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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By R·Law· Jul 2021
It was very informative and interesting. I made a lot of new friends and met many teaching staff. I felt included and welcomed and like I was part of the Queen's community. The accommodation was clean and tidy when I arrived. It was spacious enough and comfortable, and the living area was big and the kitchen was kitted out with appliances. I very much enjoyed the Treehouse which was the social space. The McClay library is a fantastic space to study and work and the staff are so helpful. The student union building feels like a comfortable safe space where students can gather together. The law building in particular is very new, clean and modern and is a great place to host lectures and classes. I love my course as it has given me a fresh and unique worldview, opening up my eyes to a totally new way of looking at the world. I find my course fascinating and my teachers are dynamic and at the cutting edge of legal issues in their respective areas of legal work. I also find the teaching styles to be perfectly suited to my way of learning. Belfast is a fantastic city to live and study in. There is such a community atmosphere and it feels very safe and welcoming. The people are lovely and warm and the environment is very much accepting of all. I feel very at home in the city and have adjusted to life here seamlessly. It is also rather inexpensive to live in Belfast as opposed to other university towns.
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By Aimee M·Nursing· Oct 2018
I absolutely love studying at queens university. This is not my first degree so I have had experience at a different uni. This is far superior to that! The lecturers have so much time to give to the students and they genuinely care about us ! The facilities are excellent and all the students are overly friendly and welcoming!
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Chris B·Biology· Jul 2021
Unfortunately I don't really think there was one. It seemed very independent and nothing was advertised to postgraduates that didn't live in university accommodation. I believe there was one email but nothing past that. Would have appreciated postgraduate inclusion Haven't stayed in it. Heard some good reviews from it though and every seems to like it. It's very well connected and close to the main buildings Sports park gym is class, lots of equipment, space and good service. Library is great, and staff are very helpful. Student union doesn't currently exist but excited for its completion. The speakeasy (bar) is amazing. I'm studying for a PhD so don't have lectures etc. But it's a lovey course and everyone is so supportive. I would recommend to anyone. Fun and enjoyable. Lots of things to do nearby and sights to see. Covid has kind of made it worse, as you can't do anything, but it is a lovely city
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Computer Science, Year 1

(5)·By Corey·Accounting· Oct 2018
I am currently loving my time at Queens, the classes are amazing and the things I learn within these lessons are preparing me for my future career in computing. My tutors are good ad they explain everything well and if I were to be stuck anywhere they would help me in whatever way they can. I have met many new people and made friends with many more, Queens is perfect for getting to meet new friends and from this I have been heading out a lot more within my free time either be to a friends house, out on the car or throughout the nightlife. I am so happy with this course and this university as it has opened up so many more doors for myself, and I can easily say that it has done the same for many others.
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Sociology, Graduate

(5)·By Emilia S·Sociology· Jul 2021
Great! There's lots of different things to do. The SU organise a huge variety of events to suit all interests. I stay in private rental, but from what I've seen it's pretty clean and functional... and cheaper than most university's. The main issue would be that most local students go home at weekends, so the accommodation is quiet The library is beautiful. It's huge too, which is handy when it comes to assignments.. and right next door to botanic gardens, in case you want a walk after a hard day of studying The class sizes are small, and the lecturers are so passionate. You also have lots of free time to get a part time job or pursue other interests It's a small city, and a quiet one. It feels safe. It has a good coffee shop culture
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Engineering, Year 3

(5)·By Francesca L·Engineering· Oct 2018
I have mostly enjoyed my experience at Queen's. The people on my course are like minded and easy to get along with and the lecturers are friendly and welcoming. Other than a few bumps along the way, Queen's has set me up to achieve high grades and a first overall in my degree which I am very grateful for.
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Economics, Graduate

(5)·By Fiona C·Economics· Jul 2021
I found the experience very enjoyable. Met a lot of great people, teachers and classmates. Also with the out buildings so close around the campus made it easier to get around, for example students union and guidance centre. I didn't get into Elms Accommodation in first year which are a great place to meet people. However in my final year I stayed in the Mount Charles Building which I really enjoyed and have met friends for life there. The building was situated very close to campus which helped a lot. The facilities at Queens were great. The students union had everything you needed from stationary, to a small shop and cafe, to bookstore and various pop up shops and a place to do a dance class or go out. Queens also has a great and well kept library with study rooms and an open plan layout. I enjoyed Economics as a subject in high school. My course at Queens was Economics and a minor in Finance. I enjoyed the theory aspect of economics but with the Mathematical element of Finance. My lectures were all outstanding and I couldn't recommend this subject as it opens so many doors in the jobs front Belfast is great for nightlife! You can head to the cathedral quarter where on the cobbled streets there are various pubs with live Irish music and good people. Or alternatively there are various cocktail bars dotted around as well. There is the infamous Limelight nightclub ( I would recommend!).
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By Jade P·Nursing· Jul 2021
I didn't make the most of it. I am a mature student, but there was some fairs and free food and cool stuff. I do not live in uni accommodation Very good. Spacious with lot sof options where to go and really resourceful Informative, organised, always on time. I couldn't make the most of it. Nursing is a very full on course. But it was nice to be in the city for food and shopping outside of class hours.
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Chemistry, Graduate

(5)·By Niamh D·Chemistry· Jul 2021
Amazing!! Everyone was so involved and welcoming, so well set up and covered everything I lived in students housing - wasn't great must say but we made do The facilities were so good, 24hr access to library so could get work done at anytime. So many options for sports I made so many friends threw joking different sports and attending the student union Lectures were very informative and helpful- if I ever need any help the tutors were always happy to help Amazing- I love city life so close to everything and economy efficient as you don't have to drive anywhere
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Medicine, Year 1

(5)·By Niamh M·Medicine· Oct 2018
This is degree number 2 for me so it's pretty obvious I love Queens! The lecturers are fab and will always get back to my questions, topics are kept interesting and challenging and the library facilities at the McClay are second to none! My favourite part has to be the people though, everyone is so friendly and up for a great night out.
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Dentistry, Graduate

(5)·By Qi e·Dentistry· Jul 2021
Nothing much this years I think the pandemic. There's nothing attractive for 4th years. I stayed home the whole time cheap and good price for what it's worth. Well managed and clean. Staff are nice, facilities within are good too. good. The dental school is old looking but it works fine. Library location is good and lots of conducive study spaces. Student union building has been unavailable due to construction for 3 years lecturers are experienced and understanding and nice. My course is well structured not expensive. Small city but not boring it has everything I need
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