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My experience

(5)·By Aadam F·Accounting· Jun 2023
So far I've been really enjoy university soas gives us a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to make learning and understanding things easier by adding workshops related to our course.
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Student Reviews (48)

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History of Art and Archaeology

(5)·By Juzo A·Other· Oct 2018
Since all lectures are specialists in each field with great knowledge and experiences, the real case study (i.e. up-to-date archaeology findings etc) has been provided.

Also thanks to its location near the British Museum, we had such memorable classes in the museum looking at the actual objects that you would only see in your text book elsewhere.

The uni library also holds rare books that I would find it difficult to find even back at home in Japan.

I lived in a private accomodation so cannot make a really valid opinion on this on a personal level.

but my friends at Uni who used to live in the student accomodation did not complain once. The location is near the uni and it's in the heart of London's West End!

London is a city full of temptation and disturbance to your study. It is also expensive to live in.

I have failed my first year because I was not a serious student enough... I was enjoying my social life too much in the new city I had just moved in and failed some courses.

This was a big awakening to me and I managed to proceed to the 2nd year after one more year repeated. I was very disappointed with myself but London has never disappointed me.

London is full of things, good and bad.
Being in such an international city, your classmates and neighbours will be from all over the world.
I have met many people that I would not have been able to meet in my home town.

You will have a lot of opportunity to learn about new things that happen in London.

You study history of Art and see the new arts being born around the corner. That's London.

I have never met any student who were 100% happy with their libraries. Let's be honest, no uni has enough space to let all students study at once.

I remember there were long queues before the photocopiers. But it's all down to your own time-management. If you time it wisely, you can always avoid the queues.

Books were absolutely awesome. I have read many books there that had nothing to do with my coursework since they were just
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My experience

(5)·By Aadam F·Accounting· Jun 2023
So far I've been really enjoy university soas gives us a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to make learning and understanding things easier by adding workshops related to our course.
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Politics, Year 1

(4.8)·By Saar-rah·Education / Teacher Training· Mar 2019
The Freshers events were really good! Lots of really cool parties and loads of meet ups and get togethers during the day. The Freshers fair was exceptional. There were so many freebies being offered and lots of extra-curricular activities being offered.

The accommodation is amazing. It's really fancy however due to the fact it is in central London it is ridiculously expensive and we still have to use a form of public transport t get to the university. The people are really lovely and the standard are great

The library is literally breathtaking. It's absolutely incredible. It's completely open plan at it has a really good atmosphere in which all the students just want to gain more knowledge. The bookeshelves are filled with a vast array of interesting books. The SU is amazing, everyone is so kind and fun. There is always something going on.

The course is really interesting. I love the take we are given. We are constantly asked to criticise the norm. I love the fact that we are asked to look at it from different perspectives rather than the west. The lecturers and seminar teachers are all amazing at what they do and they create an encouraging atmosphere to learn and excel in.

We are in central London so the city life is outstanding. It just doesn't stop. I love feeling like we are in the centre of everything. We are next to UCL uni aswell so there is a real student vibe to where our uni is

You really must be prepared for the amount of reading that you will receive. It is important to reallh understand what you are reading rather than just skim through it and hope for the best. It is imperative you keep up to date with current affairs and aren't shy to speak out.
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My University experience-COVID style

(4.8)·By Fatema N·Law· Jun 2023
I started law school in October 2020 and it is obvious that I didn't have a normal university experience which everyone expected: online and long distance learning, online exams, face masks etc, so it was hard for me to have that social aspect in my first year. When it became hybrid and full time on campus in my second and final year, thats when my uni experience became more normal. The social life and facilities came back to life and everything was at full speed ahead. University accomodation came back to full motion when students from around the world came and we met and spend time with each other especially if we were doing the same degree or even going clubbing. We have all facilities that we need to help us live and study to the fullest and have access to different services to help us go into the industry we want to. My degree is one of the popular degrees at my uni therefore it is inspiring to socialise with the people who take the same modules as me such as family law. When I graduate in a few months, I can say I had an unusual but fun university experience that is also a learning experience that helped me prepare for the working world.
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Economics, Year 2

(4.5)·By Ynaiita W·Economics· Jul 2021
It was fun and friendly! Loved how many events there were and how integrated it was. Paul Robeson House for the facilities it provides was very cost-effective. However, there were slot of water problems and they could have been more understanding regarding refunds when students had to move out due to covid. Excellent! Student Union was amazing at organising events, student help, etc. The bar and JCR were my favourite spots. I loved studying in the library and student hubs - those I missed most during the lockdown. The course was my dream course and I enjoyed studying and learning. For once, studying wasn't a bore because I was interested in writing essays and participating in seminars! Lectures were very interesting and lecturers were fun and friendly. They were great at making me understand the theories. London life was everything I dreamt of (pre-covid). It was exciting and invigorating. People were friendly and courteous and I always got free coffees from Pret!
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Soas review

(4.5)·By Desire C·Law· Jun 2023
Soas provides a diverse crowd whom you can befriend and widen your understanding of several worldly perspectives. Lecture rooms are of top standard alongside the well qualified lectures who interact well with students in order for us to feel comfortable and learn. If in need of aid Soas provide academic advisors and several support staff. There are also several places where you can study with peers or in silence which allows for overall Soas to be a good environment.
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Politics / International Relations, Graduate

(4.3)·By Libin F·Politics· Jul 2021
It was great ! So many different people, stands, conversations. It was really easy to sign up for things and make friends. It was a fantastic start to the year because it allowed me to develop friendships before the year had started so I went in with a group of people that I clicked with. Loved freshers week so much ! Accommodation was good and it was only a few minutes walk away from the uni which was perfect. I had an en suite which was just what I needed. Anyone that goes to uni needs to stay in halls because it was so fun and full of memories Soas is a small uni so there weren't a lot of spaces for students to just hang out and not study. But the continuously developed new areas and refurbishment. The library was the best feature and was huge and had SO many resources. The student Union was always accessible but there were a few issues with a few members The course had really great modules with mostly good lecturers. They all had a similar format which was good and every week was engaging. The tutors were excellent and helpful London is an amazing city with so many different spots and areas to see and experience. It's such a big place so you never run out of things to go and places to explore
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LLB student

(4.3)·By May C·Law· Jun 2023
Amazing experience at an amazing university. I do think admin is a bit slow but I loved every moment here, the modules, the lectures, the seminars, the vibes and other students. I honestly think it's the best university
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Languages, Graduate

(4.3)·By Maryam A·Languages· Jul 2021
It was amazing, I loved meeting all the new faces. I felt really included and welcomed. The accommodation is ok. Nothing too fancy but it is pleasant. I loved the library, it had a great vibe and it was great to study there. I loved the student Union too. The lectures were of great quality as was the delivery. The materials covered were in depth and you cannot study Arabic anywhere else like you can at SOAS. It was amazing to study in such a vibrant and magical city. London is definitely the place to be when you're a university student.
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History, Year 2

(4.3)·By Asma S·History· Jul 2021
It was not very well organised, as there was too much going on, and too many people around which created a lot of traffic Accommodation is via third party companies, too small and overly expensive, due to the nature of the location (central London) Facilities are smaller compared to other universities, but very clean, well kept and comfortable Lecturers are passionate, empathetic, and involved in student progress, so teaching is excellent. The course was quite demanding but extenuating circumstances procedures help with this City life in London is the epitome of a good city life anywhere, as the location is diverse and centred around culture, leisure, and entertainment
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