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Life of a student

(5)·By Kiah C·Criminology· Jun 2023
University has been an amazing experience. Learning to grow as an individual and with your peers around you. It helped me grow independence and the university shows the most support to all its students so you never feel alone in times of struggle.
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Mariann E·Art· Jul 2021
Amazing. We went to a club where you dressed up as something. At the end they gave you DOMINOS PIZZA for FREE!! or KRISPY CREM DONUTS! For free! Or even toast. The accommodation I stayed in was a new build it was very modern. Clean and had activities for freshers to do. An accommodation even has put up some of my art in their dining hall for other students to see :) Amazing. Library had 8 floors. Everything u could ever need. Didn't know much about sports area as I'm not a fan of sports but pretty sure they had everything there Art is a hard subject to do. It's a hard future etc. They have got me a job at the end of the graduation course and I couldn't be more thankful. Other people I know from same courses different unis have NOT found a job through their uni Sheffield is amazing I always go still to this day. It's very student-esque and arty and lovely and vibey
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Psychology, Year 3

(5)·By Lauren H·Psychology· Oct 2018
The tutors have been thoroughly supportive and gave us room for growth and autonomy, the reflective element to our course has meant we have not only identified how far we have come but also developed skills in self evaluation and self awareness which are valuable skills to possess. Not to mention outside of uni the nights out are fantastic, I always feel safe on a night out in Sheffield and there are taxi schemes in place in order to get home safe if you have no money with you. All round my Sheffield experience has been brilliant and I'll be sad to leave.
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Other, Year 2

(5)·By Leah H·Other· Oct 2018
I feel that I fit in even though I'm from the other end of the country. I've already learnt so much about not only my course, but myself and the world around me. It's been an amazing experience so far and the lecturers are fantastic. They're also extremely supportive of my needs as I have a disability and have made me feel that I can achieve anything. They support me in every aspect and it's not only my tutors but the staff around the campus are always happy to help and wonderful to talk too.
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Accounting and finance, Year 1

(5)·By Billie S·Accounting· Oct 2018
I am currently really enjoying University. All of the people at the university are very friendly and helpful. I haven't hade any issues as of yet but I'm sure if I do I will easily be able to resolve it with the help of the University. I am glad that I have come to Sheffield Hallam University as it has been the best experience of my life so far.
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Linguistics, Year 1

(5)·By Lucy B·Linguistics· Oct 2018
The University itself is so clean, the lecturers are helpful and I feel like they're all very good people and they enjoy what they do. It was easy to settle in and find my way around the university and it was easy to make new friends and meet new people
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Other, Gap Year

(5)·By Eve C·Other· Oct 2018
The university experience is brilliant, I have loved meeting new people and making new friends. The people I have met have made my university experience. The course I am currently studying is to a high standard and the university itself is of a high standard also. Everything put together has made my journey through uni brilliant and I wish I could do it all over again.
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BSc Architectural Technology

(5)·By Owen C·Architecture· Jun 2023
Sheffield itself was a great city to go to university, it is a perfect size. Hallam university itself always gave me the support I needed to settle in quickly and get the grades I wanted. Once graduation came, I was well prepared to begin my career!
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Ebony M·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers week was good. everyone had a good attitude to the start of a new experience and was excited to begin. Lively and buzzing was how I would describe the atmosphere Shu accommodation overall is very good. I stayed in the forge in halls and the rooms were a good size and en-suite. The reception staff were lovely and never had any problems with my stay. The library is great since there is more than one there are different options on where to go. There's also different types of study areas which is great for group work but also silent studies! The sport areas at shu are also good, a facility they have is an on campus gym which has a wide range of equipment and is used largely my students. The structure of the course was good and the development of skills over the years will definitely help me in further jobs. Lectures were always on time, useful and interactive to get a person thinking, which was great. The Sheffield city life is fantastic as there are many places to go on a night out. With there being so many student the night life is buzzing and clubs and bars are always busy.
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Happy at Hallam

(5)·By Phoebe T·Criminology· Jun 2023
Hallam university is one of the best universities I've been to, I've been to two but still. There is always help at Hallam even if you don't always think you need it! The libraries are huge and cozy with plenty of space and computers, I don't have a bad word to say about Hallam.
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Gets you where you need to be

(5)·By Freya M·Education / Teacher Training· Jun 2023
The university has great facilities from lecture/seminar areas to halls of residence. There are many places and people you can go to for support, they check in on you too it's not just if you reach out which can be helpful as reaching out for help can be the hardest part. University is what you make of it so you should try your best to be open to new opportunities.
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