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(5)·By Andreea M·Animal Science· Jun 2023
i love learning about this subject as it is something that i want to persue in the future and it something that interests me so much and it takes a lot of dedication to get to where i am now, but i am greatful for being at this uni and enjoying it as you get to learn stuff you never even have imagined and with such a honour to be doing dentistry it is a very cool and interesting subject to do in the future but also, how welcoming the environment is and the people. I personally recommend going to this uni as it offers you a lot of great and amazing things and something that you want to persue in the future and can really help with your career and life opportunities as it makes this more easier for you and it reduces the hard work that in some other places people have to work really hard to earn money to live and survive in this world.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By zara a·Law· Jul 2021
it was fun because it was before covid so did a lot of clubbing and drinking very nice and clean and new where i stayed but it was a bit dead loves them all wills memorial is really nice to study in the gym is good as well the teachers are really passionate about what they're teaching tutorial are really helpful very happening nightlife lots of nice restaurants that deliver as well i like it
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Education, Third Year

(5)·By Hannah N·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
Amazing, so happy to be here!! Wouldn't change my choice for anything.
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Emily W·Medicine· Oct 2018
It is so amazing! Have a lot of work to do, so over the weekends they are packed with practice exams and homework! Struggling to pay for bills and food though!
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(5)·By Sophie L·Biology· Jun 2023
I've had an excellent experience at university so far. I find the course very interesting and the briatol is a great place to be a student
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Harriet A·Other· Oct 2018
Very good, course is well planned and lecturers and seminar leaders are good. There is lots for students to get involved in and it is easy to get settled in and to learn a lot!
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Chemistry, Graduate

(5)·By Sundar M·Chemistry· Jul 2021
very nice. involved the students and the uni took care of them well. has a lot of fun it was okay. nothing extravagant. the halls were decent. bus services could have been better more than i could ask for. though a bit pricey. it was up to par always willing to help. ready to give one on one help. a lot of resources at your grasp city and social life was always good. lots of concerts. lots of events and gigs
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Veterinary Sciences, Year 2

(5)·By Hollie E·Veterinary Sciences· Jul 2021
I found it really nerve wrecking however it was really easy to make friends on my course as the veterinary second years held events so we could meet others on the course. I found it hard to connect with my flat as we were quite different however I made really good friends with the people on my course instead. The accommodation I was in was so modern and clean. The facilities were excellent, for example the rooms were en suite and there were pool tables, large TVs and a study area for all the students to use. The location was great too as it was only a 10 minute walk to uni too and right in the city centre. Plenty of library's in multiple locations however were sometimes full so couldn't find a space. Lecture theatres were nice however sometimes was very cold during lectures. Lecturers explained in a clear, concise manner. Plenty of practicals with animals so you could begin to feel like a real vet right from the beginning of the course. Bristol is an amazing city as there's always something going on! The nightlife is the best as there is a club even almost every night and I always feel safe walking around bristol.
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Veterinary, Graduate

(5)·By Tim F·Veterinary Sciences· Oct 2018
Bristol is a great city, with so much culture and diversity. There is so much to do from going to watch live music, shows and performances to going for walks in the lush parks, to sport and arts.

The university is one of the most renowned worldwide and the quality of the tuition is second to none. The facilities are great and the people, vibe and atmosphere are all fun. The opportunities are more than vast and there's always things to do and try. All in all a great place to live and study
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Student-focused, passionate lecturers, frontrunners in animal welfare!

(5)·By Laura S·Veterinary Sciences· Jun 2023
If you're passionate about animal welfare, regardless of whether you're studying veterinary science/nursing, you'll be glad to know that Bristol has its own animal welfare research team, and is the UK's leading university in veterinary research. I am an ethical vegan vet student who feels right at home here in Bristol, with welfare-driven lecturers who are teaching because they *want* to teach (I did my BSc at a different UK uni, and the lecturers there seemed as though they only did teaching to fulfil their research grant requirements...) Many of the lecturers and clinical technicians continually produce research into veterinary education, meaning we as the students are subject to the latest innovative learning methods.

The university as a whole is very student-based, meaning students have a huge input into how the university is run, with funding available to bring their visions to life. Again, having attended another UK university, I can attest to the sheer WONDER of the welcome fair! The fair is held up on beautiful Clifton Downs -- a geographical perk of studying in Bristol -- and there is literally a society to suit everyone. In my case, there's even a vegan vet society! Dozens of big name brands come to the fair with plenty of freebies to give out and the society, career and volunteering stalls are set up in circus-like marquees so it really feels like a grand day out... except it is free because you're a UOB student!
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Sociology, Year 3

(5)·By Grace W·Sociology· Jul 2021
It was so fun, lots of club nights and support from the university with introductory lectures! i loved my accommodation, en suite very sociable! The libraries are great, good access and resources. The student union could do with more social events but it's a great building with lots to offer. the course is so insightful, good teaching even with the stress of assignments. it was easy to catch up on lectures when i fell behind It took a lot to get used to but i love the sociability of it, nightlife and access to shops!
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