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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Beattie P·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers week was really fun and I met so many people. It wasn't particularly structured from university, but there was a set number of nights that everyone went to together. Lots of new places and things to explore. My university halls were so lovely. Really modern and had a great communal kitchen with space for sofas and a tv which was really social. My room was really nice with an en-suite. However this was very expensive and other accommodations at Bristol aren't so nice. Libraries weren't amazing, they were all reasonably small and dotted around campus. There was always limited space and it would be quite hard to find a seat. The building for my course was good with lots of computers. But the social aspect was lovely with loads of nice coffee shops run by uni. The course was well structured, I found my third year the most interesting as I had the choice to pick my own modules. Choosing my own research question for my dissertation was a great experience to learn new skills, and I have learnt a lot. Bristol as a city is amazing. Always has lots to do, and there is something going on every weekend. The nightlife is really fun, and having two universities in the city made it really great for students. The countryside is beautiful and I found it the perfect mix between city and country.
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Mathematics / Statistics, Graduate

(5)·By Mohit S·Mathematics· Jul 2021
Freshers week was fun, we got some work to do for our course but it was just refresher work so nothing too essential. During the fayre the maths society were welcoming and it was good to speak to people who were already studying maths The uni accommodation wasn't too bad, not as expensive as I had assumed, and what we got for our money wasn't bad. If we had any issues as well they were resolved promply, and we also had a common room which was fun and encouraged socialising and meeting new people within the building. The libraries were great, plenty of them and online you could see how busy they were before to go. The sports facilities were really good too, and everything was there that you could ask for. The only negative was that outdoor sports wasn't in the city centre and so there was a bit of travelling involved The tutors were helpful and their doors were always open which made it good. The course was very challenging but there was enough support there for a studeny to get through it City life in Bristol was amazing. When I compared it to other cities in the UK it was tonnes better. There is something happening every night, loads of different vibes and people everywhere are having fun, not to mention it felt like a very safe city
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Medicine, Year 1

(5)·By Ij E·Medicine· Mar 2019
Freshers week was really fun. Loads of event for all freshers not just medics. The uni medic society put together lots of welcome packs and socials to make everyone feel at home and meet new people. The transition from school to uni couldn’t have been smoother

Bristol has a variety of accomodation all over the city so there’s something for everyone. Accomodation is grouped into “villages” so everyone in the area feel like a community. The north village is furthest from campus but the presence of a transport hub with regularly running private transport to the uni makes life so easy. The east village is in the city centre so it is closest to everything and suits those with the modern “white goods” living preference. The west village is the garden village, a beautiful mix between the modern city and the architecture beauty of the north village. Every first year will be provided with accomodation so that’s one less thing to stress about!

All the facilities at the Uni of Bristol are of the highest quality in my opinion. With 10 libraries, infinite study centres ( all with rest spots and cafes), 3 major sports centres and an SU spot in almost every corner of the city, it is right to assume that Bristol is a student city that lovesss it’s students.

The Medical School at UoB has recently adopted a fantastic new curriculum that strives at producing “the perfect doctor” in focusing on you as a doctor and how perfect every individual is in their own respects. Lectures are very engaging with live feedback and voting and videos to make sure you understand. The course is now Case Based so we are in placement every week visualising cases as they relate to what we are doing in lectures.

City life can only be described as one word. AMAZING. I kid you not, I grew up in both a small village and a big city and have travelled quite a bit. And yet, nothing beats living in The City in Bristol. It’s extremely convenient as everything you need and probably didn’t know you needed is less than a 5 minute walk away. Lectures are a very casual 10 minute stroll and the transport links can take you anywhere. All your friends are around or at least know how to get to you and when you do link up there’s a million and one possible things you can do!

If you were to study medicine at UoB, make sure to reach out. Don’t try to figure it out all by yourself as there’s so much going on in your first year and everyone is aware of that and is soo eager to help make life easy for you! From the faculty and staff to your residence staff to almost anyone you bump into. Bristol loves helping it’s students even more than you know so don’t be afraid to ask for a hand if you need it, chances are you’ll get a dozen.
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Mathematics / Statistics, Year 3

