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Drama, Year 1

(2)·By Anna A·Drama· Mar 2019
Freshers week was really interesting as you are surrounded by strangers 24/7 you sit at the dinner table with them which you would normally do with your family and you go out with them which you would normally do with your friends but after a while these people become both your family and your friends

Petroc is unique as it doesn’t have any accommodation as it is also a college and usually the people who go to petroc have grown up in the local area of north Devon and have previously attended petroc as a college and decided to stay on such as myself. This is why they feel no need to add accommodation because everyone is local anyway.

At petroc there are many facilities such as a costa which is a really nice quiet place to go and study. The studycentre/library area also has private study rooms that are really useful to rent out with your friends on the same course to discuss the work

With studying drama it comes with a mix of play rehursals, performances, plays and lectures this mix I find really helpful as you can learn the skills then practice them in class and then apply them in actually performances which I feel has really helped me

Petroc is located in Barnstaple which is a town and not a city this can be stressful as there is no culture of diversity in north Devon but also useful at the same time as there are limited distractions which enable me to spend more time on the workload

If you are looking for a classic city uni experience then I wouldn’t recommend petroc. But if you want a balanced workload with a lot of flexibility then I would recommend studying drama. As there are so many different aspects of drama and performing that you learn on the course which you will find really enjoyable if you have a passion for drama
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