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(5)·By Eve G·Accounting· Jun 2023
Good nightlife
Lovely friends
Great beach
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 3

(5)·By Amy B·Computing· Jul 2021
Amazing! Met so many new people from different backgrounds and had the chance to explore a new city. Clean and in perfect distance from university Well built, accommodating, plenty of resources Lectures made content interesting and engaging Geordie shore level insanity, in a good way!
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Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Aldon B·Engineering· Apr 2019
It was very useful as I got to meet a lot of new people and engaged with new friends which helped me get into a friend circle that allowed me to be with throughout the first year.

In the first year I lived in a private accomodation which was a new experience Nd helped me meet two new flatmates that I got along very well with. The accomodation staff was very friendly and the room that I stay in is spacious and is very student friendly.

The facilities at the university are varied a lot and are in abundance. The SU is a very helpful place to go when I need help. The library facilities don't just allow me to study peacefully but also is very useful when I need to do group projects

The course is the right one for me as I want to go down the robotic industry path. The lectures help me learn because the lecturers make the lectures very engaging and interesting to attend .

The city life is asking with the city being busy and vibrant with a lot of people during the day and being bright and filled with colours during the night with clubs being open and people being out and about.

The course can be challenging at first, but as the term goes on and you tend to revise more and more, the easier it gets. The course is very demanding but rthe rewards are very high if the hardwork and effort is put in.
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Politics / International Relations, Year 2

(5)·By Alice V·Politics· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very friendly, exciting and scary at the same time. The university's Res Life team were very supportive in making this big transformation. They also created many opportunities to meet new people. For example, paint-balling or outdoor concerts. The course introduction was also friendly and made the idea of starting university less daunting. Castle Leazes may not be prettiest accommodation on campus, but I would argue it is the friendliest. (I'm probably being biased). Also as the only catered accommodation on campus, I believe there are more opportunities to socialise and meet new people. The Philip Robinson (or Robo as us students call it) is a beautiful library that I use more than my room to work in. There is also a cafe downstairs with affordable drinks and food. The sports areas are also lovely. Despite the gym being refurbished when I started uni, a temporary gym was set up very close to my accommodation and I really enjoyed all the different classes it had to offer. With hindsight as we now have our lectures online, lectures in person were very engaging and, in my opinion, a more effective learning tool. As a politics student, having seminars in person is so vital for debates and encourages greater contribution. Newcastle as a city is like no other. Everyone who has visited will agree with me. The Geordies are all so friendly and willing to speak to you (unlike London). The Quayside is also my favourite location. Here you can find many restaurants, markets, art galleries and even a cat café!
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Amber J·Business· Jul 2021
really good, went out every night, didn't have much to do with my course though? I stayed in park view which was nice and modern and spacious library is great, student union is great, don't use sports facilities modern new building so big theatres and very high tech amazing, lively
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Great Uni!

(5)·By Anjali S·Linguistics· Jun 2023
Everyone at the university - staff and students are friendly and set in a beautiful city with lots to do makes the experience amazing. The courses are interesting and they all involve a lot of contact time and great student facilities are available to all.
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Classics and ancient history, Year 1

(5)·By Annie M·Classics· Oct 2018
It's really fun! Freshers was exciting with loads of events and now lectures have started and while they're more intensive that A Levels, theres plenty of support provided if needed and lecturers give advice on additional reading! It's great!!
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Politics / International Relations, Year 3

(5)·By Chloe T·Politics· Jul 2021
Freshers definitely lived up yo the hype. There were so many events, during the day and at night, it was fantastic! I made loads of new friends and tried lots of new things. Really affordable and good quality. I stayed in Park View which is a new accommodation. It's so close to campus and city centre There are 2 main libraries that everyone can use so there's always space and you can get all your course books from there too. The SI has plenty of study space as well as hang out areas and places to eat. The course is really flexible and I've been a belt o take modules from outside my course which has been really interesting. The lectures are interesting and seminars are a great chance to interact with your peers. Newcastle is the best city in the Uk in my opinion. Everything is affordable and you can get student discount in most places. There's so much to do but it's also really close together so you can get everywhere easily.
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Accounting, Graduate

(5)·By Charlotte W·Accounting· Jul 2021
Really fun there were lots of socials and different ways to meet people. The uni encouraged this a lot I lived in castle leazes, very social. It was catered which was good but the whole place was a bit grim Library very good and well kept although not enough seats in the robbo. Student uni was expensive The lecturers knew what they were talking about and advised well for future career paths. The course was engaging Newcastle is incredible, it's very fun and vibrant. Perfect size for students
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Dinul H·Medicine· Apr 2019
Compulsory lectures clashed with daytime activities. Some people avoided nights out to make it to 9am compulsory lectures. Overall, the uni hosted events like Sigala night which were very fun and I made a lot of friends through such events that I speak to even today.

Their latest accommodation, Park View Student Village, is amazing! Lots of people doing different subjects and from different countries and parts of the UK, all living in one area made for an interesting experience. Friends are a mere 2 min walk away and it is also very close to the Medical school.

The libraries are amazing, cosy and very student-friendly. The classrooms are spacious although some lack power outlets which is a pity. The SU bar is simply amazing and with food outlets like subway, domino’s and the latest SHIJO at the SU, student life at Newcastle is simply convenient!

The course structure is amazing and the spiral curriculum enriches one’s knowledge through a step by step process. There’s very early clinical experience and patient contact. Unlike other universities, Newcastle although emphasises on communication skills and ethics early on.

The night life is the highlight of Newcastle: from a chilled pub night at spoons or a busy (and sweaty) night out at soho, NCL offers it all! Even during the day there’s so much the city offers. A walk to the quayside is more than just therapeutic, it also gives the opportunity for a plethora of instagram worthy pictures to be taken.

If you miss a lecture they’re all available online on recap. Seminars are compulsory so you should try your best to attend them since professionalism is monitored from early on and accumulation of PIN points raises concerns. Importance of attire is taught early on too during clinical skills sessions. There’s a dissecting room for learning anatomy on cadavers and all these rooms can be booked for personal use in addition to the timetabled sessions.
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Chemistry, Year 1

(5)·By Edita S·Chemistry· Oct 2018
First week was an induction week. The atmosphere struck me as being so nice and vibrant. Not only students but lecturers as well are really hospitable. It is so important for me being a foreigner to feel that I'm at a right place. I would have never ever believed that people could be treated in such a pleasant way. Classes are attention grabbing you will never get bored because lecturers are doing as best as they can. Not only that all the learning materials are brand new and up to date. Also student union makes our lives easier and less stressful because you can always get a free treat and a cup of coffee which is the best actually.
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