(5)·By milo e·Mathematics· Jul 2021
Really fun, we had a few course related freshers activities. Lots of fun things happening around my halls too. They have 3 campuses for halls. I was at the Stoke Bishop campus which in my opinion was the most social as there are 5-6 halls right next to each other. Halls were quite expensive though. Facilities are really good. There is a new maths department with lots of good study spaces. Really good lecturers who are experts in their fields. The course is challenging but in a positive way bristol is so much fun, some of the best nightlife in the country. Also is not too bug so everything is walkable
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My favourite university by far

(5)·By dan b·Biology· Oct 2018
Bristol is awesome, although I do think it sometimes relies on its 'prestige factor'. The history department is good and the lecturers are the best in their fields in terms of knowledge. However, there are a couple of issues, like there aren't enough contact hours and the library is over-crowded. One thing I would definitely recommend is checking what areas of history you would like to do before applying, as I have been stuck studying areas I'm not interested in. The university itself is good, as are the facilities. The city is amazing and full of very interesting people; out of all the unis I have been to, Bristol has the best mix when it comes to beautiful buildings, a good social life and prestige. A degree from Bristol is highly valued, so you will not be disappointed.
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Geography, Year 3

(5)·By Izzy R·Geography· Jul 2021
Freshers week was really fun and there were lots of organised club nights from the uni. The geography department put on some stuff for us too, like gave us mentors in second year which was really helpful- especially helping with essay plans later in the term! I was in riverside which was really nice and modern. In a great location, although was quite loud as next to king street which is full of pubs (but usually we were at them so it was ok!). The recycling bins did however wake us up nearly every morning which was quite annoying, especially when hungover. I don't really use the SU loads but it's really nice and the balloon bar (SU pub/cafe) is a great venue with decent priced drinks. Sports facilities were a bit far away unless you lived in Stoke Bishop, however all first years get a free bus pass from uni so this wasn't so bad to access. Really interesting content from world leading lecturers. The course was really varied in first year and then you could specialise more in second year, and even more in third year. Bristol is an amazing city, with lots of fun pubs, clubs and cafes. Also lots of lovely outdoor spaces, with the Downs, harbourside and clifton suspension Bridge being my personal favourites.
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Emily W·Medicine· Oct 2018
It is so amazing! Have a lot of work to do, so over the weekends they are packed with practice exams and homework! Struggling to pay for bills and food though!
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Assisi G·Law· Jul 2021
I found it more difficult to make friends that my peers. This is because we had lectures/work throughout freshers which many other degree students didn't. I was in Stoke bishop. I liked it as it was very sociable so I could make many friends. It was however very noisy. The libraries are great. There are many to chose from. The classrooms are also maintained well and the sports areas are large. The SU is not a large part of my student experience. I do not think many people use the SU compared to at other universities. Course is very informative. The lectures are structured well and very detailed. It is good that the lecturers also give notes alongside the lecture slides. It is great. It is very multicultural. There is lots to do such as shopping eating out and clubs.
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Pharmacology / Pharmacy, Graduate

(5)·By Sharon L·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great! We had a lot going on within our halls as well as club nights. It was a really good opportunity to meet people but also really good fun and full of variety so everyone could get involved. I lived in one of the more traditional accommodations and I loved it. The flat itself was great, we had a cleaner once a week and never had any issues. The accommodation did a lot of student nights like wine and cheese and formals. This meant the people we lived with became really good friends as we formed strong bonds. Greta libraries and a good variety so you could find a study space that suited you and how you work. The sports centre mainly the gym was a little small but they've recently built a new one. The SU was great and always had really good chill nights on. The course was really small which meant we had a really good bond with out lecturers over the time we were there. The course was also tailored to what students wanted and what they enjoyed. Overall really good and great teaching ! Great city life and lots of local clubs that did nights specifically for students. Also lots of places did deals and discounts for students which meant food and day trips were cheap and fun.
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Film, Graduate

(5)·By Nadia S·English Studies· Jul 2021
The staff in the film department go the extra mile to ensure film students feel supported during their first year. The staff and student events and mixers are really fun. The university of Bristol have great accommodation options. I was in catered accommodation in stoke bishop and had an amazing first year. All students get free bus travel too. The student union building isn't very nice, however the gym is great and the study spaces are really varied. The range of content you learn on the course allows you to gain insight into various different areas of film studies. The practical elements of the course also teach you how to use industry standard equipment. Bristol is a hub of culture and art. There is so much to do, from independent cinemas to shopping to walking along the beautiful harbour.
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Education, Third Year

(5)·By Hannah N·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
Amazing, so happy to be here!! Wouldn't change my choice for anything.
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