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Midwifery, Year 2

(5)·By Jasmine b·Midwifery· Jul 2021
It was fun to meet new people. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as it seemed well organised and there was lots to do. It really helped me settle into university. It is very nice and seems to be quite modern. I enjoy the proximity of the accommodation to the university and the city itself. The library is a fantastic facility, which I tend to use often whilst doing my independent studying as there are so many helpful resources. The course involved a good balance of independent study, lectures and placements. My lecturers offer the most amazing support and help. They go above and beyond for us. The city is very beautiful and fun. There are many great places for food, nights out, shopping and entertainment. It is not too expensive but the night life is great.
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Art / Design, Graduate

(4.5)·By Bethany M·Art· Jul 2021
Very good! Had a great opportunity to find support within the university and make some great friends. I wish I could do it all again. I personally didn't use the accommodation but my friends who did really enjoyed it. They were placed with similar minded people and had a great experience with them. By the looks of it, it's all very clean and well taken care of. The classrooms were Immaculate. I always felt like I had the correct resources I needed in order to complete my course. Everything was neat, tidy and organised. The library is always well stocked with everything you need. I am really passionate about art and design so this was perfect for me. The lecturers were extremely friendly and helpful. I felt like I had the right amount of support and encouragement during my lectures. City life is great! I still live here now and the local areas are very well facilitated to match my needs. The local nightlife is very good also, a lot of variety for different tastes. I really loved going into the city centre, it's very close to the uni.
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Engineering, Year 1

(4)·By Irfaan D·Engineering· Mar 2019
It was such a great and amazing insight. Really nice place. Everything has great facilities especially the library. The lectures were clear and easy to understand. You had many things to do in your spare time such as going into city and many great cafes. Just make sure to preare notes beforehand and always read aheas. Dont be afraid to ask for help or questions they will always help you
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Sports Science, Year 2

(4)·By Josh R·Sports· Apr 2019
It was okay, it was mostly ice breaker with other in the class; we started getting more into the outline of the subject towards the end of the week, this gave me and my classmates an idea of how the year would be planned out.

They are okay, I haven’t got the top accommodation so I didn’t expect much, the rooms are a standard size with a shower and a toilet, so just the essientals. My kitchen area is bigger than others in my block but I think that’s just by coincidence more than anything. The security is decent but I always lose my fob.

They are okay, they provide all that a student would need, I haven’t really gone to many events at the uni except varsity, this was between the sports teams. The classrooms were again standard had a socket to charge my laptop and my own space, I wouldn’t be expect much less.

They are good because they weren’t what I expected, sports science is so much more detailed than what I first thought. The biological and psychological side is a massive step up from college but this made it more engaging as it challenged me a little more. The lectures are mostly boring but sometimes the lecturer switches stuff up in order to keep us interested

The city life is amazing, Southampton is a well established city anyway so they have everything a student would need, a great shopping centre, great clubs and bars, off-licences and even big supermarkets a 10 min drive away

I wouldn’t slack in the first week, I know it’s freshers and you want to go out but having a idea about how the year is Set up really helps you plan ahead. You also shouldn’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, Benin friendly and enjoying yourself is the best way to go through uni.
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Business and management studies, Year 1

(4)·By Anthony B·Management· Oct 2018
The environment is very relaxed and comfortable, however the teachers are rather unenthusiastic. I understand that lectures are quite formal, however I believe utilising informal language with the students would encourage them to attend all the lectures and actually make them excited about attending. I have to say though, there are a couple of teachers in the business department that have really got me into thinking about career options and have encouraged me to succeed.
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