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A comfortable learning environment for International student

(5)·By Oluwaseyi O·Medicine· Jun 2023
University of Chester is home to hundreds of international students from across the world. The University provides support and friendly learning environment for international students which makes it a good destination for foreign students seeking higher education in the UK.
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why an investment in a degree at the university of chester is worth it

(5)·By adetola o·Medicine· Jun 2023
The university of Chester is worth my life investment of a foreign degree in the united kigdom. The university equips me with the fundamental knowledege and skills of public health.
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Other, Third Year

(5)·By Daniella A·Other· Oct 2018
Absolutely incredible, i've met some amazing people and gained so much knowledge from coming to university. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything its helped to shape me as a person and helped me focus with the knowledge i've gained on my future career path
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Education / Teacher Training, Graduate

(5)·By Danielle J·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
Freshers was always super fun and filled with laughs! There's so many places you can visit and the nightlife is great! The accommodation is incredibly clean and cosy. So much of it is brand new and modern and you really feel at home. Everything is close together which helps a lot. There are tons of facilities to help you make the most of every aspect of uni life! Classrooms are clean and spacious and tech is really modern. The library has lots of different zones for group, partner and independent study. The course is so interesting and covers lots of different perspectives! Lecturers were always delivered in different ways with different teaching methods high made them really engaging. The uni doesn't take itself too seriously which means you can enjoy yourself whilst learning! Chester is the perfect city! Tiny enough that you can reach everywhere on foot but big enough that you can still get lost down narrow passageways and up on the rows! It has everything from nightlife to great bars and restaurants and tons of high street shops. It's the perfect blend of old and new architecture!
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Business and management studies, Year 1

(5)·By Patsy C·Management· Oct 2018
As a commuter to the university I thought I'd have a really horrific university experience. But thanks to Chester and their induction week, I've settled in and have made loads of friends.
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Art / Design, Year 2

(5)·By Katie B·Art· Jul 2021
It was pretty great, they had really good informative events on about the university and they had great night events too. Really good, they have lots of different options depending on where you want to stay. They have many new buildings too. The library is really great, able to stay late if needed. The students union is a good atmosphere too. The course and lectures were good because of the teachers and the facilities that the university have. City life is pretty quite, but really nice. Chester is a small but bustling place, full of students, so you feel welcome.
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Theology and Religious Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Scarlett H·Religious Studies· Apr 2019
Freshers week was really useful when starting my course. My department itself put on various sessions during the initial week so that we were able to get to know our fellow students and the lecturers that we would be working alongside. Was a really beneficial icebreaker - I still sit with the same group of people that I did on that first day. In terms of the University run events, there was plenty to do from Freshers Fair, to Careers Fair, and various events being held by the Students Union. Externally, the clubs and bars were very accomodating during freshers week meaning that’s there was plenty of things to get up to.

In my first year I stayed in university’s halls and the standard was amazing. I had a studio flat which enabled me to both socialise and have a private space just for myself. There were no faults with this accomodation.

The library is fantastic, I like how it is split into different study sections which complement how you approach your work (e.g. silent, social, warmer, cooler). There are also plenty of books which cover every topic that we need them too, it has also recently been updated. There were no faults with this accomodation.

The library is fantastic, I like how it is split into different study sections which complement how you approach your work (e.g. silent, social, warmer, cooler). There are also plenty of books which cover every topic that we need them too, it has also recently been updated. In our department the rooms are really good, we recently had new palette chairs bought in, in response to student feedback. Our department is really good with that, if there are any changes we want to see in relation to our building they will try their hardest to make the relevant changes. The SU has always been amazing, and the refurbishment which took place last year has just added to that.

I really like being able to interact with people who have a variety of views. It means that discussion is always flowing and people’s positions are respectfully challenged. It has enabled me to consider my perspective on certain topics as well as encouraging me to become more appreciative of the various different views much fellow student have. The same applies to lecturers. I feel that this course has benefitted me immensely because of the conversations ive been so lucky to have.

City life was different for me, as the city that I moved to was much smaller than the one I grew up in (London). But, there wasn’t much difference, just the pace was slower, everything is in a closer proximity and to be able to participate in social life’s is considerably cheaper!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied the topic before. I came to university having not studied religion since GCSE, but the skills I have gained from other subjects have still proven to be beneficial, and have allowed me to approach topics from a unique perspective. I would recommend anyone who is interested in the course to go for it, if there’s anything they’re uncertain of there will be someone who can clarify things (staff or student)
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Life at Chester

(5)·By Saleha Z·Psychology· Jun 2023
I believe that selecting the University of Chester to complete my Master's degree programme was one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life. It's been an amazing experience studying here as it has given me an opportunity to enhance my research skills and critical thinking skills which would help me in my future especially when I start my PhD. Thank you Chester for all the love and support.
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Other, Year 4 Plus

(5)·By Emily R·Other· Oct 2018
absolutely amazing everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have learnt so much
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Nursing, Graduate

(5)·By Millie F·Nursing· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very different as was put with all nurses and had university every day 9-16.30 so didn't get the full freshers experience as had to be up early and learn to be a professional I live in private halls first year which we very nice and good location for university and hospital The riverside campus needs updating with my study areas, library on main campus was a lot more accessible but needs more health and social care books The lectures were relevant to my course and was always support from lectures The city was just what I needed not something to big as I was from a small town, everything I needed was on my doorstep
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Best in Chester

(5)·By Absy A·Engineering· Jun 2023
Sustainable campus with friendly staff and high quality teaching.
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