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Engineering, Year 1

(4.3)·By Josh C·Engineering· Mar 2019
it was good and I got to meet a lot more new friends which I now have in my life. Nothing much happened accept getting to know everyone else on the same course.

I do not stay in accommodation at New College Durham I stay at home and travel by bus every day to make it in to college and then I get the bus home also. So I’m not sure how the accommodations is.

All the facilities are good. They have a Starbucks and a Costa inside the college also. The food is really nice and everyone around is polite. The classrooms are tidy and well
Looked after and they is a nice gym there aswell.

The thing that was good about the course and the lectures was that you really learnt and gained knowledge from your course leaders and lectures are good because they are another form of being able to learn which is good to listen and take notes down during.

The city life is great. They is plenty of shops around and it’s a great place to spend on your breaks and dinner and is also a good hangout spot and a great activity to go to. The city life is also busy.

One thing about my course is that it is very hard to grasp when you first start. You feel like you will never be able to do what your futures are showing you and everything seems very dangerous. However after a while you come to terms with it and you will be able to do it.
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Initial Teacher Training, Year 1

(2.8)·By Amber C·Social Policy· Mar 2019
Freahers week when studying at new college Durham was initially ok. They had a couple of events on and the information about the college and areas was good, but I’m only studying part time so I only attend one day a week.

There isn’t accommodation in new college Durham but there is good facilities like a gym, Costa, Starbucks and so on

There are good facilities in college; gym, hairdressers, library, quiet computer room, advice, support, Costa and startbucks. There is also food places where you can grab some food and drinks.

I study part time which is excellent due to my working patterns as I work 30+ hours a week. But even if I need to have my questions answered a simple email to my lectures helps and they respond very quickly.

I don’t feel this question relates to me

If they are thinking about studying Fda childhood studies I would recommend part time as it’s very flexible to be able to still work alongside. Although i would say you have to be able to time manage effectively to be able to work and study alongside each other.
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