you could hire equipment which was so handy over the 4 years The course meant I could explore new ways of creating art, workshops, facilities etc. The lectures were interesting in that they tried to help you view the world from a different perspective, widening your imagination which in turn meant better projects City life in Manchester was amazing, coming from a smaller city where there wasn't as much variety. There was always something going on and loads of good clubs and night life
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 2

(5)·By Anna J·Computing· Jul 2021
Really good. Had a lot of different seminars and events to go to. Very sociable and made everyone feel welcome. Lots of varied options but they're all close to campus which is handy for early lectures. Nearly all have en-suites and are modern. Really nice kitchens too and designed in a really good way for sociable evenings. Library is really useful as there are different floors for different study zones. Silent study zones are useful for personal revision or to just get on with work whereas, the computer base or the group study zones are good for team study zones. The lecture halls are really big so can spread out and not get distracted by others. Computer labs are really handy and have nearly every software needed. The course gives me an insight to what I could be doing in the future, lab tasks are based on scenarios which make it feel more real life and push you to do your best. Lectures are inspiring as the lectures have so much experience and are able to share that with you. Completely different to home. Visited of restaurants and clubs at night and hundreds of cafes to do work in during the day. Not as much outdoorsy stuff to do without a car but lots of parks to walk in and have picnics.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Amelia D·Business· Jul 2021
There was just one introductory session in freshers week, where we were able to meet the people we would be with for the next three years. They helped us to get to know each other through activities in this session which put me at ease as I previously knew no body. The freshers fair was really helpful aswell. I lived in Needham Court and it was amazing. My room was large and I had my own bathroom as I chose a more expensive accommodation. The security were really helpful and we had their number should we need them. The halls were clean and I felt safe. I spent much of my time in the Library and I thought it was outstanding. There was also study pods in the Business school which I used often which was nice as a change of scenery when studying. I thought the food in the student union was overpriced and always took over an hour to come, so I did not spend much time there, but the rest of the facilities were amazing. I enjoyed having big lectures and then have tutorials afterwards where it was more intimate and I could ask questions. The content was mostly really engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I like that we had to tap our cards on entry to sign in, as it encouraged me to make it to the early lectures rather than to sleep in. I am from a small town in somerset so I enjoyed being in Manchester. There was a buzzing student atmosphere due to there being so many universities and everyone mingled. The city was big enough to have unlimited things to do, but small enough that I quickly learnt my way around. I also loved how safe it felt, I would often walk home from work o deansgate locks to my flat by Manchester arena at night and feel very safe.
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Marketing, Year 2

(5)·By Cara B·Marketing· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great, lots of events to go to and lots of freebies available Many choices of accommodation, personally my accommodation was brilliant, problems were always fixed pronto Everything was available 24/7, easy to access Lots of group work which helped to meet new people and also lecturers were always happy to help Lots of fun! Always events happening, something for everyone
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