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About university

(5)·By Imran A·Physics· Jun 2023
A great university many students graduate,master and PhD with quality of education
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(5)·By Phoebe R·International Relations· Jun 2023
Brilliant staff who are always on hand to help people with whatever they need. The resources are excellent with brand new buildings/classrooms and research up to date to help us with our studies. The study spaces are nothing short of amazing with the 24/7 library which has everything you would need.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Sophie W·Law· Jul 2021
When I first started, Freshers week was amazing. I met so many new people and felt so welcome. The accommodation is lovely. There is a wide range and the price ranges differ. Great value. The facilities are great. There is so much support around the university. Very informative. My lecturers are either practising or non-practicing lawyers which is highly beneficial. The city is very lively and always busy!! The people around are so nice.
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 3

(5)·By Noaman P·Computing· Jul 2021
It was unique and quite fun to attend, full of information and good introductions with out tutors I cant say much about accommodation as I live at home The library is full spaces to do work and full of high spec computers with the correct programs to complete assignments. The sports area allows us to attend many variation of sports Lectures are not boring and full of relevant information. The assignments given to us help us find new techniques and ways to learn The city life in manchester is very full of energy and is vibrant and refreshing
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Psychology, Year 1

(5)·By Skye H·Psychology· Oct 2018
It's absolutely fabulous I couldn't enjoy it more! Everyone is so nice and so are the lecturers, by far the best place to go to uni
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(5)·By Tegan K·Nursing· Jun 2023
Amazing tutors and facilities! Great help and placement opportunities! All in a lively city
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Business and Management Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Rio B·Management· Oct 2018
I'm currently in my Year 2 and I've loved every minute of university, from both the studying to the partying! In my Year 1 I met some of my best friends living in halls of residence and I think these will be friends for life. The nightlife is amazing in Manchester; there is a new type of club night every week, but I prefer the 90's music themed nights at Fifth Avenue club. My university provides lots of help regarding internships and cv assistance, making me feel more confident about my future.
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(5)·By Yaseen I·Physiotherapy· Jun 2023
10/10 all round too good immaculate teaching thats a lie we basically teach ourselves and so far our course never gets set work to do only 20 min work in class and then rest of the lesson we do nothing, other than this it is a good uni for closeness and public transport
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My Review

(5)·By Owen V·Film· Jun 2023
great uni, loved everything about it and a beautiful location in the city
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Zara K·Art· Jul 2021
I loved it there were so many things to do and some very useful freebies I don't live in accomdation I live at home but I heard the accomdation is great The union is fantastic lots of eating areas and lots of sports centres for the uni and the classroom sizes are big I really liked the practical side of my course I loved the take pictures and I loved to work on the benzie floor which is a workspace and the printer facilities were great I loved to go out the people in Manchester are friendly and very fun and if I was lost I could ask someone and I felt safe
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Rosie S·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was really good, there were lots of freebies and people handing out leaflets advertising clubs. I ended up staying for a fair few hours. I didn't stay in university accommodation, I commuted. I only really used the classrooms and library and these were both excellent. They were very modern, clean and easy to navigate. Ally teachers were fantastic. They were great at teaching and created an environment were asking for help was scary. Manchester is a great city, second to Liverpool that is! There's plenty to do/see and the shopping centres are brill!
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