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Journalism, Year 2

(4.5)·By Nikita S·Journalism· Oct 2018
Uni seems so amazing with a wide range of courses and people. I really enjoyed uni so I'm excited to start it this September.
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(3.5)·By Mia C·Psychology· Mar 2019
Very enjoyable and engaging. I found myself wanting to take note of everything being said purely because it was so interesting. The whole class was very engaged and almost everyone wanted to answer a question. The spec is very interesting when you first start.

You don't have to stay overnight at this university which I think is the reason why it's so popular. It isn't so daunting compared to an overnight campus. I think it helps to keep students positive and motivated for each day. However, this can mean that many students spend less of their free time doing their extra work. This however, can work both ways.

The facilities were good. There are toilets on every floor which means that there is easy access in an emergancy. The library would occasionally not hold the book you were in search of which can be frustrating. The indoor resturants and eating areas are kept clean and inviting.

The course was very engaging for many reasons, one of these being the use of short clips and videos to break up lectures and the interesting topics studied. The lectures were never boring and my professer was very good at involving the whole class.

Not the best. There is a lot of crime in Essex and finishing late in winter could sometimes be intimidating. There were however, a lot of ways to pass free time; with a beach nearby and many shops and resturants to visit.

There is not very much practical work. It's mainly theory. There are a lot of essays as well but always surrounding interesting topics.
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A good place to be.

(3.5)·By James B·Accounting· Oct 2018
I left South Essex College, Southend Campus last year after studying for 2 years on the ICT level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma. During my time I covered plenty of modules, from CCNA, to Project Planning within IT. Naturally I have not used all the skills I learnt, but I'm sure I will later on in my life. I know that the course I studied help me get where I am today. I would recommended the institute to students looking to study around that area. Bearing in mind South Essex College has three campus sites. Southend, Basildon and Thurrock. As a general place to study, South Essex College, Southend Campus is a good place to be, it has a good atmosphere within the building and around Southend there are plenty of clubs and pubs that add to the student atmosphere there.
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Accounting and finance, Third Year

(3.5)·By Rebecca C·Accounting· Oct 2018
Stressful. There is a substantial amount of work to do in lesson and at home during self study, Which as a single mum is not easy. But overall the experience is very rewarding. You learn a lot through your studies and it opens you up to the reality of life. The daily ongoings in a organisation, the financial struggles that businesses go through. The AAT qualification itself opens you up to multiple career paths, and it is recognised by the majority of professionals in that area of work.
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Criminology, Year 1

(3.3)·By Rachel D·Psychology· Oct 2018
My university experience is amazing! The first night getting here me and my flatsmates where having sleep overs. Flat parties after flatparties and everyone is extreamly friendly, I have made countless friends that would one day be called family! The course is amazing the lectures are the best as the provide and ensure that we understand the standard the work should be presented in. I'm so glad and happy that I choose this university because it's inviting, the people are friendly , and the city centre has every store I need. I'm very happy here and even more excited for my course
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Media Studies, Year 2

(3)·By Lee F·Media Studies· Jul 2021
Freshers at the University Centre south Essex (south Essex college) was interesting of the thought. However, when it actually came to freshers it just seemed like a little get together set up by the uni. I wouldn't class it your suspected freshers. I'm not even sure if they have any. I have to commute from home. Pre-Covid the facilities are very useful! From the forum, to studios, to support areas. Open 24/7! The course helped with mental stimulation, there were debates and many of times to work in a group receiving industry level briefs. Once again, UCSE isn't in the heart of a city. However, we would have to commute to longing for a lot of research. It's expensive, however beneficial.
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Dance, Graduate

(2.5)·By Chris H·Dance· Jul 2021
We didn't even get a freshers week! There was no plan for socials I stayed at home as I do t live too far from south Essex itself. I travelled in from home The facilities were good, could do with at least 1 more studio of a good size as it gets a bit crowded when rehearsing for showcases and everyone is in the room What was good is that we had good fitness training and could use the space in our own time. As it's a local town to me nothing really changed, the high street is slowly loosing each shop so there's not much to do
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