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Marketing, Graduate

(4.8)·By Riann F·Marketing· Jul 2021
Freshers was amazing! I don't think they provide such events anymore. We had huge events from pop up stores to free drinks and pizza - even celeb singers and reality stars visited our campus for ‘thirsty Thursdays' it truly was the best years of my life. I made some wonderful friends and met my boyfriend. I lived outside in a flat off campus but my friend was on campus. I felt sorry for her, just because her room was tiny - the bathroom reflected those on an aeroplane! Facilities were great - massive libraries on campus and open 24hrs my course was business and marketing which meant I was experiencing a bit of both with different lectures and work shops. The lectures were always interested because the tutors made it more interactive by asking us questions and keeping us engaged with videos and fun ideas (fun versions of tests) The city was great - with superstores and lots of shopping, cinemas and restaurants
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Physical Education, Year 1

(3.5)·By Cameron B·Other· Mar 2019
I would considerate do you have been a experience, going into that's let subject in a new environment surrounded by completely new people was eye opening to say the least, very quickly became acquainted with a lot of like minded people who shared simmilar goals and ambitious to I but it's still have the element of diversity and uniqueness to it and I knew from early on that I was going to achieve and experience something new and fresh for the first time in a long time

The colleges accommodation is colourful, considering the area and compeared to many others NHC has a breath of fresh air and a unique look and atmosphere to it. Although improvemts could be made I would say that it is athsteicly pleasing

The class rooms vary depending on department, the media has alot of new and modern technology to it where as other classes are basic but functional.

The course provides alot of new opportunities into the working life, carrer and industry of the subject. It allows students to learn things and be exposed to more than a standard lecture

Not particularly bad, I enjoy having a small variety of affordable places aswell as new and diverse people

Prepare yourself for alot of work not only physically but mentally, this course teaches you how and what to do and when to preform in exchange for that you need to understand that the role you play as a student isn't only in college hours you will be challenging yourself to preform better and achive more until the point where you are working 24/7 without realizing it
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