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Belong at Bath

(5)·By Holly A·Sports· Jun 2023
My experience at university has been by far a challenge. However it's been the best challenge I've ever stepped foot in. It's a land to escape into your talents and dive into your knowledge. If your planning on coming to uni. Don't delay what awaits you.
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Bath is incredible

(5)·By Oscar L·Biology· Jun 2023
I have nothing but good things to say about bath. both the uni and the city are incredible. made lots of friends. all of whom have similarly good experiences on different courses as me. Biology at bath is very good!!
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Chemistry, Year 2

(5)·By Shannon R·Chemistry· Oct 2018
Freshers week at bath was really good as there were so many organised events both in the day and evening. Academically, chemistry is pretty hard but there is lots of support from lecturers and other students. Year 2 is quite different and a huge step up and it's a bit of a trek getting uni.
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Best Choice I Ever Made

(5)·By Ensola P·Sociology· Jun 2023
I had the best time at Bath University The staff are very considerate and are willing to go through anything with you. Even though Bath isn't like London, there is still so much to do, and a lot is offered. It was slightly confusing finding lecture rooms at first, but you will get used to it, and there are a lot of people there to help you with anything.

My overall experience has been 10/10, and I suggested my little brother go there.
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Politics / International Relations, Year 2

(5)·By Britt F·Politics· Jul 2021
Freshers week was such a good time, even though I was only 17 at the time. The daytime schedule was packed with activities you could attend and they made sure everyone was getting to know each other. The arena nights were particularly a lot of fun, as those are really the times when you get comfortable around your flat mates. I was in Norwood for my first year and I was completely happy with it. It might have not been the cleanest place, but that wasn't because of the cleaners - it was because of us being typical students. We had enough social space and our rooms were completely fine. The sports area is obviously great in Bath, every possible sport you can play in Bath. The student union was great as well, prices were good and the two club nights were just really convenient and fun. The library and classrooms are spacious and sufficiently modern. It was an informative course and made sure that everyone understood completely what was being taught. The lectures and lecturers were clear and very actively helpful with any questions you may had. Bath is probably one of the most beautiful places to live in in England. Although it is quite small and you can discover most of it in a few days, it also has a very homely feeling. The people are all very friendly and the shops are nice.
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 3

(5)·By Jade B·Sports· Jul 2021
It was amazing! I got to meet a lot of people, get to know my flatmates and find which clubs I wanted to join. I was in a great flat. Awesome common areas! The best sport facilities I could have dreamed of! The SU is also amazing and the library is huge and open 24/7 The lecturers are great and their research is amazing. We have the best teaching us The city life is great. It's beautiful and there's so much to see! There is also a great nightlife
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 2

(5)·By Pippa M·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
It was very fun with lots of events on led by the SU. We also had introductory sessions for our course, which gave a taster for the year I lived in the quads with an en-suite, the accommodation was quite expensive but the layout made it easier to make friends The sports facilities are particularly good, especially the gym and access to good sports clubs. The SU area was very good, converting to a club at night. The library was also set up every well The lectures were all very invested in ensuring top quality teaching, and they were also recorded in case you missed them The city of bath is beautiful, with lots to do though the nightlife was a bit quiet
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Camilah H·Business· Jul 2021
It was good. There were many opportunities to meet people on the course as well as freshers fairs and events to get to know as many people as possible. The accommodation was small considering there were 28 of us sharing one kitchen in my flat. It was always busy though and I enjoyed it regardless. The facilities are great. The library is 24 hours and the student union hosted great events too. There were a lot of places to eat on campus as well which was convenient. The lecturers were engaging and made me feel like I could go to them for help when I needed. They made the topics interesting and were always willing to help if more help was needed The city was really pretty and aesthetic. Especially at christmas time it is so pretty. The night life is decent and the clubs are fun and have good night events.
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 3

(5)·By Christopher M·Sports· Jul 2021
Really good, had plenty of time to keep on top of work and to go on plenty of nights out. A great balance Accommodation was good. Nice flat, good people, personal space was okay too Library is good. Sports facilities are amazing. Student union is average Lectures are recorded. Lecturers are often some of the top researchers in the field. Bath is a beautiful city. Good night life and amazing architecture
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Supported By Student Support

(5)·By Mairead M·Sports Science· Jun 2023
The legitamacy and quality of student services is often a worry of prospective students and in particular, their parents. On the sunny Univeristy of Bath open day in 2020, i was assured that i would be well supported in all terms as a UOB student. The student services at Bath have been a huge part of my positive experience at Univesity. If i had to describe them in one word i would use 'easy'. The student services are made up of financial wellbeing, wellbeing-team, councelling services, disablity services, career services, placement team and general support. Personally, i have used 3 of these gategorys and i have come out of the experience feeling supported and confident moving forwards. I would like to thank the University of Bath for putting time and resources into this important work
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Really helpful Psychology department

(5)·By elsie p·Celtic Studies· Oct 2018
I think most people would say that Bath is an excellent university. I first came here to study for the MSc Health Psychology course. During the placement - which was brilliant! - I got involved with some research at the uni looking into how we communicate pain, so then went on to apply to study a PhD in the Pain Centre. All of the staff I had contact with were excellent and the teaching was great. The placement was a really good opportunity for me to get some experience in a real role and got me onto the next step as well! I'm now studying a PhD here and my supervisors are fantastic; the Psychology department has been so supportive. I've even been lucky enough to get funding from the department to attend conferences in Milan and Argentina. Aside from the excellent teaching, we also have some of the best sports facilities you can get(they were used in the 2012 Olympics). Because it's not a big university and classes are normally small, there is a friendly community here that is easy to get involved in. Obviously, the city itself is great too, really beautiful and a lot to do in the day and at night, plus Bristol is close enough for a big night out and always has lots of events on. There are also plenty of part-time job opportunities for students - the university has a good job website where you can find these. Also, the Psychology staff members have often seen job opportunities in the department and pointed them out to me. My PhD is a funded scholarship that I don't get a stipend for living expenses for, but I have always had a job around campus so haven't had to worry too much about the financial side of things, which makes life much easier!
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