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Oxford brookes

(5)·By Lucy J·Education / Teacher Training· Jun 2023
Great facilities and really friendly staff. This uni always seemed very personable and helpful for the future. Lots of opportunities to learn different ways of teaching. Clean accommodation with good facilities. One of the major wins is the car parking and bus pass, both are cheap and out this uni in front of many others!
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Oxford Brookes

(5)·By Skye G·Social Work· Jun 2023
Overall a good University with good facilities. Lecturers, academic advisors and student support and all great in supporting students when they have struggles or need extra help if they have missed work due to medical/ emotional reasons. I would recommend Oxford Brookes
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Psychology, Year 1

(5)·By T?©a h·Other· Oct 2018
its been extremely welcoming and crazy and fun. All of the sports are so inclusive even if you haven't played before. I had never played hockey in my life, and went to the trials. It was amazing, so much fun and even though I didn't get into a team (understandably) there are still social events to get involved in. my course is very interesting and the lectures are definitely passionate about he topics. Its definitely over whelming with the freedom we are given, the need to socialise as well as keep up with work. Oxford brookes is amazing, I would already recommend it to anybody wanting to go to uni.
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oxford brookes cs

(5)·By idil s·Computer Science· Jun 2023
Oxford Brookes wasn't my forst choice but after I ended up here I'm so glad I did. Oxford is a beautiful city to be in to begin with, my flatmates and course mates are absolutely amazing people. I don't have a bad experience so far. Night life is pretty good and the Headington Campus is absolutely amazing. Such a modern and vibrant place, motivates me to study. I love my course and I do think nearly everything I'm being taught is beneficial.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Jeremy B·Law· Jul 2021
It was great for me, I had a brilliant location halls. The fairs were very informative of things to do at uni. The nightlife wristband made it easy to know what was happening in each night Brilliant and clean housing, I was very happy with the location and promptness from staff if needed Amazing facilities for everything I need. Sports areas are easy to book I enjoyed my lectures because the lecturers had lots of knowledge in the industry and could give us insights City life was great, great access to the centre of Oxford via buses, walkability was great as it isn't far and the west gate centre made the centre brilliant for shopping.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Graduate

(5)·By Amarut K·Biology· Jul 2021
It was very good there were a variety of different events to attend Very cleans and very well maintained The library was always accessible and easy to find a good place to sit the facilities were well kept and always someone available for help around They were intuitive and were well prepared It was so nice as there is so much to do in Oxford
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Philosophy at Oxford Brookes

(5)·By Elizabeth O·Other· Oct 2018
Oxford Brookes is a great University. Very up and coming and very supportive of it's students. I studied Philosophy there and I have to say that my experience was VERY positive.

The Philosophy department at Brookes is one of the best department and you can definitely feel that when you work within it. The staff are friendly, extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and proactive in their fields.

Oxford Brookes has beautiful campuses, good transport links between campuses and an ever improving positive, green impact on the community as well as the rest of the world.

The SU have not historically been great but this year particularly (2014), we have had some great people elected who have done a lot of hard work to turn that around.

I would really recommend the Philosophy course at Oxford Brookes.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Amy R·Business· Jul 2021
So fun. So much mixing with other students. Also included interactive lectures which were great for meeting new people. Amazing! Cheney was brilliant. Library was brilliant - so much material and so much space. Communal working spaces as well as individual study booths - there was always someone around to ask for information too. Outstanding. A lot of team work made the uni experience so fun. It was great to meet the people I did through the lectures and seminars. I always had a tutor I could speak to too about my work. I could also catch up on my lecture material if I ever needed to by having access to the material online. So much fun. So many places to eat and drink and explore. Oxford has it all really with beautiful building full of history as well as local places to grab a bite to eat and then a variety of bars to have drinks with friends. It was brilliant.
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Very unique university

(5)·By Princess N·Law· Jun 2023
Astrophoria Foundation Year, a new project from Oxford University, gives you the chance to study particular courses whether you've been disadvantaged in school or for other reasons related to your personal life. I think it's fantastic for students who have never had the chance to advance in their lives.
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Planning (Urban, Rural and Regional), Year 2

(5)·By Izzy P·Urban Planning· Apr 2019
Of course daunting to begin with, but very quickly became a week I will never forget, making amazing life long friends, starting to learn about a subject I have a love for and probably too much drinking... 2 years on nothing has changed!

I didn’t get my first choice accommodation at Brookes, I would be living slightly off campus and not in the apparent ‘place to be’ so I was a bit gutted at first. But after a few days I was so glad I ended up where I did, my flat mates were so great and being a smaller halls everyone soon got to know everyone! We had modern kitchens and double beds (a luxury in uni halls!!) Brookes bus services were really good so being slightly off campus didn’t even become an issue, living at Slade Park was a win- win situation and I loved every second of it!

The facilities at brookes are great, being a relatively new campus everything is super modern and easy to use. Our library is a great work space that i will happily sit in all day (and night ignore I’ve left the deadline that last minute!!). We also have access to Oxford university library resources which is a bonus. The sport centre is on campus so really convenient and provides everything we need, Astroturf, sports halls, gyms, a climbing wall and of course a sports bar....

My course was brand new this year and is the first in the country to include all three components of urban design, planning and development. Coming into the degree with little knowledge and experience in the sector the lecturers have been extremely inspiring and supportive of all our needs. Our lectures are hands on and interactive, working on live projects within the city. Also recently has become RTPI and RICS accredited!

Oxford is such a fun city to live in as a student, with 2 universities there is always something going on! The historic typology of the centre is so interesting and beautiful, I will never get bored of it. Being so close to London is also ideal, it’s thriving, cultural and safe, I love it here!

I would definitely encourage people with a passion for urban development to study my course at Brookes, it provides such a broad vision of all sectors within planning and helps to guide you to your specialty. It’s all coursework, which for those who don’t get on with exams is perfect but be prepared to work hard! it’s not easy and being put into real life practice on live projects can be scary, but it’s all worth it!
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Business Studies, Year 1

(5)·By Shania D·Business· Mar 2019
It was interesting! As an international student I got submerged into UK drinking and night life culture. It was so much fun to see everyone have a fantastic time and even witness people doing silly things - great experience, amazing time.

Brookes’ accommodation is cozy and a great way to meet new people from different backgrounds. Definitely the best when doing hallway olympics and pre’s with your whole flat and flat dinners! Totally fab

Everything at OBU is new, modern and up to date in terms of technology, which is something I really appreciate. The library is incredible in itself, being able to access loads of books and articles to help you through your course and the sports bar which is below the gym, which is great for a cheeky beer after you’ve worked up a sweat.

The course, for business anyway, is definitely not mundane in terms of what you do as we learn everything from accounting to marketing to general business which is all extremely useful once we’ve graduated and we’re looking for jobs. It definitely gives you a taste of what to expect if you were to apply for a job in the business industry and it also gives you a bit more choice if you decide to focus more on marketing or finance.

Oxford is a very affluent but fun town, it’s quiet during the day time and is visually pleasing to anyone who visits or lives here. Everything you need is within 10 minutes reach, as you have all supermarkets, high street shops and much more all packed in the city centre. It’s extremely convenient as buses are frequent meaning you can travel to and from uni with ease. Night life changes the vibe in Oxford, as people really know how to get down and have fun.

Do not expect anything! As a student who is doing business and marketing, I expected to do more marketing and business theory and not much of finance (which I must add I’m terrible at) which gave me a terrible shock when I realised that finance makes up a gianormous part of the course.
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