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Computer Science, Year 1

(5)·By Luke C·Computing· Mar 2019
The first week of doing computer science was good as it was welcoming and very helpful. We were able to see what the course has to offer and show the different units

Runshaw college does not have any living accomodation for students. However runshaw college does offer a bursary for people who are having financial problems at home. This means that they can get study resources for free and are able to stay at the same level

The facilities on offer at runshaw college are very good. They have a large library which is open to all students. The classrooms are well set out with up to date technology in all technology rooms. Also there is a host of different sports facilities

The course is very in depth and covers all different areas of the subject and each unit goes in depth with all of the teaching and the resources that are available for the students on the course

The area surrounding the college is quite quiet. However, the local town is a 10 minute walk from the campus and it includes plenty of restaurants and supermarkets. There is also a big public park minutes away from the campus

For other students who would study the course. They will need to know that the actual work of the course is not particularly difficult for people who are interested in the subject. However, the course is very demanding of the amount of work. This is because there is a lot of assignments
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Mathematics and Statistics, Year 1

(3.8)·By Raquel M·Physics· Mar 2019
The teachers were lovely and i really enjoyed the lessons, starting hard with a test and immediately getting on with the course. There is no accomodations but the dining and studying areas need desperatly a large amount of many more seats. Library and study areas are lovely and well organised but need more places. Classrooms are always clean and in good state. The teachers are intelligent and know how to teach well. The courses are very interesting.. Leyland is a great town, and wardon park is a good place to spend time with friends in between lessons. Just because you got a 9 in gcse maths, it doesnt nean you can do further maths
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Biology, Year 1

(3.8)·By Emily A·Biology· Mar 2019
It was interesting the college put a lot of activities out there providing a lot of course information along with some freebies and food

It is a college so doesn’t have any accommodation students come from all over the north west and there are many feeder universities which students and encouraged to apply for during personal tutor sessions

The library is brilliant many computers and individual study areas as well as Apple Macs for art and design students for example. There is also the study zones where you can study amongst others with computers also and printers. There are many dance and theatre studios, a gym for students, many places to eat.

They are made interesting for students as they are interactive and the work set is related to the lesson so it is easier. Any other work is self study which is then gone over in class to ensure everyone understand and questions may be answered and practice questions are done

It’s in a small town on the outskirts so walking distance from the centre where there is McDonald’s and other food places and some shops u like Newman where is it in the city centre but I prefer being further away from the centre as it’s less of a distraction on free periods as you’re more likely to stay in college and do revision

That biology is a lot of work at home going over what you have been taught to get it into your head properly and secure the knowledge for exams questions and to apply it to essays. The application questions need a lot of practice, especially the graph questions to develop graph interpreting skills
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Art & Design, Year 2

(3.5)·By Caitlin J·art· Apr 2019
It isn’t a uni it’s college so we didn’t have freshers but at the start I learnt a lot

It’s a college so it doesn’t have accommodation but the journey to college is great but they could have more than one bus time because if you miss the bus there isn’t another

Facility is great

The teacher are great and understand how we like to work and give us great feedback

Great area with a park right next to it and great places to walk for food

Lots of frees on my course so would advise find things to do
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Law, Year 2

(3)·By ella m·Law· Mar 2019
we didn’t really have a freshers week as it was college so it doesn’t really apply. however, it was good to get to know people in our classes as there was get to know you games and everyone got on. i found this really good!

i live at home so it doesn’t really apply. they offer no accommodation. i don’t really know what else to put here? but it will not let me move on until i reach 40 words which is the minimum word count. the buses are okay to get you to and from college as everyone lives at home. a lot don’t really have a specific timetable which can be annoying as you can be waiting at the bus stop for a long period of time as you don’t want to miss it as i live quite far away (a 50 minute bus journey) and have no other way of getting to college.

the library is really good as it is quiet and clean with a wide range of text books. however, the spaces fill up quickly as there is a lot of students so sometimes it is hard to go to the library. there is a study zone where you can talk to your friends and do group work which is really good and helpful! it is nicer to study with friends and help collaborate on projects. there is a gym but it is only open to people who do sports (of my knowledge). it would be better if it was open to all as many may not have access to a gym due to money or time issues. the classrooms are well organised and tidy, often in collaborative tables or lecture hall styles. this is good as it means that a variety of learning styles is being met.

it’s good as teachers are easily accessible to answer any questions. the course is detailed and informative and offers a wide range of information. this is good as it is interesting and i can apply it to real life as law is happening all around us. teaching styles are different through essay writing to group work to kahoot do revision and lessons are done in a variety of different ways. this is good as it means lessons are less boring and different learning styles are being met.

leyland is very quiet as it is mostly filled with houses and residents. with any form of disturbance residents around runshaw college will complain to either the college or the authorities. this is good as it means that students are behaving respectfully outside of the college as well as inside. there is some food options nearby, which is about a 15 minute walk away. many students go to tesco in their frees as an option that is not the overpriced food at runshaw. this establishment is very welcoming to students as they are used to them being there.

it is an extremely difficult course and many people do not like it or find it too hard. however, it is incredibly informative and interesting and there is much support from personal tutors who are there to help you deal and manage the stress that comes with it.
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